Wilson Staff D300 Driver Review

If you are a devotee of playing golf, we’re glad you’re here and reading this short review!

Our Wilson Staff D300 driver review will divulge all the essential information about one of the most popular golf drivers.

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Wilson Staff D300 Driver

Product highlight:

  • Modern technologies
  • Affordable price
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Sturdy structure

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  • Whatever you’re, an amateur or a professional, Wilson Staff D300 is suitable for everyone!
  • Its simple design and the small weight won’t make you confused even for the first using time.
  • As integrated with modern technologies and an easy-to-adjust hosel system, this product will support you exceptionally well in long distances and large yards.
  • Moreover, having a scientific design along with a sturdy structure, this product ensures long-term use.
  • Last but not least, compared to what you will get when choosing this product, its price is affordable!


  • Despite the benefits it brings, you also should deliberate its drawback.
  • Wilson staff will be better if you use this driver for a long distance instead of a short distance.
  • The users feel that because it’s quite light, the close stroke will be harder to control.

Design And Technology Wilson Staff D300 Driver Reviews

Wilson Staff D300 driver review: ClubTest 2017

First, let’s focus on its shape.

The Wilson D300 product is appreciated as one of the best golf drivers, thanks to its aerodynamic design.

This design helps the driver acts like a micro-air generator.

It operates to reduce drag forces and increase efficiency for each stroke.

As a result, speed and force at the head of the club are enhanced, leading to an increased speed flying and distance of the golf balls from the tee.

In addition to the design, the technology of this driver also has many improvements and outstanding advantages.

Wilson Staff D300 is integrated with two modern technologies: fast-fit technology and right light technology.

Fast fit technology is specific for this driver’s ability to adjust hosel.

With three draw options, you can easily select and change the hosel system and make it suitable for your style.

Also, the right light technology helps to minimize the weight of this Wilson product.

Consequently, this Wilson drive can limit hand fatigue when playing and help users enhance the hitting force to make the ball fly farther.

Look & Feel Instruction Review


Instead of using striking colors, the combination of black and red makes the Wilson D300 driver minimalist but still sophisticated.

Moreover, minimalism is also expressed in the design of parts.

The sole isn’t too picky, which is adorned with gray lines and finished with a mixture of polish and matte paints.

Besides, when you place this driver on the ground in playing posture, you will see small and rugged water-drop motifs and a white symbol.

According to the manufacturer, this design and symbol were created to help users determine the direction more accurately.

In general, when you try the first hit, you will immediately feel a great feeling thanks to a lightweight and scientific design.

No matter how light it is, this product ensures solidity and durability.

Performance Features Staff D300 Driver Review

Wilson Golf D300 Driver Review - YouTube

As mentioned, thanks to the lightweight and integrated technologies that it works effectively.

When the staff D300 product is fully assembled to get ready for the game, it weighs about 250g – 300g.

This is a relatively small weight, so you can easily control it for long distances.

For example, if you use this driver to hit the ball in 300+ yards down the middle, you will easily reach the maximum range if you have a clubhead speed of about 110 MPH.


Compared to other existing products on the market, the Staff D300 driver’s price is in the high average segment as its price isn’t a low one.

There are so many other products on the market which are cheaper, even if they just cost only a few dozen dollars.

However, you’ll get what you pay for.

So weighing up all the pros and cons when buying something is better than evaluating the price only.

3 Alternatives

To compare with Wilson Staff D300 Driver, we bring you three alternatives in the same segment.

TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

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This is the product that impresses users by the effectiveness of each hit.

The remedial and curvature face angle helps to optimize the direction of play, avoiding rotating the ball.

Also, the TaylorMade M6 driver’s aerodynamic carbon sole design contributes to the clubhead hitting force, helping the golf ball fly further.


  • Deliver speed and forgiveness to the golf ball
  • Aerodynamic carbon sole
  • Suitable for beginner


  • Pretty high price

Cobra Golf 2020 Men’s Speedzone Driver Black-Yellow

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If you are looking for a driver that can make stable strokes, this product is worth your attention!

The first reason is this product is utilized with 360 carbon wrap to reduce weight and speed up the clubhead.

Consequently, weight is reduced by 25g combined with an arrow shape, this product creates the right flight paths for golf balls thanks to reducing drag.

Further, Its gravity is concentrated on the front corner to create a stable zone and maximize the performance.


  • Much of forgiveness
  • Reasonable price
  • Stable zone


  • The sound is quite loud

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver

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In terms of material, this product is made from T2C triaxial carbon and FS2S titanium.

According to the manufacturer, this material will make the driver lighter to increase forgiveness.

Also, SS20 flash face technology creates the angles with scientific indicators to optimize the ability and speed from hand to the clubhead.


  • Easy for beginner
  • Solid and durable
  • More forgiving than the standard product of this brand


  • Much spin with fast swingers


How About The Durability Of This?

With the main material is titanium and its robust construction, you don’t need to worry about this driver’s durability!

Wilson D300 driver can withstand the effects of sunlight and isn’t rusted by the effects of water.

However, always preserve properly to extend the life of the driver.

Is It Suitable For Beginner

Staff D300 driver is suitable for everyone, including the beginner.

And there are two reasons to prove this:

First, the small weight makes it easier for the beginner to get used to and control, if you use a weighty driver, it will be quite hard during practice.

What’s more, Its top surface design includes a symbol to make help the amateur orient the ball’s flight path and adjust the hitting direction quickly.

What Are The Product Dimension?

  • Club: 9.0; 10.5; 13.0
  • RH/LH: include RH and LH
  • Loft: From 8.0 to 14.0 depending on the club
  • Lie: 58.00
  • SWING WT: D2
  • Length: 46.00 inches


Overall, we hope that our Wilson Staff D300 Driver review provided you with all the helpful and necessary information!

In conclusion, we want to confirm that this is one of the best drivers to buy as it’s of high quality, affordable and suitable for everyone!

Consider carefully and be a smart buyer!

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