Top 10 Best Fairway Woods Ever

As you may know, golf is usually referred to as a “rich man’s sport.”

This luxury sport gets its name because it calls for a massive investment in accessories, clothing, and equipment.

And one of the key “weapons” for each golf battle – one that is as important as the tiny golf ball itself – is the golf club.

On the surface, golf clubs resemble one another because the differences between models are not palpable enough.

Yet, breaking down the techniques, design, materials, ease of use, and price, we have concluded that you can find completely different golf clubs that are fine-tuned to your requirements.

Everything you need to view is in this review.

The Best Fairway Woods Ever – Quick Comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
TaylorMade Golf M5 Rocket Fairway Wood5.0See latest price
PING G400 Fairway Wood (Right HAND-5WOOD-Senior Flex)5.0See latest price
Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Fairway Wood, 5 Wood, 18.0 Degrees, Right Hand, Stiff Flex5.0See latest price
Callaway Women's Steelhead XR Fairway Wood4.7See latest price
TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood4.8See latest price
Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Fairway Wood4.7See latest price
Cobra Men's 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood4.6See latest price
Callaway Men's Steelhead XR Fairway Wood4.6See latest price
Cleveland Golf Men's Launcher HB Fairway Wood4.5See latest price
Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Fairway Woods4.3See latest price


Detailed Product Reviews

TaylorMade M5 Rocket Fairway Wood-  Best Overall

See Latest Price

Hitting the pinnacle at “5-star ratings”, TaylorMade once again reasserted its status as a giant supplier of the best ever.

For the first time in the history of fairway production, we witnessed the introduction of a phenomenal Twist Face technology only found in M5 & M6 design.

It will pave the way to the delivery of greater mis-hits and more extraordinary shots.

What a blessing!

The fairway woods also features TaylorMade’s legendary speed pocket to give players optimal playability, improved off-center performance, and immaculate accuracy at lightning speed.

Its massive 65g adjustable weight is incorporated into the sole contour to enhance turf interaction.

Besides, we love the innovative head design, with a larger footprint and 5-layer carbon crown for easier launch and a lower center of gravity.

Plus, the perfect gravity position doesn’t come at the expense of a comfortable feel; therefore, you can get the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, there is one issue, and that is all about the relatively hefty price tag.

As a somewhat unskilled tyro, I might not want to gamble that much on an unfamiliar tool.

The same holds true for some novice players like me.



  • Unattractive price

Ping G400 Fairway – Best for forgiveness

See Latest Price

If you have less money to burn, yet still crave the exact advantages of the TaylorMade M5 Fairway wood, you can give Ping G400 a shot to see how it works.

We can foretell that there is no likelihood of a letdown.

One of the issues that have haunted me for years is how competent I was at getting the ball floating in the air.

But TaylorMade M5 impressed me as it is super forgiving!

A thinning of the crown is truly an upgrade.

It allows weight to be redistributed for lower CG and higher MOI.

Increasing total MOI means you will benefit from tighter dispersion and excellent playability while lowering CG position helps the ball launch higher and spin less.

Also, if you desire higher ball speeds and distances, the three wood options will get you covered.

Hawk-eyed scrutiny at the crown will tell that the Turbulators in this product protrude a little bit more, with a much rounder edge; hence it is more comfortable and compact. 

Then again, if you are looking for a bargain club, this might not be the best fit whatsoever.

Don’t get me wrong, the price is reasonable given that it is loaded with jaw-dropping features, but that does not change the fact that it is way out of what many can afford.



  • Relatively competitive price

Callaway 4A890512E300 Fairway – Best for ball speed

See Latest Price

Thanks to several incremental enhancements, the Callaway 4A890512E300 Fairway wood model has come third in this head-to-head battle.

And it makes a perfect match for those who want a boost in speed and distance.

Given the speed maximization, it offers to both newcomers and professional players alike, this Callaway club is a friend of every golfer at every level.

For mid handicappers, it impresses with the ground-breaking Flash Face technology, which promotes faster ball speed off the clubface.

On the other hand, elite golfers, it offers Jailbreak technology that helps stiffen the body of the shaft, allowing more impact on the face for increasing speed and exceptional accuracy.

This unique design is equally beneficial whether you are making an on-center or off-center hit.

Besides, the club is light, ideal for a long-carrying flight or shots off the deck.

Its “even bend” profile also allows for a more efficient shaft load transfer throughout the swing so that you can get a smooth trajectory at a gnarly distance.

However, there is no left-handed version available.

The current offerings on stock target right-handed players, but the brand should expand its range of target users if it wishes to break into the global market.



