What Is The Best Way To Grip A Golf Club – A Quick Guide

When it comes to improving in golf, three factors count skills, equipment, and mood.

There is no need to emphasize the importance of skills compared to the two other factors.

That is why golf players should learn and enhance some skills to master this sport.

Holding a golf club correctly is a common topic mostly asked by entry-level golfers and even some medium players.

In this article, we will reveal the answer to what is the best way to grip a golf club.

Let’s go.


What Is The Best Way To Proper Golf Grip?

Proper Golf Grip: 8 Simple Steps To A Better Grip (& More Distance)

you are looking for the best way to grip a golf club, we are so sorry to let you down because there is no 100% best golf club grip.

Instead, the best grips must match the player’s swing, golf swing weight, body styles, player’s level, players’ strength, and many other factors.

Hence, there is no one-fit-for-all rule applied for golfers.

Different players have different ways to best hold the club grip.

If you are a beginner with little knowledge of this area, all you need to do is grip the club in the most neutral way.

Why is that? That is because the neutral style will help you strengthen or weaken the grip easier than a firm grip.

To perform this kind of grip, make your hand a V shape and aim it correctly to the club’s shaft. Now, you are ready to take a swing.

We suggest checking the pressure put on the grip for those who want to gain more accuracy in each swing.

The tighter the grip is, the more tension it causes to the swing. As a result, to gain more accuracy, try to relax your hands a little bit.

Finally, if you want more distance, a try on strengthening the grip might be helpful.

By holding the golf club tightly, you can hit the draw more consistently, leading to a higher force to the swing.

Why Is Hold Golf Grip Correct Importantly

One of the basic lessons a golfer is taught includes how to grip the club properly.

Without a correct grip, a golfer can not make a consistent golf swing.

And it is even more difficult to level up if players keep doing something wrong with the grip.

So, this section will explain the significance of a proper grip.

First of all, the correct grip gives you full, consistent control over the golf club.

Let’s imagine that if you hold the shaft too tight, the pressure will reduce the accuracy of the ball flight.

But when you hold too loose, the chances the club drifts away from your hands are high.

Golf Grip – Strong, Weak or Neutral | The Grateful Golfer

In addition, a proper grip allows the hands to cooperate smoothly to provide desired swing speed and distance, leading to accurate shots.

That is true because when the hands are not put correctly, they can not provide enough force that is transferred from the golfer’s arm to the club.

Do you have this kind of conception in mind: Golf is a sport for the rich?

That is understandable. Golf is considered a top-notch sport for the elite because the rich can mostly afford the expensive barriers to golf, such as equipment,

lessons, exclusivity, other fees, etc.

As a result, when you enter this game, you should prepare the best version of yourself as everything you do with your club will tell others something about you.

When you hold the club in the wrong way and you know that, you might not be too confident in front of your partner because of the fear of being judged.

Similarly, other people can see that you are not self-assured if you do not thoroughly engage in the game.

Let assume you are playing golf with your business partners; your lack of confidence might strain the development of the business relationship.

So, holding the club correctly is just about the game; it is also about communication and social matters.Are you wasting your time on the putting green? – GolfWRX

Guidance The Ways How To Grip Golf Clubs Better When Playing

So, after realizing the importance of correct club gripping, do you want to learn about the tricks on how to do it right?

Let’s follow us to learn more.

The first step you need to do is relax by a couple of deep breaths in and out.

Now, we shall begin.

To start, you should let both arms hang naturally.

Then try to move your left hand in the position so that the club grip rests in the heel of your left palm.

The next thing to do is move your fingers to wrap your left hand around the grip.

Now, the heel of your left palm keeps the club still and restrain it from slipping out of your hand.

In this step, when looking down on your hand holding the grip, you can see your knuckles, usually two or three of them.

The second step in gripping the club correctly is to position your right hand above your left hand.

But how? After placing the grip onto the base of the left palm, do not stretch the left thumb yet because you still have to put your right hand in position.

Now, gently hold the grip with your right hand and let your shoulder relax.

Coming to the third step, it is time for your fingers to cooperate.

Generally, there are three common ways to grip the club, including the Ten-Finger Grip (baseball grip), the Interlocking Grip, and the Overlapping Grip or Vardon Grip.

Let’s quickly look at these methods.

Regarding the 10-finger grip – one of the least fav grips among the golfers,  this grip method is suitable for children and anyone with small, weak hands.

In terms of interlocking grip, it is mostly used by people with short fingers.

Moreover, people with weak wrist and forearms, or average hands, or medium golfers are benefited from this gripping style as it reduces the tension and inessential wrist movement.

Finally, the overlapping style is known under many names, such as overlapping Grip, Vardon Grip, or Vardon Overlap.

Whatever name people call it, it is still one of the most used grips among the pro golfers who have long fingers or large hands.

Coming to the last step – the thumb position, it would be best to put your left thumb at the center of the right hand’s groove in this step.

Finally, you need to make sure your wrist aligns with your arm in your gripping.

The Final Verdict Article

This article has discussed many aspects of what is the best way to grip a golf club.

Hopefully, you have taken away some informative ideas from this writing.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong method for gripping the golf club.

It depends on your level, your hand size, and your preferences as well.

Just remember that a good and correct grip lays a concrete foundation for further development in golf.

If for some reason, you have to change your gripping style, it will take you some time to be familiar with the new styles.

Everything takes time, so keep practicing and be patient.

Happy Golfing!

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