Walk Or Ride Golf Cart: Which One Should You Choose?

Walk or ride a golf cart? You are in the dilemma of making the right decision but haven’t figured it out due to the Internet’s invalidity.

Don’t worry! We got your back. Click on this post and have your right choice.


Something Report About Walking And Riding Golf Carts

Golf games originated from Scotland and began to flourish in the early years of the fifteenth century.

1744 was a year marking the establishment of the first golf rules.

Then, in the 1960s, the carts became popular since their first introduction in the 1930s.

Walking Golf: It Benefits You and the Game

Noticeably, the golfing purist raises a notion about walking while playing and considers golfers lazy if they use carts.

These people spearheaded opening resort courses that they should walk only – Bandon Dunes Golf Resort including Sand Valley, Streamsong, Erin Hills, Whistling Straits.

However, some courses in American show a different truth that walking or taking carts does not matter at all.

playing here will ride a cart if given a choice.

So the question is: Are carts our friends or enemies?

Comparing Benefits Between Walking And Riding By Golfers

Maybe you haven’t known that golfers played and walked only for almost two hundred years.

So what are the reasons? This part will outline several benefits given via walking a course versus riding a cart.

First and foremost, one obvious advantage offered by walking while golfing is health benefits.

According to a report years ago, a player usually burns the number of calories equivalent to a 4-mile run and exceeding 10,000 steps if he walks to play all of 18 holes.

This exercise helps maintain your stable weight or even keep you loose.

Two men walking on golf course. by Rob and Julia Campbell - Stocksy United

In contrast, taking a cart can be quicker, but you will not have any of your caloric excess burned if you maintain a healthy weight, not to mention that walking save money than riding a cart.

Another advantage of walking versus riding in a game is that golfers can stay in rhythm between shots.

Moreover, if you do not perform well in a round, walking allows you to breathe and reset before exercising the next hit.

In other words, the quality of a game is much better.

This is how many calories you burn playing golf (walking vs. riding)

Riding a cart offering you only 1-3 minutes to reach the next holes certainly makes you unable to stay focused.

Meanwhile, let your mind wander by walking and avoid sticking to a pre-shot routine.

And the last advantage of walking in a game is social benefits.

You can interact with others or have golf-related conversations with them, which helps you feel less intensely nervous if things in the round are not going well as expected.

Players in a group will have more fun socializing between shots.

Especially when you golf with your spouse, he/she can get more shared experiences.

As opposed to walking, riding quickly “eats up” your break time between shots to have some talking with others.

Should You Walk Or Ride A Cart To Play?

As far as we are concerned, riding a cart hurts our games, so we suggest you walk while playing golf.

The reason behind this is that players get to the next balls too quickly.

We suppose this could be a blessing or a curse.

If you are golfing greats, taking a cart can help you get in the groove.

You perform a good drive, and you reach the next hole by a cart, but you still keep the last shot in your mind.

Then, the result makes you satisfied.

And the final shot is still okay no matter how you perform the swing.

Unfortunately, things are not always that easy because one bad hit often ruins the next, particularly when you have the wrong mindset due to riding a cart.

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What Is Your Right Choice?

With a block of benefits given by walking in a game rather than riding a cart, we think you should walk, and walking is surely the right choice.

But if you want to experience riding carts while golfing, give it a try sometimes because who knows, riding a cart suits your playing strategies.

After all, we highly recommend you should not take a cart regularly to attain more worthwhile benefits offered by walking in your golf games.

We believe you will conclude about whether walking or riding soon.


We hope that our paper on “Walk or ride golf cart” has provided you a more in-depth outlook on what you should do between shots in your game.

If you have any walking or riding experiences while you play golf, share with everyone by dropping a comment in the box below.

We appreciate your contribution and support.

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