  • No left-handed version on offer.

Callaway B072QLRTF3 Fairway – Best for female golfers

See Latest Price

To all aspiring female golfers reading this review, this Callaway B072QLRTF3 Fairway woods houses a combination of prowess and beauty, to your heart’s content.

We give you our words that there will be no regret whatsoever once you make your investment.

Utilizing the elevated Steelhead XR fairway wood version, this Callaway product has improved the classic shape to create a more forgiving head that is super easy to launch.

The sole is refined to make it more playable so that even beginners hardly struggle at all when addressing the ball off the turf.

Let us read your thoughts!

For most of you out there, mishits used to be a big challenge particularly when you don’t pluck up adequate power to trigger a hit.

Now, you are more empowered to get it right since you have a hyper-speed face cup technique – designed to give ball speed a nudge across the entire face.

The clubhead itself is fast as well, thanks to the improved aerodynamics.

Better still, it is a forgiving club that will let you swing naturally.

This is because the lightweight carbon crown will save weight to be repositioned in crucial areas.

And the final result is a more comfortable launch with less spin and immense power.

However, you should carefully decide the right degree lofted before the purchase because its configuration starts from 3 wood, at 15 degrees to heaven wood at 20.5, which is a bit confusing unless you know how each angle works.

But in the buying guide, we gather a thorough construction regarding this matter.



  • Struggle to find your degree loft.

TaylorMade M6 N7302109 Fairway – Best for a non-adjustment option

See Latest Price

Are you a newbie to the game? Then, the TaylorMade M5 Fairway wood might be overkill.

That’s why we bring forward a well-balanced candidate from the same house, which is the TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood.

Its key technology is the Twist Face – a supportive feature when you are hitting off-center because it helps correct the face angle while limiting side spin and orienting your shots.

Its low-profile design with contrasting colors makes it easy to align as well.

Another point that adds to its self-worth is a 46-gram inertia generator, which holds lots of mass within the sole to boost the swing speed and give a lighter feel.

It seems that with a larger footprint compared to its M5 counterpart, the M6 allows players to get the ball airborne without swinging high and sluggishly into the wind.

TaylorMade M6 wood is a formidable contender except for the fact that it doesn’t allow players to fine-tune their game as much as its predecessor.

This is to blame on a lack of loft adjustability to customize the ball flight, which is a shame.



  • Lacking in loft adjustability.

Callaway Rogue B082N4LC37 Fairway – Best for smart design

See Latest Price

Let’s greet another alternative from Callaway – the Callaway Fairway Rogue.

It is commercially acclaimed for an all-encompassing, artificial intelligent design that is of tremendous assistance to its performance.

At first glance, there is no surprise to see the Jailbreak technology in this high-end product.

Keener eyes can see the two tiny titanium bars that show up between the crown and the sole to help connect them, thus reflecting more energy to the ball.

Another feature beyond impressive is the strong Trixable crown that helps with the weight lowering, which is lighter, more stable, resulting in higher launch and lower spin.

CG location in this product is ultra-low; therefore, it is ultra-easy to hit the spot from the turf at exceptional accuracy.

However, as many might expect the hollow, rather solid feeling, the sound generated at impact doesn’t sound very solid.

Indeed, reviewers say they like the look of the Rogue but get turned off by the sound.

But such a desirable combination of remarkable speech, launch, consistency, and forgiveness are deals worth a try.



  • The sound is unpleasant to the ears.

Cobra Men’s 2018 Fairway – Best for seniors

See Latest Price

Upon unboxing, glance your eyes through its body and you can see that at the back lies a little line that acts as an alignment aid.

With this aid in hand, it has become much easier to deliver straight shots off the tee.

Its glossy black finish with yellowish highlights gives the golf club a sleek, silky texture.

Delving deeper into the shape, and you can feel the face depth is a bit shallow, which is part of the makers’ intentions to support a higher launch.

What’s more, Cobra Men’s 2018 is an excellent option for those seniors seeking a golf club that guarantees a perfect and well-balanced mix of speed and forgiveness.

This Cobra Men’s selling point is all about its F-max airspeed incorporated into the offset design.

Apart from its devotion to giving players their swing speed back, this golf club is draw-biased, which means it can be a perfect match for those with moderate swing speeds. 

Such a forgiving club also has a remarkably compact footprint as well.

That’s why it is more suitable for senior players with more experience and greater skills.

Sadly, the Cobra fairway wood is not what experts recommend for those who want to hit a draw since this club offers pretty high degree loft while hitting a draw means you have to reduce the launch angle as well as your spin rate.



