Which Golf Grip Should I Use For Better Golf Swings?

“Which golf grip should I use?” is a common question of golfers who are struggling to achieve improvement, as the foundation of every fantastic swing lies upon golf grip choices.

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What Is A Golf Grip?

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A golf grip is a way golfers hold their clubs during their swings. There are particularly three common grips players can use: Overlap, interlock, and baseball.

Once players placed their hands properly on the clubs, they created stability in the clubs’ leading face. Hence, A proper that is a key to a fantastic swing.

How Important Is Grip For Golfers?

It is a deathly mistake that players often neglect the importance of grip. As they are too excited about preparing for other techniques and equipment, it is the right that plays an actual role in improving their skills.

Since the golf grip is the only connection between golfers and the club before every swinging, and if an improper wouldn’t lead to a successful swing.

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For example, a strong grip will likely get the ball shot off to the left, while a weak will result in the ball shot off the right of the target. Moreover, a grip with too much pressure will likely result in errant ball shots.

No one wants to waste time and money without getting better each time they enter the golf courses. Therefore, learning how to distinguish the differences between the three main grips is the gateway to better performances.

Compare The Three Main Grips

The Overlap (Vardon )Grip

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The overlapping, also known as The Vardon grip, is named after Harry Vardon after he disseminated it to become the most favorited grip among professional golfers in the early 20th century.

As mentioned above, the overlap is best suited for only strong golfers due to its lack of finger reliability in the club.

Stacking your right hand on top of your left hand while holding the club, leave the pinkie of your right hand in between the gap of your left index and middle finger.

Despite its simplicity in adapting, players should be aware of the scarcity in leverage and losing in the distance. However, this is not a big concern since firmness and stability are help worthy trade-offs.

The Interlock Grip

What Are the Advantages of Using the Interlocking Golf Grip?

The interlock grip is in favor of small-sized hand golfers, as it provides great consistency for distance as well as ball-striking.

It would help if you placed your left and right hand to the club for interlock grip, with the right pinkie and left pinkie arranged finger interconnection. Assure your left thumb is slipped into the palm of your right hand while your right thumb places parallel with the shaft.

The only downside of interlock is the difficulty in getting used to it. Unlike overlap and baseball, interlock grip is much more of a nuisance for beginner golfers to begin.

The Baseball (Ten Finger) Grip

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The baseball grip (Ten fingers) is accessible and powerful for beginners to learn.

Hold the club with your right hand stacked on top of your left hand; make sure the knuckles of your right hand are downwardly facing and your left hand upwardly facing.

Since players have ten fingers held tightly on the club, this assents a more powerful clubhead speed. However, this is a trade-off to the lack of stability in the clubhead.

Which Should I Use The Right Club Grip style?

It is time to determine which style of hand grips should use for you!

As baseball club grip  is the most basic of all, it is extremely suitable for beginner

There is no certain requirement as well as special technique in adapting to this baseball’s club grip.

Although most players find no ease adapting to it, it is better to improve the consistency for distance and ball-striking.

The second level after baseball’s grip is an interlocking grip.

Once players have mastered previous grips use, the overlap is the final step for your perfect game.

Conclusion Which Golf Grip

As mentioned earlier, beginners who struggle to achieve improvement should begin with a standard baseball’s club grip.

Once you have seen the improvement, you might consider practicing the interlocking and overlap grip.

By choosing and practicing the right grip, you will soon be surprised at all the fantastic swings you made in the next game as you want.

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