What Is The Best Golf Club To Practice With

Welcome to golf! Any novice should know that there are so many things to learn upon encountering a new sport, so we congratulate you on making an effort.

Today, let’s look at answering the question “What is the best golf club to practice with?” to get started as a newbie!


What Is The Best Golf Clubs Irons To Practice With?

Golfers’ journey starts with a club, so finding a club that’s easy to begin learning is very important.

If you just start out at the sport, or you’re a handicapper, we suggest using an irons club, specifically a 6 or 7 Iron type.

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Here are the reasons why:

  • When you learn to swing with a 6 or 7 Iron club, you will be able to apply the techniques to other clubs as well. Despite the differences in hitting mechanics across the golf club market (sweeping motions for fairway woods, descending blows for short irons), the skill set you acquire from learning with a mid-iron is going to be wide enough to adapt to other clubs later on.
  • Strategizing to swing around the 6-7 Iron club also gives you a variety of choices, helping you explore your strengths and solidify them even more.
  • You will learn and improve much faster using this type of club. Long irons tend to be much heavier and harder to swing, so you will not aim very carefully with such weight. Taking small steps is the key to developing your gameplay, but a 6-7 Iron club will aid you much better than any other type of tool!
  • The loft is the way to go for beginners. Short irons will allow you to hit more straight shots thanks to its lack of sidespin delivery on the ball. But this kind of feature gives you false confidence and will screw up all your future experiences with other clubs.

For these reasons, a hybrid golf club is also a viable choice since it lets you get used to the swing mechanics and distance of both wooden and iron clubs.

So, pick up your golf bag and head to the practice grounds to get started on your games!

The sooner you start, the faster you will grow as a golfer.

Tips For Beginner’s Practice Clubs

  • Prepare Your Set Club Kit

A golf bag will allow you to bring at most 14 clubs with you onto the field.

Not only will carrying that many things on your back ruin your spine, but you also will not be needing that many clubs at once.

Supply yourself with a driver, a putter, a sand wedge/loft, and you should be good to go!

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  • Experiment Swing Before You Purchase

Choosing clubs to add to your kit is going to be very hard since the market is so large, and golf gears tend to cost quite a bit.

There is no such thing as a bad golf club, but a person’s playstyle can only work with so many constructions and designs.

Experimenting thoroughly before buying is a great strategy.

Get a feel of the club in your hands as well as in a swing.

Otherwise, you are going to be stuck with avoiding that club in games as a whole.

Comparing your experience with the product’s online review is going to make your trip to the store much easier.

Generally, at this stage of your skills, you will want to get clubs that give you a chance to deliver loft.

With these types of clubs, you will be sending balls into the air more often, making for easier plays and a more enjoyable experience (Who doesn’t want to see balls sent flying? It’s just a magnificent view!)

On your trip to the gear distributor, you will spot a lot of clubs that are labeled “for beginners”.

You should really make use of those to get a feel of the clubs at a cheaper price and look what professionals in the field think what beginner’s clubs should be like.

Generally, comparing these novice-level clubs will let you in on a pattern for golf players, which is useful information as a whole!

  • Practice Basic Skills Perfect For Your Game

Starting as a blank slate has its own benefits.

Rather than being bothered with falling into old habits and concepts, you are open to new ways to play, and what better ways to start than getting used to the basic skill set?

Getting enrolled in a few beginner’s classes practice should help you get used to the sport!

Taking class practice provides you with three key advantages: starting with the basics is great for you, learning through a curriculum can set you up on a good mind, and learning from others in the class can give you new perspectives just as well as heading out to the field.

Professional golfers instructors will be able to let you in build-up exercises practice instead of letting you rip at every driver you have recklessly.

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Start with short shots and move up to further and more advanced scenario training.

And whenever you get too stressed at a hard exercise practice, ground yourself with a basic shot to release tension and regain your focus.

Advanced shots may put you under more constraints than you realize, and when you are stressed, you won’t be able to control your movements nor have fun.

It helps to watch games and dissect the techniques, so balance that with field trials to know where your strengths lie.

Whenever in doubt, find a teacher and let them guide you through the routine in the game!


“What is the best golf club to practice with?” is an essential question to answer, but it is also not the only one.

We wish you luck on your journey to becoming a top skilled golfer.

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