  • Not for experts

Callaway Men’s Steelhead XR Fairway  – Best for beginners

See Latest Price

It makes sense to say that this Callaway Steelhead XR is an upgraded model from the original Callaway.

What makes Callaway one of the best brands ever is down to its unique design and hawkeye sole.

And this new version of Steelhead XR is geared towards complete beginners.

For the sake of beginners, some notable and well-thought improvements have been made to the clubhead and the sole, with the consequences being that the head is more forgiving and easier to launch while the sole offers more versatility.

Altogether, The Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway wood is great to build beginners’ confidence.

Are you impressed yet? If not, continue to benefit from the energy-producing technology that will give more power on impact to propel the ball to a further distance.

Moreover, there is direct input from aerospace experts, so the head is faster.

To celebrate the final beginner-friendly feature, it is worth praising the variations in the degree of loft.

It starts at 15 degrees with 3 wood and spans all the way up to 20.5 degrees heaven woods.

However, we suppose not everyone is into a large driver’s head.

It is an oversized one, which means storage and transport might be more difficult.

Apart from this, an oversized head hopefully doesn’t obstruct playability.



  • Oversized driver head

Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway – Best for the money

See Latest Price

The Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway is a trial for its company’s new strategy in the promotion of fairway woods.

This time, the company notices the need to cut off unnecessary features to bring a more affordable, yet still functional golf club to benefit budget-mindful buyers.

Our first impression is that even when coming at a deal-friendly price, the product doesn’t sacrifice its built-in techniques. Its technology design is a hybrid of the next generation HiBore and new launcher cup-face.

Do you know what it means?

The launcher cup-face delivers a solid driver-like feel on every shot while the HiBore crown technology is tailored for an extra bit of playability and an easy-to-launch package.

This enhanced technology helps push the CG area low and deep to promote a higher launch with less sidespin.

The sole features a unique Flex-fin pattern for more flexing and higher ball speed.

On the flip side, this is an incredible club only if you are willing to trade affordability for a friendly price.

The product doesn’t revolve around customizations as it focuses on two configurations only, including the 15-degree option and the alternative 18-degree.



  • Lacking in adjustability

Pinemeadow PGX Fairway – Best for mid handicappers

See Latest Price

Even professional golf competitors have difficulty driving the ball in the air sometimes.

With that in mind, this Pinemeadow Fairway golf club will be your Mr. Right.

It is one of the best that specializes in promoting nice, straight, sky-high shots, which will ultimately benefit mid-handicappers.

Part of the reasons why this contender is more favored by mid handicappers is the unrivaled efficiency.

This is thanks to the offset hosel, making it ways easier to hit down and across the ball.

The increased offset will keep your clubface as square as possible, allowing you to hit the ball further and straighter.

It’s worth noting that because the clubhead is offset to retain a square-like shape, it comes at the cost of the aesthetic appeal.

However, the clubface design is rather weird and not pleasing to the common eyes because the product itself is initially made for practical purposes rather than for an aesthetic sense.

It comes with a shaft and a headcover to protect the club when it is stored or transported.



  • Unattractive design

Benefits of having good golf clubs for women

As the widespread rumor goes: women are no opponents to men in the game of golf; we would like to say in our ladies’ defense.

It is usually not just a matter of skills, techniques, or tactics that help one ace the golf match, but it is also a question of whether you are armed with proper equipment.

As a matter of fact, women have different body types and thus require different clubs to accompany them.

Do you believe that having a good golf club will increase the odds of winning?

If you say no, let us get you sold.

Without a doubt, women have less muscle strength and a pretty much lower swing speed than their men counterparts; hence, having the right equipment can make up for that compromise.

And in that case, for example, what women need is a golf club with larger and lighter club heads so that they can benefit from a larger contact area and an ultra-easy launch.

Also, the proper club length that is compatible with your length of arms and your body structure will undoubtedly help you exploit the swing power effectively and have complete control of your shots.

Moreover, since women’s hands are smaller, they cannot have a firm grip on a club that is too thick in diameter and substantially greater in length.

Thus, the best option should be one that can harmonize these two figures.

Buying guide

Before we dig into the details of this buying guide, a minute tip is that when browsing the market for the best fairway woods ever, know better to pick the latest models, not the older ones.

This is because modern products are incessantly improved as time passes; therefore, they are more trendy and functional.

Degree of loft

If you want quality shots when playing, then you should pay attention to the loft degree.

It simply means the impact angle you hit the ball to take it off the green field.

The loft degrees range from 1-wood to heaven wood, for your information.

Usually, you will often see 3 and 5.

And each of them would be beneficial in different situations.

