Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review

As a golf lover, there’s no way you don’t know about Wilson.

They’re one of the most well-known brands in the golf world.

And in this Wilson Harmonized Wedge review, we will take a look at why this club is loved by many golfers all around the world.

Let’s started.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

“It is not brag to say that this wedge is perfect for players of all levels.”

Product highlights:

  • Classic, high polish finish
  • High performance and reliability
  • Hit higher shots with more accuracy
  • Versatility from the sand

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Pros & Cons


  • Diverse bounce and loft options, facilitating impressive wedge shots
  • Maximum control and move with the forged clubhead
  • High-polish finish, common blade style
  • Outstanding sole grind for better clubface opening with higher preciseness
  • Aggressive grooves provide maximum spin
  • Improved bounce angles ensure versatility from dead stop spin and a variety of golf courses: fairway, rough, and sand.


  • Not a good choice for higher handicaps
  • Need to change the small grip


Design and Technology Wilson Harmonized Wedge Reviews


Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review 2021

This golf wedge model has a significant advantage in versatility.

It deploys a unique sole grind, which allows players to make further clubface opening.

Hence, players can perform perfect shots and improve their skills.

Besides, this golf club can do wonders for shots from the rough, sand, and even fairway.

Among other wedges at the same price, this one stands out in style.

It follows the classic look with a traditional blade style.

In fact, a large number of world-best golf club manufacturers also love this design.

Certainly, with this club in hand, you will be satisfied with its high polish finish.

Another excellent feature is its two unique finish options.

In addition to the classic high-polish finish, players are also fascinated with the anti-glare black chrome finish.

Speaking of the benefits, one can experience it by playing in sunny weather.

The black chrome finish prevents the sun from reflecting on the wedge.

Thus, players do not have to worry that their views are limited under the sun.

Technical Specs Wilson Harmonized Wedges

Dimension 48 x 5.6 x 5.6 inches (50.0, 52.0, 56.0, 60.0)

39 x 5 x 4 inches (64.0)

Shipping Weight 1 pound
Hand Orientation Left and right
Shaft Material Stainless Steel
Club Length 35 inches
Golf Club Flex Wedge
Golf Club Loft 50, 52, 56, 60, 64 degrees
Player type Recreational
Brand Wilson

How Much Does Wilson Harmonized Golf Club Cost?

On Amazon, the Wilson Harmonized Wedge has a different wedge loft degree, including 50.0, 52.0, 56.0, 60.0, 64.0.

The price varies due to the amount of loft, but they are all very budget-friendly.

The cheapest option is the one having a loft of 50-degree.

Meanwhile, the most expensive one is the 60-degree loft.

Depending on your need, you can pick out what suits your desired types of the wedge: pitching, gap, sand, and lob.

The most common option is the sand wedge with a 56-degree loft.

Compared to other lines, the Wilson Harmonized has a relatively reasonable price.

Its high quality and nice look live up to the user’s expectation.

Whether you are a golf beginner or a professional, this budget-friendly golf club is among one of the best choices for you.

Performance Wilson Wedge Review


Wilson Harmonized Wedge Review (2021) | Golf Guy

The aggressive grooves are a highly rated feature here.

Its maximum spin boosts confidence for every player on the green.

Additionally, the classic blade shade supports spin optimization by its enhanced bounced-angle.

Whether you are on the fairway, sand, or rough, you can make the most of the versatility that Wilson Harmonized wedge offered.

You will notice that the regular wedge flex shaft is made of True Temper steel iron – the worldwide leading golf shaft producer.

That’s why you can trust the outstanding durability of this product.

Furthermore, it also helps you achieve smoother and precise shots at ease.

For golf training and practicing, it surely meets your demand.

According to Wilson, this golf club is best for recreational purposes.

The special wedge sole keeps the clubface open, making it comfortable for everyone to play.

If you are a beginner or a mid-handicapper in need of skill sharpening,

It is also among one of the best recommendations.

Especially at the distance of approximately 125 yards, it supports straightforward shots.


Here goes the grip – the critical part of the golf wedge.

To the expectation, this model features an exceptional grip.

The most apparent feel of the grip is its convenience.

Therefore, players can gain more confidence in playing. It also gives you a satisfactory feel of hitting the ball.

This golf club is so lightweight that you may at first think it is made of cheap materials

. Not only does it give you comfort, but you also don’t have to worry about pain or any hurdle during the play.

The grip is also covered with rubber, minimizing hand injury to the lowest.

The size of the grip is considered smaller than the standard.

Although it is comfortable, not everyone enjoys this part.

If not satisfied, you can ask to change the grip.

3 Alternative Of Harmonized Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy MD3

Image result for Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 Wedge

This club is by far one of the most excellent wedges using state-of-the-art technology in the golf world.

As an updated version, the MD3 features a new W-grind and the enhanced S-grind.

In total, it has three grind options for each condition, swing, and shot.

It is also the first wedge to use Progressive Groove Optimization, giving spin optimization.

Compared to the Wilson Harmonized Wedge, it costs a bit higher.

Cleveland CBX Wedge

The Cleveland CBX Wedge features a cavity-back iron design, supporting higher performance for users of all levels.

The versatility is outstanding, with three levels of grooves.

It suits players around the green or who want to improve short approach shots.

In addition, this club is considered the best valued forgiving wedge.

If you are looking for a wedge having exceptional forgiveness and great distance control, do not miss out on this one.

Xe1 Wedge

Image result for Xe1 Wedge

The Xe1 is an easy-to-hit club, which is among one of the best highly rated wedges in 2018.

It features a unique sole that aims to reduce thin shots.

Aside from that, the Auto-Glide sole helps players to achieve better performance on a variety of lies.

The high amount of loft gives you the best comfort in playing.

You don’t need much effort to perform a high and soft shot.

Overall, Xe1 Wedge is an incredible golf club for players of all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which best degree loft should I buy?

The 56-degree option is the most common choice for sand.

The 60-degree and higher loft are more challenging to master.

Can women use this club?

The golf wedge is actually lightweight, suitable for every player.

However, you should consider its length compared to other specifically designed wedges for women.

I’m a right-handed player. Which hand orientation should I purchase?

It only makes sense to go for a right-hand club if you are right-handed.

What are the bounce degrees that the club offers?

The information is marked on the club.

For example, 60.10 means 60-degree loft and 10-degree bounce.

The golf wedge has 50.08, 52.08, 56.12, 60.10, and 64.08, which means 8, 10, and 12 degrees of bounce depending on the amount of loft.

Does the clubhead have cross-cuts together with normal grooves?

Wilson Harmonized Wedge only features normal grooves.

Last Thought About Wilson Harmonized Wedge

So far, we have been through the entire article Wilson Harmonized Wedge.

Its quality and price are what every player desire for their “companion” golf club.

It is not a brag to say that this wedge is perfect for players of all levels.

If you have tried it before, please share with us your thought about it!

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