Wilson Titanium Golf Ball Review

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It is crucial to get the right golf ball if you want to improve your golfing skiers, your golf journey will quickly end up in failure even though you give much more effort than others.

Among a bunch of quality products out there, the Wilson Titanium Golf Ball is a perfect choice for golf novices.

To give you deep insight into this product, we are going to share a complete Wilson Titanium Golf Ball review in today’s article.

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Wilson Titanium Ball Pack

Product highlights:

  • Composite
  • 2-piece construction
  • Explosive titanium core
  • Maximum distance
  • Sturdy, long-lasting Surlyn covers

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Pros & Cons Wilson Titanium Ball


  • Dual layers core
  • Transfer much energy
  • Titanium-made material
  • High durability and sturdiness
  • Deliver great distance and create optimal energy transfer
  • Great for golf newbies
  • Affordable price tag


  • Low spin reduces control


Main Features & Specifications Reviews

Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ Golf Balls | MyGolfSpy


It is safe to say that this product is an excellent name that could proffer you a distance as you expect.

Even you could also send it to a better distance with less effort.

Thanks to a titanium core, a stronger force could be transfer to the ball during the light hits.

Additionally, this golf ball could go further than most of the other balls.

Thereby, it is an ideal choice for those practicing long distances.

Also, as it comes with a breakthrough layered energy transfer formula, the ball could provide a merely maximum distance.

Low Spin

You might not know this, but the longer the ball is, the lower the spin will be.

So the Wilson balls will have a low spin as it delivers a quite far distance.

We would say it is an excellent choice if you don’t want to spin unnecessarily.

Especially, should you target the hole from a long distance, you could consider this ball.

Plus, because of less spin, it could offer more control to golf players.


One of the features we like about the Wilson Titanium ball is that it is highly durable and stable.

That’s why not only will you be able to play with a ball, but you can also play your game for a longer time.

Besides, its inner layer doesn’t protrude, although it’s very beaten.

Apart from that, its Surlyn cover, an ionomer resin that delivers a firm feeling, is also long-lasting, durable, and quite strong.

It will certainly survive the scruffs and cuts of regular use, yet cart path and mower lawns might damage it.

Next, we will give a quick look at the specs of the ball.

Through the below table, you could get a brief about its construction, spin, core, and so on.

Construction 432 dimples and two layers
Spin Low spin
Compression Low compression
Core High-quality titanium
Color White
Extras Durable Surlyn cover

Design and Technology -Wilson Titanium Golf Balls

Review of Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack)

Core Matters

It is made up of two layers, including an inner core and a robust outer.

The core comes with explosive titanium material, which is powdered finely to create a cohesive product.

Also, the titanium core could deliver a hard feeling, not to mention, a requisite distance.

Another highlight of the ball is that with this core, the ball generates little noise while you are making great shots.


The covering of the ball is made of Surlyn. This is a form of ionomer resin.

Thanks to that, the ball could get enormous durability and rigidity.

That said, you should not expect it to stay unharmed on lawn mowers or a cart path.

Alternatives Review

In case, you want to compare this ball with other balls in the same segment.

We will provide a shortlist of three alternatives below.

#1. Titleist Pro V1

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Titleist’s Pro V1 provides an ideal performance that offers long-distance, outstanding control, and more consistency for golfers.


  • Deliver exceptional distance
  • Offer great consistency
  • Come with a soft feel and flexibility


  • A bit expensive

#2. Callaway Warbird

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The Warbird Golf Ball is created for maximum flight and optimal distance from a 2-piece design and a high-energy core, in addition to optical yellow or white color options.


  • Two-piece distance ball
  • Firm compression core
  • Enhance ball speed and low spin


  • Balls are quite hard

#3. Taylormade Distance Plus

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TaylorMade’s Distance Plus is designed for average golfers who are looking for optimal distance in their shots.


  • Deliver high speed
  • Two-color options
  • Provide low spin


  • Cheap material feel
  • A bit low control


Excellent as the Wilson Titanium Ball, it surprisingly comes with an affordable price tag.

If you want to purchase another option of this quality, you will have to pay a twice higher price.

In a nutshell, this product from Wilson is an ideal option for golf novices who want to start their game at a minimal cost.

We are pretty sure that this ball will save a lot of money for you while providing advanced practice.


Is it good?

The answer depends on whether users are those who are new to playing golf or skilled players.

We will not recommend this ball to professional players.

This is because the ball comes with low spin while the experienced golfers need mid and high spin balls.

In other words, the ball is the right option for golf newbies.

How many cores is the Wilson golf ball?

The ball comes with two cores. Both of these cores are made of high-end titanium.

How many dimples on the ball?

In total, there are 432 dimples, providing it with low spin and enhanced distance from the tee.

How many balls in a pack?

There are a total of 18 balls in each pack.

Is this suitable for professionals?

As you can see above, it is definitely the one for golf newbies.

That said, it will be a NO for skilled golf players who want to balance between their distances and spins.

In fact, little or merely no slices or hooks are found in this ball.

Henceforth, it is not a favorite option amongst professionals and for tournaments.

Final Thoughts Wilson Titanium Golf Ball

So you have got our Wilson Titanium Golf Ball review.

In a nutshell, this golf ball is the standard ball for new golfers and for those who want to improve their distance.

Not only does the ball come with great features for you to start your golf game, but it is also priced at an affordable range that will not hurt your pocket.

That said, it is definitely a letdown for professionals and skilled players as it does not feel soft and premium at all.

We hope that you will find our article helpful and if you decide to go to this ball, have a pleasant time it!

Thank you for reading.

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