Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review

You know what?

Should you seek budget-friendly but great drivers, the Wilson D7 might be the one for you.

It not only features lightweight technology, but also encourages greater distances and faster ball speed.

To give you deep insights, we are going to share with you a comprehensive Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 reviews as follows.

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Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver

“Highly recommended this driver for those who are into the market for a lightweight driver”

Product highlights:

  • Superlight design
  • Greater ball speeds
  • Maximum distance
  • Sharp, crisp sound and incredible feel
  • Dynamic Launch Control

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Pros & Cons Reviewed

In a nutshell, the Wilson D7 driver delivers a quite great performance.

Not only does it offer an excellent feel with high-end materials, but it also offers faster ball speed and longer distances.

Though it has a small letdown,but it is still a good bang for your buck.


  • Premium materials
  • Provide more substantial ball speeds and distances
  • Great feel
  • Included headcover


  • Not available in grip sizes


Design and Technology Wilson Staff D7 Driver Reviews

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Superlight design

As mentioned above, this driver comes with premium material, along with a simplified structure.

Thanks to that, it comes with a head that weighs only 192g.

You might not know this, but this will allow the D7 to gain better ball speeds as well as maximize distance for many golfers.

3-piece Crown 

What we like about this driver is that it has a 3-piece crown including Kevlar sandwiched between woven carbon fiber.

This crown helps to neutralize the vibration, providing a crisp and sharp sound, not to mention, an incredible feeling.

RE.AKT Technology

Plus, you will love this Wilson D7 as it features an exclusive technology called RE.AKT, which provides you with the needed precision with faster head speed and longer distances.

It is smart, simple, and not overdone. You can find that it is made for both short- and long-game moments.

Full Specifications D7 Club

Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review - Plugged In Golf

The Wilson Staff D7 stands out for Dynamic Launch Control when it comes to specifications.

The feature positions the internal weight in each head of the driver differently based on the lofts.

The 9-degree head is created for golfers with quicker swing speed.

As it positions the weight more forward, the head provides a lower spin and launch.

Meanwhile, the 10.5-degree head comes with neutral weight placement for better launch and mid-spin.

Regarding the 13-degree head, the weight is pushed all the way back and toward the heel, offering the highest launch and little draw bias.

Moreover, the Wilson Staff cooperated with the UST Mamiya for the latest Helium lineup of shafts.

It has soon become an ideal choice for many golfers due to providing lighter weight without compromising stability.

Besides, the Wilson Staff is available in two variants, including the Woods and Hybrids. 

The manufacturer had a slightly big shift from the previous distance oriented the metal woods.

Also, it is safe to say that thanks to the removal of excess weight and the change in the club structure, the Wilson Staff D7 woods and hybrids are significantly improved in their performance.


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In short, this driver performs greatly.

First, it’s RE.AKT technology makes it gain a faster clubhead and a longer distance off the tee.

Plus, it also has a terrific feel, and crisp sound thanks to a unique three-piece crown with Kevlar sandwiched between woven carbon fiber, which reduces the vibration significantly.

Additionally, the driver’s internal weighting is optimized based on the launch for optimal performance golfers need based on the loft they play.

It can be said that this D7 is an ideal choice for those who want to add further distance off the tee in an easy-to-swing and lightweight design.

How Does it Compare? 

To provide you with a better view of the D7 we would make a comparison with several standard models as follows.

Taylormade M6 Driver, 

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In terms of similarity, the D7 and the Taylormade M6 are both available for right-handed and left-handed golfers.

It is also the identical thing between these two drivers.

The TaylorMade M6 stands out for its speed injection process, which could maximize the ball’s speed and distance.

But this feature is not comparable to that of the Wilson D7 reviews.

Instead, it could deliver a better straight distance than the D7 thanks to an innovative technology called Twist Face, which could reduce sidespin and provide straighter shots on strikes off-centered.

Cobra 2018 Golf Men’s King F8 Driver

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This driver is also available for left-handed and right-handed players.

While the Cobra 2018 Golf Men clubs has an ultralight carbon fiber crown, which provides higher trajectories and forgiveness than the Wilson Staff D7, it is inferior to the latter in terms of giving great ball speeds and distances off the tee.

If you want to find a driver with improved forgiveness and trajectories, King F8 might be show the one for you.

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

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The Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue driver clubs is a true competitor to the Wilson D7 in terms of delivering exceptional ball speeds and distance.

Plus, it also stands out with greater forgiveness thanks to a breakthrough Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT.

How Would it Look in Your Bag?

Initially, the Wilson D7 is quite inviting to look down on.

As it is long from heel to toe and has a chunky top line, the driver seems to inspire confidence that a great shot is forthcoming.

Also, even on the seven-iron, you could see the rear of the sole that not everyone will be fond of, but we certainly get over it soon.

It is worth mentioning that its latest head design with a low and back weighting also works in an increasing dynamic loft as well as gets the ball airborne much more easily.

Notably, the driver will bring a professional look for you when featuring three major colors including black, silver, and blue with sharp patterns, the D7, and the brand logo in the clubface.

Plus, the carbon fiber look on the upper edge of the head appears to be great as well.

It looks like the carbon fiber is under smoked glass or just something to that effect.


What is the head size?

It is a 460cc head size.

What is the volume of the head?

Well, the driver comes with a very high volume in its head.

Thanks to that, you will get further distances with each iron in comparison with other clubs.

Does it come with a free headcover?

We would say a big Yes to this question. A good bang for your buck, isn’t it?

Can it be used by both hands?

Do not worry about that. This driver is available for both right-handed and left-handed golfers.

How many kinds of flex when To buy the D7 driver?

There are three variants of flex for user to choose from, which include regular, senior, and stiff.

What is the shaft made of?

The shaft material of the D7 driver is graphite.

Final Thoughts

So we have finished our Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 driver review.

We, once again, highly recommended this driver for those who are into the market for a lightweight driver that could offer a faster ball speed and further distance off the tee.

We hope our article will be helpful for you to consider this kind of driver.

And do not forget to share with us and other readers your thought in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading!

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