Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review

Dear avid golfers, the golf tournament is coming.

I bet you don’t want to miss out on this superb opportunity to showcase your perfect accuracy in making chip shots, bunker shots, etc.

So, I gather all you need in this in-depth Vice Pro Plus golf balls review.

Let’s unbox it right away!

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Product highlight:

  • Exquisite spin control, plus maximized carry distance
  • Premium coating material with S2TG technology
  • High energy speedcore (HESC)
  • Durability and flexibility

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  • Added casing layer for extra yards off the tee
  • Exquisite spin control, plus maximized carry distance
  • Minimalist dimple design for a stable trajectory
  • Enhanced visual perception thanks to the “KIL” design
  • Durability gained at a pretty modest price


  • Might be a struggle for players with a swing speed under 90

Design and Technology

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Clearly enough, the motto of the manufacturer this time is “Less is more.”

What impresses me is that the Vice Pro plus features 318 large dimple design, with fewer dimples greater in diameter to yield excellent spin control and promote consistent flight path.

This comes across as a good omen for those low handicap players because the dimple design disrupts the flow of air, making all the shots perfectly accurate, even in windy conditions.

Are you seasoned golf players?

If yes, you will be no strangers to the urethane cover – a premium coating material. This cover comes packed with S2TG technology for a maximum short-game spin as well as immaculate backspin control.

Besides, thanks in part to its durability, many prospective players pick it as a trustworthy companion to last a lifetime. And I am saving money for one.

Alignment is a bit tricky for mere beginners. But don’t fret! This Pro plus ball might give you a blessing with the extra-long and highly visible “Keep in Line” putting line.

Rest assured, as all the line’s dimensions have been under scrutiny by tour and teaching professionals to deliver the best suited aligning performance. Now it’s your turn to conquer the nastiest shots.

Look & Feel

Vice Golf unveils its 2019 ball line-up -

To all that highly appreciate the aesthetic vibe of these golf balls, I have to say that you will undoubtedly want to get the full three colors to diversify your collection, or to have a change of shade, and hopefully a change of luck between rounds.

When I had a couple of shots around the green and a bit further at the back, the Vice Pro plus felt lovely. I got the idea of a surreal silky soft feel to it, and I have to give the BJ13 coating credit for this.

After multiple exhausting rounds, the golf balls still stick to their pearl white look, which is terrific. This is thanks to the anti-UV characteristics.


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Better yet, golfers shouldn’t bother how far the Pro Plus travels on the course because it is a three-piece, with dual casing incorporated to facilitate extra distance, that is some extra yards off the tee, to the satisfaction of you, the players.

Besides maximized distance, they also guarantee a penetrating ball flight.

You mustn’t overlook the core!

The core is the epicenter of the ball; thus, it drives all the functions.

Coupled with a high energy speedcore (HESC), this ball can retain most of its energy and fly with the maximum level of speed you desire.

Easy enough, you become the king of the game!

Value for Money

I suppose many golf enthusiasts out there are willing to splurge out on a golf ball with an extra little bit of distance and, at the same time, unyielding spin control.

Stop hovering around as these golf balls will give you the best of both worlds.

Plus, they can be even cheaper when bought in bulk.

In a head-to-head battle against other contenders, the Vice Pro plus will probably outshine when it comes to durability and flexibility.

It guarantees a higher spin in a short play, while decreased backspin in a much longer one.

3 Alternatives

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

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Guys, give this newcomer a try and see how it works.

The MTB black retains most of its predecessors’ attractive points and also expands that to the fullest. Being a tour caliber golf ball means it is housing an all-encompassing pack of the excellent feel of wedges and the putter and durability.

The 3-piece construction with 360 dimple pattern allows it to cover the surface more evenly. Especially, driver spin is reduced, with a 7% lower compression core for optimized distance.

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

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Here comes another great choice.

Upon unboxing, I took an instant liking to this ultra-modern appeal, truly aesthetic and unique. Ultra-low compression core facilitates fastball speed – a feature desired by experts and beginners alike.

However, it’s not for everyone. It would fit just fine if you crave slower swing speed and a pillow-like silky feel because it has the Trigonometry cover formulation.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (One Dozen)

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Lower spin trajectory, longer distance, exceptional airflow, and more are my first impressions when this all-rounder is put to the test.

The New 338 speed dimple pattern will reduce drag, helping the balls sail through the wind effortlessly.

The softer, thinner cover is a plus as we all expect more greenside control for chips and putts.


Are these golf balls tailored for low handicap players?

Yup, but make sure you maintain the driver swing speed somewhat over 90 mph.

Does the weather adversely impact the overall performance of the ball?

No way! The top-notch material of the balls may not surrender to the weather quickly.

Vice is famous for its affordability. Why is that?

It comes down to smart branding.

Vice sells online merely and focuses on the direct-to-consumer approach, limiting the cost of 3rd party retailers.

Which Vice balls go further?

The Pro Plus is the undisputed king in the battle of distance.

Remember, they were optimized for tremendous distance.

How is the spin rate compared to Pro V1?

I assume the Pro V1 and Pro Plus are comparable in this respect.

They offer every bit the same distance, and both are responsive off the clubface. I’m impressed!


We’re finally done with the Vice Pro Plus golf balls review tour! Feel the excitement yet?

To the delight of elite golfers, the balls provide both a firmer feel and extreme spin for tricky shots, coming with very few defects.

Whether you are seasoned players or novel comers, I am sure you have found your best bet among the selections in the review.

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