For a 3-wood, you will have a 15-degree loft.

And a 5-wood will be around a 19-degree loft.

However, some brands claim to have extra built-in lofts that are known as High Launch models.

Now, here is how these numbers work.

A low loft would be your best friend if you want to drive the balls far.

Because the energy generated from that shot to your swing will make the ball go forward much faster and further.

However, you need to pay attention to the degree because if you hit the ball too low, it might travel faster but land on the ground much sooner.

And that would cost you distance in this game.

The secret here is, if you go with 3 kinds of wood, you might get the ball travel further.

While with the 5 kinds of wood, you might get the ball higher in the air.

We suggest you have a 5-wood in your golf bag since it will come in handy, especially on long par.

Last but not least, the highest loft angle will be a perfect option if you can manage a more powerful shot with a greater distance.


A shorter shaft is a better option to go for because it is lighter, and it helps gain more speed, power, and in turn, distance.

A longer one will be heavier, so you may have to bend slightly, which probably affects the ball flight.

Clubhead material

The two most common materials are steel and titanium.

A titanium head is, hands down, lighter, so it perfectly fits off-the-tee shots.

Steel, on the other hand, is more robust and more affordable.


What is the best 5 wood on the market?

The best 5 wood on the market is among the most potent clubs that can strike a balance between distance and forgiveness.

Therefore, it is hard to narrow down the selection, so here are the 3 high performers we suggest:

  • Cobra Speedzone Fairway Wood
  • TaylorMade SIM Tl Fairway Wood
  • Ping G410 LST Fairway Wood.

What is the top choice on the market?

The best-rated one for this title is TaylorMade M5. It comes at a pretty high price tag, but the exquisite performance it offers justifies the price.

It is built with four principles in mind: forgiveness, superior feel, great distance, and accurate launch.

Besides, we should acknowledge the Twist Face technology, which promotes easier mishits while its lower CG position helps with shots off the deck.

Are hybrids easier to hit than fairway woods?

Hybrids are generally easier to hit.

This forgiveness is thanks to the construction features.

Hybrids have a thick clubhead, with the CG position hitting lower and deeper;

therefore, they are more skillful at delivering mis-hits or getting the ball airborne.

What is the best club for high handicappers?

The best overall for a high handicapper is the TaylorMade M4 fairway wood.

It is a 3 wood that is perfectly shaped to support long high-flying shots.

The sound in this product is well-known in that it is said to resemble a satisfying crack, with perfect consistency across the face.

And more importantly, it doesn’t have adjustability options, which are considered unnecessary for high handicappers.

Should I buy a fairway wood or hybrid?

It indeed depends on the purposes.

You can play either off the tee or from the fairway with a fairway wood because it gives the highest loft angle in your bag.

Also, fairway wood is better to buy if you are playing against the wind.

On the other hand, a hybrid has a longer carry, so it is ideal for shorter holes and shots where the focus is on the target spot, not distance.

Should I carry 3 wood or 5 wood?

Whenever you want to get the ball airborne, there is no better option than a 5 wood because it has a more substantial loft.

With a 3 wood, you can direct the ball in the right spot.

However, playing with the 3 wood requires a mastery of skills, so it all boils down to regular practice.

How do I choose one?

To choose the right fairway wood, you have to ask yourself more than a few questions.

What do you need it for?

Do you value distance or placement? Are you looking for a club to hit par fives in two?

The features to consider are already included in the buying guide.

But one thing to remember is that you have to choose one that fits your body size, your arm length, etc.

What fairway wood is the easiest to hit?

Having the most forgiving fairway wood can boost a player’s confidence dramatically.

And the highly recommended one is Ping G400, which has a higher MOI and lower CG position for an easier launch and a difficult-to-get combination of high shot and less spin.

Which is better: 5 wood or hybrid?

A hybrid is better at driving the ball up in the air while a 5 wood is usually preferred off the tee.

Who makes the best fairway woods in golf?

In the community of golf club manufacturers, there are lots of household names that successfully conquered users’ support by delivering the best looking, best feeling, and best pricing fairway woods.

Let’s have a look at them.

  • TaylorMade SIM
  • Callaway
  • Titleist
  • PING
  • Cobra

Is the SIM brand a good choice?

Yes, it is a good choice, And you can try it on your own.


To those who are still novices striving to put their name on the golf map, you can’t go wrong with the best woods ever.

Unlike a driver, the best value of fairway wood features a more intelligent design, with more advancements in techniques and less sidespin.

Thus, it is easier to hit off the turf. We also love the shallower face height, which makes it possible to maximize the flight distance.

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