What Is A Rescue Golf Club Used For- Things To Know

Rescue golf clubs have been around for a few years and are now used in by some of the game’s top players since they are easier to hit than long irons or fairway woods.

But do you know exactly what is a rescue golf club used for?

Let’s find out the answer together in this article!

A Rescue Golf Clubs – Best Choose For Everyone!


What Is A Rescue Club?

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The rescue clubs simply is a club redesigned to used to satisfy golfers’ needs more easily and efficiently.

The recess at the back of the rescue clubs is deeper and wider.

In addition, manufacturers deliberately focused on the change of the clubhead to free up the whole weight of its circumference.

The club also combine the characteristics of wood and iron.

Therefore, many types of this club are born.

Normally, hybrids are tagged from 3 to 7 with the iron numbers they should replace, although some 1- and 2-hybrids are also available.

As with every club category, the number of utility club is increasing and becoming shorter.

Generally, the lofts range between 15 to 32 degrees, while club lengths are from around 36.5 to 42 inches.

What Is a Rescue Golf Club Used for?

Hybrid Golf Clubs For Higher Handicap

Utility golf clubs are especially suitable for golfers with higher handicaps because you do not have the required speed from clubhead and ball to use a long iron one.

Shots from long iron golf clubs that lack speed will arrive at a low level, too little spin, and go off the greens as a result.

While uses the Hybrid club, the ball will be higher, spin more, and come into the green softer.

Thus, even though some people consider that rescue clubs are more suitable for high handicap players, many professional players also favor this club type.

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs For High Handicappers And Beginners

The greater your handicap, the more hybrids you need. An overall principle:

  • Players with handicaps over 25 should begin with an iron set of 7.
  • An iron set should start with a six-iron for a 12-25 handicapped player.
  • A 5 iron should start with ten disabled athletes or less.
  • The iron should begin with a four iron set by five handicapped athletes or less.

Flat-ball Hitter

The average height of an LPGA Tour player is a 75-foot caliber.

With this height, it is difficult for amateur players to reach that standard.

The ideal height, in that Tour can only be 45-60 feet.

Luckily, utility club will help players standard height and achieve more greens than required!

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A “Distance” Ball

Swing the ball and getting it high enough in long-distance situations is not easy because you do not have the required club and ball speed.

But using hybrid clubs can do this! Since your shots are 7-12 yards apart, this club will ensure a certain iron length so that the running distance increases when taking this shot.

As a result, your ball will quickly see more plains afterward!

Hitting The Ball Solid

Hybrids are developed with these features: A broader sole, a lower rear center of gravity, and an overhead/roll to change gear.

And relaxed swings are typically superior and lead mostly to findable shots!

All these fantastic designs lead to effective results and control capacity for players.

So, therefore, from a psychological perspective, you’re going to be more relaxed and less concerned about the golf swings if you think that the ball is simpler to hit. Right?

Golfing Better

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From the experience of many players, hybrids have always made things easier and more likely to succeed.

Accordingly, the terrain is now like rock or desert will no longer be an issue.

Rescue clubs already have a vision for you on where the ball will land, or even the ideal assist length so you can hit a successful shot.

All you need is to focus on the golf ball, let the hybrids take care of the rest!

Thin Misses With Long Irons

When golfers try to lift a ball into the air, their hands flip early from the narrow miss with the long iron.

Thus, this makes the low point of the swing too far behind the ball, and the golfers pick the ball too thinly in order to avoid pulling the club into the ground.

But hybrids will assist eradicate this disorder for three reasons:

  • First, farther back and lower, the center of gravity assists in raising the ball into the air.
  • From experienced users, higher-speed woods and hybrids hit the air more easily and forgivingly, which inspires confidence.
  • Vertical shifting, which helps to enhance rotation on the face of shots.

Club Head Speed

Hybrids - Golf Club Buyers' Guide - Golfbidder

As the loss of a small velocity doesn’t cause much change, your speed drops hybrids will be more convenient.

The more sluggish your swing speed, the lower the ball speed, and the flatter the ball starts, all of which is terrible if you have to stop the ball.

Adding height increases distance most of the time, especially in this scenario.

Course With Tight Fairway

Indeed, the utility club are most suitable for average golfers, which allows them to swing better on harder driving holes on the golf course.

The more gentle landing angle and additional turn created by a hybrid will prevent the ball from running exceedingly on the golf course from a scientific point of view.

Therefore, you are almost worse than your worst hybrid swings for a worst long-iron swing.

Final Thought Articles

For those who have been or intend to play golf as professionals, choosing this club to accompany you will never be a wrong decision because only Rescue Golf Clubs or hybrid clubs (in other words) will bring you the best golfing experience!

Now you’ve got the answer to “What Is A Rescue Golf Club Used For?” and other interesting information about this club type in this article.

Thanks for your interest in the article!