What Length Golf Club Should I Use

When I had my first taste of golf, I asked myself, “What length golf club should I use?” thousands of times.

The club is like your fingerprint, determining your swing characteristics.

Therefore, choosing the right length is a must before getting the game on.

With 5-year experience, I will show you what your proper club length is and how measurements it.


Why Does Golf Clubs Length Matter?

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The correct length well-suited with the golfers’ height allows them to play with comfort and confidence.

Thus, they can make the desired swing shapes and ensure striking consistency.

Using a too-short club means that you have to reach down to hit the ball, making your stance bent over.

This poor posture will defeat the expected spine angle and cause incorrect rotation.

On the other hand, you need to stand upright if you use too-long golf clubs.

Standing too straightly gives you a sense of losing control over the club, so you can’t make a swing confidently.

For these reasons, club-lengths are one of the factors contributing to your achievements on the golf course.

What Club Length Should I Use?

Each player will use a different length of golf clubs that fits them most, based on their gender and height.

It goes without saying that women need a shorter club than men.

And adults players will play a longer club than kids.

Besides, there are ideal sizes of each club type that will suit most golfers.

The following parts will clearly show you some recommended club sizes and the way measurements the correct club length.

Standard Clubs Sizes

What is the standard length of each type?


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As you may know, the highlight of drivers is distance.

The player using them to make a shot as far as possible.

For this reason, manufacturers tend to increase the standard length of drivers for marketing purposes.

Recently, the normal size of a driver club is somewhere between 43 to 45 inches for men and 1 inch less for women.

Some sellers even go for 45.5 inches as their differentiation.


The size of wood varies from the numbers and materials.

In general, it ranges from 40 to 43 inches for men and 39 to 42 inches for women.

Below is a detailed table showing the standard wood size, based on numbers and materials.

The longer the wood, the further your shot goes.

Steel Wood (inches) Graphite Wood (inches)
3-wood 42.5 43
4-wood 42 42.5
5-wood 41.5 42
7-wood 41 41.5
9-wood 41 41.5
11-wood 40.5 41
13-wood 40 40.5


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Iron is also an exceptional case because a set of irons comes with different numbers from 1 to 9.

This feature causes a bigger difference in the ideal size between each numbered iron.

The standard length between 1- to 9-iron runs down from 40 to 34 inches for men, meaning that 1-iron is the longest club in the set. As for women, subtract 1 inch.


Golf Wedge Buying Guide

The recommended size of wedges differs depending on their types.

Remember to rest assured that the shortest wedge comes with the highest loft and vice versa.

The lob wedge is the shortest type of this golf club, about 35 inches.

A sand wedge is normally 35.25 inches in length.

The gap wedge’s standard length is 35.5 inches.

And the longest one, pitching wedge, comes with a standard length of 35.75 inches.


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Generally, most golfers used putters measured from 32 to 35 inches.

If you are 6-feet tall or thereabouts, a 34- or 35-inch putter will serve you the best.

Golfers who are 5.5 to 5.9 inches will need a standard putter from 32 to 33 inches.

Otherwise, custom fitting is required.

There is a rule of thumb to check if your putter fits you or not.

When taking a shot, the right putter will enable you to get your eyes over the golf ball.

3 Steps To Measure Size The Right Club Lengths

Chances are, the standard size doesn’t fit you. It’s time to get custom fitting for better performance.

Below is a 3-step guideline measurements your fitting figures.

Step 1: Measure Your Height

The first step to figuring out the proper length of your club is measurements your height.

Obviously, taller golfers will play with a longer club and vice versa.

You can easily do it at home with a tape measure or go for help at any health clinic.

However, the overall height itself is not enough to identify the right standard club length.

It is why you need wrist-to-floor measurement.

Step 2: Wrist-To-Floor Measurement

PING GOLF on Twitter: "Do you know your color code? To start, plot your height and wrist-to-floor measurement on our chart to get your static lie angle. Lie angle affects your shot

People with the same height might differ in their leg and arm length.

It is why wrist-to-floor measurement is a must to improve the accuracy of the fitting process.

The basis of this method is to calculate (in inches) the distance from the floor to your wrist.

When measuring, wear sneakers or shoes that you use for playing golf not to affect the figure.

Besides, make sure that your arms are resting loosely at two sides.

It is best if you ask for help from others as you will struggle measurements it yourself.

Here is a table displaying some recommended adjustments in your standard clubs, based on your height and wrist-to-floor distance.

Height (feet) Wrist-to-floor Distance (inches) Adjustment (inches)
> 6.8 > 42 +2
6.6 – 6.8 41 – 42 +1.5
6.4 – 6.6 40 – 41 +1
6.2 – 6.4 38.5 – 40 +0.5
6.1 – 6.2 37 – 38.5 +0.25
5.7 – 6.1 34 – 37 Standard
5.4 – 5.7 32 – 34 -0.25
5.2 – 5.4 29 -32 -0.5
5.0 – 5.2 27 – 29 -1
4.1 – 5.0 25 – 27 -1.5
< 4.1 < 25 -2

Step 3: Measure Your Golf Club

You may think that knowing your height and wrist-to-floor distance is enough to adjust your clubs.

However, every adjustment has to be based on the standard size of a club.

For this reason, measuring the length of your clubs is not superfluous.

First, let your club completely flat on the floor.

“Flat” means that the contact point to the floor must be the sole center.

Then, put measure from the heel to the end of the grip.

As for putters, because of their various neck types, you should measure from the sole center instead of the heel.

How Do I Know If My Golf Club Length Is Not Fit?

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Too Long Shaft

If you used a too-long club, you tend to stand too upright, making it uncomfortable to move your lower body.

So your shots are rather weaker than normal.

Besides, the golf ball would go too high and further left when taking a shot with a too-long club.

Too Short

There are some signs indicating that your club is shorter than needed.

First, using a too-short club for a long time can cause pain to your knees due to the higher pressure from your body.

Also, your swing path tends to go from in to out.

Unlike the too-long club, a too-short club will make your shot go further right, affecting your final result.

Conclusion The Article

Have you found out the answer to the question “what length golf club should use” yet?

The right length of a golf club depends on your age, gender, and physical appearance.

For this reason, you would consider carefully as well as to measure average your height and wrist-to-floor distance before picking a club.

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