TaylorMade Tour Burner Irons Review

Keep reading on the series of tour iron reviews, today; we want to introduce you to the famous TaylorMade Tour Burner Iron set.

Its popularity is an excellent and attractive design that is supposed to be reliable and forgiving.

However, apart from the right side, this golf tool still has room for improvement.

Slide down right now and get to know them more!

TaylorMade Tour Burner Iron Golf Set

Product highlights

  • Super Fast technology
  • Improved MOI, COR, and forgiveness
  • Fantastic distance with little effort
  • An affordable set of club iron

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  • An affordable set of club iron
  • Decent curves and finish overall
  • Fantastic distance with little effort
  • Great Improved MOI, COR, and forgiveness
  • Many effective technologies included
  • Suitable for senior and slower-swing players


  • A bit bulky head compared to other irons
  • Not extremely forgiveness

Design and Technology TaylorMade Tour Burner Irons Reviews

TaylorMade adds Tour Burner Irons | GolfMagic

Let’s start discussing the Tour Burner Irons Flighted Handel model by looking into its design and selling-point technologies.

At a glance, this iron features a blend of decent curves, lines, trailing edges, sinister finish.

Besides, there is a wide sole-geometry hosel and thin face shift from the clubhead to the sole bottom – the very head that is expanded in the perimeter to improve the MOI and forgiveness.

The sole’s width is also increased to lower the CG back away from the face.

However, this makes the product bulkier and less attractive than the sleek irons these days.

As such, new players and handicap might feel uncomfortable handling the address.

About the technology, this iron is made with advanced SuperFast.

It means this particular golf club is relatively light overall, mostly thanks to the light and long shaft.

As a result, the drive-crushing power is improved, and its swing speed is much faster.

Along with that, the Inverted Cone Technology is adopted, in which there is an inverted cone on the face’s back.

Thus, you can be feel more confident in the sweet spot and in drawing the ball.

Simply, the performance is impressively consistent.

Features & Benefits Review Of TaylorMade Tour Irons Club

Now, we will move on to the detailed specifications:

Set Makeup 4-PW GW
Shaft Flighted 6.0 Steel Shaft
Shaft Flex Stiff
Overall Length Rifle 38.5 inches
Club Face 22-mm thin and fast club
Sole Width Multi-functional r7 sole
Recommended Right-handed golfers

The TaylorMade Tour Burner Iron Set features a long-flighted and stiff steel shaft, from which players can take more control over the ball flight.

The specific benefits are to reduce the overall weight while increasing speed and distance.

Interesting enough, this set is a 4-PW GW, meaning it includes everything between a PW and 4 Iron, and a gap wedge of 4 to 9 irons.

Such flexibility helps reduce the yardage gaps in the set so that you can expect a full swing all the time.

The face is ultra-thin, along with the beveled-edge sole, and a moderate contoured offset will benefit you in terms of high COR and effective MOI.

Again, you cannot go wrong with this golf set in ball speed and distance.

Performance Of TaylorMade Tour Burner Iron Set

TaylorMade Used Men's Right Handed Tour Burner Iron Set 5-AW w/Stiff Flex Steel Shaft | Golf Clubs

Once you try the Tour Burner, you know why it is among the most played irons on tour.

Although the head feel a bit heavy in your hand, the overall weight is still fairly acceptable, and you will soon be familiar with it.

You are hitting the balls relatively easy, given the fact that the large clubface sometimes gets airborne.

Now coming to the fact that it uses many advanced technologies, as above, to improve the forgiveness and distance, it is not too forgiving – we have to confirm.

All in all, this exceptional golf tool is suitable for senior players or slower swingers to try out because of its great distance and its ease of hit.

Value for Money Owned

Compared to other tour irons, in general, and some others by TaylorMade, the Tour Burner Flighted Handel set is a much cheaper rating.

This might be because the set was introduced over ten years ago, and its appearance seems to be less sleek and attractive.

It also lacks new technologies of TaylorMade – the ECHO Damping or Speed Bridge, for example.

However, regardless of its price, this iron is still flexible at a distance and gives off the sound at impact.

Worth purchasing, overall.

Worthy Alternatives

Wilson Golf-Staff D200 Combo

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That the Wilson Staff D200 golf club model is also long and forgiving makes it an alternative to the Tour Burner.

Excitingly enough, the D200 is even more budget-friendly.

Although the D200 looks similar to the traditional irons like the Tour Burner, it features a thick sole and topline and a lot of offsets.

For that reason, forgiveness and distance of the set are improved.

Nonetheless, iron is not easy to use.

Major champions will find the weight and overall parts of Wilson D200 is exciting to use, but some new and intermediate players will need help and practice to get on well with it.

Callaway X HOT Iron Set

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If you plan to go professional and the price of iron is not that big of a concern, then you might be happy to try out the Callaway X HOT Iron Set model.

This model set is rock-solid in construction combined with the latest achievements in the golf-club design and materials, say the Hyperbolic Face and VFT, etc.

Thus, this iron creates a better sweet spot, while it improves the ball speeds over a long and consistent distance.


What are the differences between regular clubs and tour clubs?

Regular irons are often for average duffers who want to play frequently but do not devote enough time to practice.

As a result, those standard irons often have a large sweet spot to transfer the balls faster and further toward the target. In short, they are more forgiving.

Whereas, tour irons are often smaller overall and in the sweet spot.

They also have a thinner topline and less offset.

With the tour versions, you need to practice more to hit on the sweet spot.

Is TaylorMade golfs good?

The answer is definitely a big “Yes!”

The company is leading in the industry who has decades of experience in golf clubs and accessories.

Thus, they know exactly what players desire and will hardly let you down.

What does the 4-PW GW mean?

As we mentioned about this specification, the TaylorMade Tour Burner works well as a 4 Iron, a PW, and a Gap Wedge one.

What kind of shaft will I get?

You will have a Flighted 6.0 steel shaft, coming with a Stiff flex.

Such a shaft is supposed to improve forgiveness and distance.

How to improve the forgiveness of this iron?

The great forgiveness of the Tour Burner is improved, yet just reasonably rather than excellently.

To improve forgiveness, you had better go for a set above your station or simply practiced to play better.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, TaylorMade Tour Burner Iron Set 4-PW GW Rifle Flighted 6.0 Steel Stiff Right Handed 38.5in is well-worth trying out in case that you are a tour player.

This set is out of the question to be exceptionally long, affordable, and easy to use.

Thus, you cannot go wrong if you want to add length to the golf games

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