Taylormade Sim Max OS Irons Review

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TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons, Graphite Shaft

Product highlights:

  • Revolutionary Speed Bridge technology
  • ECHO Damping system
  • Increased distance and forgiveness
  • Forgiving shape design
  • Low center of gravity

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Pros & cons


  • Much higher ball light
  • High precision in each swing
  • Quiet club
  • Effortless coming off the clubface
  • Easier to hit
  • Be able to get up to 105 mph
  • Super forgiving on mis-hits
  • Excellent head sound


  • Bad-looking cutting corners on the finish
  • Easy-to-scratch Chrome finish
  • A little expensive


Taylormade Sim Max OS Irons Detailed Review

Design and Technology

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It is no coincidence that many golfers accept to pay a large budget to invest the irons from Taylormade, particularly, these irons we’re talking about today.

They especially attract others because of the thin look but full strength.

The 1.5mm face is ultra-thin. In comparison with the previous class, it is 8% thinner.

Plus, there is a support of Progressive Inverted Cone Technology, making speedy ball flights.

With this technology, these irons positioned towards golfers’ toe, generating a draw bias and getting rid of the popular right miss when using the longer irons.

Moving to the iron head, its shaped design offers a unique combination of playability, distance, and forgiveness.

Additionally, the roomy sole geometry and sizable face area is a plus for stability and interaction.

Besides the features mentioned above, 360-degree undercut and quite light fluted hosel contribute low CG (Center of Gravity) in the penetrating and high flights of the ball.


TaylorMade SIM and SIM OS Irons | MyGolfSpy

Equipped with the innovative Speed Bridge technology, these irons get the strategical support at the topline, helping to lock the distance, enhance forgiveness as well as improve the sound and feel.

Yes, it is one of the golfing tools having its own sound engineer.

It can produce better sound than many other irons at the same price range.

In particular, featuring the ECHO Damping System, when hitting, you can hear the sound like forged.

According to golfers’ feedback, they can create higher ball flights when holding these irons in hands.

This nice result is due to the low-center gravity that Taylormade built up for these irons.

Despite being heavier than the short irons and requiring more control, these longer ones from Taylormade allow you to perform shots more efficiently.

Even your hits become more precise.


TaylorMade Golf's new SIM Max and SIM Max OS irons look make ...

We do not talk about the superior forgiveness that this Max OS set brings in the Performance above as we want to share with you this in greater detail.

In golf, when mentioning “forgiveness”, it means that the design and construction in golfing irons help players minimize poor ball contact as well as bad swing.

And they made well this.

The first is the thin face, coming with Speed Bridge technology supporting the topline, giving you plenty of forgiveness and ball speed.

Plus, Speed Pocket technology contributes to add flexibility to the iron face.

Ensure that you can perform the great hit without going wrong on low face strikes.

Not only that, across the whole face, but the oversized shape of the Taylormade irons is also advantageous so that you can achieve the large, sweet spot with a lot of forgiveness.

It is no exaggeration to say that these clubs are designed for forgiveness.

How Do They Compare?

Vs. Taylormade Sim Max Irons

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Designed with the thinner face and equipped with the same technology, both are the ideal selections for forgiveness.

Nonetheless, the construction of the heel and toe of the Sim Max is one millimeter shorter.

Even the sole is also 3 millimeters narrower.

Most importantly, what do you like? And which is fitting you?

Because the difference is not much.

Vs. Callaway Rogue irons

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If this Max OS is the top selection of those golfers seeking forgiveness-across-face irons, the Callaway Rogue irons are superb for golfing beginners.

The difference between both is clear.

The one from Taylormade is featured with many technologies compared to the Rouge.

The design of the irons is to enhance forgiveness more while the Callaway ones are more simple.

Taylormade R7 Irons

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Although the R7 irons are the same brand, they have large differences, from the construction, features, technologies, and price.

The Max OS  takes great pride in being the latest iron line, added the optimal features.

For the R7 irons, they are designed for starting and improving the golfing skills of novices.

It has to consider which object you are.


What does OS mean in golf clubs?

In gold clubs, the appearance of OS in the product name means that this unit is oversize or offset.

Are TaylorMade Sim Max and Sim Max OS different?

Either has a low-center construction.

The purpose is to supply plenty of speed and high launch.

Nevertheless, the Sim Max is not as low center of gravity; it is less forgiveness.

How much is the TaylorMade SIM driver?

For the Sim, their retail price is over $500.

A little cheaper is SIM MAX D and SIM MAX retailed at about $499. Depending

What driver does Rory Mcilroy use?

As fas as we know, McIlroy has used the SIM fairway woods like the new SIM driver to replace his old driver, TaylorMade M5/M6.

Even the P-750 long irons are utilized all the time in 2019, replaced by the  P-760 long irons.

Should I buy it?

If you are a golfer searching for irons with lots of forgiveness, you definitely should consider buying.

But, the high cost is also disadvantageous for those who do not have a large budget.

Choosing to buy these irons requires you to be an experienced golfing player and have the ability to pay.

A Final Thought

Considering the features, design, and quality, the Sim Max OS can make you satisfied

Your task is to reconsider the demand and budget.

We repeat that it is pretty expensive.

Will you invest in these irons?

Let’s tell us about your decision!

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