TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver Review

It is safe to say the Taylormade Men’s RBZ features both excellent design and performance.

These drivers, we are pretty sure, will not let you down at any point.

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly but still high-performing and well-built driver, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Here we are going to share more insights to give you a complete TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver review.

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TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver, Black

Product highlights:

  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Large 460cc Titanium head
  • The Ultralite titanium core technology
  • Maximum distance and smooth feel

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Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Feature elegant black satin finish
  • Free included headcover
  • Comfortable standard-sized grip
  • Easy trajectory control
  • Higher launch and low spin


  • Headcover material looks cheap with a bad fit
  • The sweet spot could be bigger
  • Minimal alignment

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Design and Technology TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver Review

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Regarding the appearance of the Taylormade Men’s RBZ Black, we would say these drivers come with a beautiful design, which will enhance your image when playing with them.

It stands out with a cool black satin finish, alongside well-designed and clean understated graphics.

Especially, there are white lines in the graphics that feature an accent of a classy tear-drop shape.

Not only does this driver’s design indicate the sweet spot in the middle of your club, but it also gives you more confidence to see the balls fly straight and high.

Plus, this product comes with various base lofts, which are available in different degrees, including 12, 10.5, and 9.

Regarding its technology, the Taylormade RBZ Black for men comes with an adjustable loft construction on RBZ.

This is an excellent inclusion to these drivers as it enables you to gain more control over your shot height.

In windy situations, you could keep the drivers under the wind over the trees for better drives by lowing the loft on the clubface via the loft sleeves.

Lastly, there is a speed pocket that is directly put behind the clubface center, which offers more directed power to the ball.

Plus, this feature could help you to produce more swing speed for improved distance through an accelerated velocity of the clubhead.

On top of that, the speed pocket technology could offer you a lower spin after impact as well.

Thanks to that, you could get straighter shots.

Features & Benefits TaylorMade Drivers Reviews

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver Review - Lasergolfrangefinder.com

460cc Head

This driver comes with the biggest steel regal club head. It is also an excellent choice for tournaments.

Many handicap golfers prefer it as it could create a big clubface.

Also, it delivers more forgiveness when you’re making the hits off-center.

Again, the big size helps produce a more powerful shot.

The big titanium-made Head offers you an optimal ability to play as well as more confidence.

UltraLite Titanium Core

The drivers come to improve with a titanium core that could move the middle of gravity further and deeper back in the Head of the driver for higher launch at impact.

With the support of the titanium core in directing more power to the ball for higher ball speed off the face and further distance, the driver could provide energy from the tee.

Loft Sleeve

The Taylormade rbz driver comes with adjustable loft sleeves, which make it more customized.

Plus, they enable you to customize your launch, not to mention, your trajectory as well.

You might not know this, but getting a preferable trajectory could allow you to control the golf spins better as well as hit the balls more accurately.

Moreover, the loft sleeve could allow you to adjust your drive height, which will assist you a lot in windy situations when you need to hit lower shots.

Speed Pocket

What makes the Taylormade RBZ Black Driver different from other models is that it feels sturdy throughout the impact.

We are pretty sure that you will feel how good and stable it feels in your hands when you grip this driver first during the swing.

It is safe to say the RBZ’s speed pocket is the key reason why we liked this product so much.

When you use this club, you will be impressed with its exceptional response after impact, which makes you never want to leave the practice area.


The Taylormade RBZ  Black driver comes with a shaft dubbed the Matrix White Tie. It is made of unique graphite technology.

And you know, this material will offer you a proper flex when swinging.

Some players are afraid of dialing up the swing to a maximum level as they are uncertain about whether the driver is up to the task.

That said, with the RBZ’s shaft, we are pretty sure that it is able to bring energy on the swing after swing.

Also, it will help you a lot in choosing between regular, stiff flex, and senior options.


With this driver, you will not need to spend on purchasing a headcover.

A free headcover is included with this driver already.

Build Quality & Durability Specs

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As review above, this driver comes with a titanium head powered technology by the patented speed pocket tech.

Thanks to this aspect of quality, the driver could utilize each bit of clubhead; thereby, providing energy to the ball on the drive after drive.

More notably, you will notice how the Head is stable and how sturdily built the club is.

On several drivers, the clubhead will not feel a part of the club; it works merely independently.

That said, the Taylormade Men’s RBZ driver is not this case.

With its titanium material, the durability of this driver is also enhanced so that golfer could use this driver for a longer time in comparison to other models in the same segment.


So now you got everything you need to know about the Taylormade RBZ Black Driver.

With its great features and design, you could really rest assured about it.

But in case you want to compare this option with other models available, we have compiled a shortlist of three alternatives you could consider as follows.

#1. Cleveland Launcher HB Driver

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This driver is one of the brand’s most well-built products that could help every golfer of every level to discover more accuracy and distance.



  • None of the adjustable features

#2. Cobra King F8 Driver

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This is a well-designed driver from the King Cobra lineup, which could provide excellent performance from the tee box.

The driver comes with two adjustable features, which are loft sleeve and weighting,

that could change shots with better control from the players.



  • Tricky forgiveness if players do not have correct settings on the driver

#3. PGX Offset Golf Driver Club

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This driver is an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their slice for more proper shots.

The highlight of this driver is that it features a big sweet spot that offers you much great forgiveness on the swings.


  • Good bang for your buck
  • Great design
  • Lightweight club
  • Big sweet spot
  • Anti-slice offset technology


  • Less distance
  • Shorter shaft


What level of golfers does the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver benefit the most?

This driver will be beneficial to mid to high handicappers most.

With an adjustable loft sleeve, golfers could decrease or increase the driver’s launch angle.

This will give them better control over the drive height.

What should I get a driver with adjustable features?

You might not know this, but adjustable features will provide you better control than others that do not have.

Adjustable drivers could offer a stepping stone to improving accuracy and increasing distance.

Why does the Taylormade RBZ driver’s speed pocket enhance low spin and high launch?

The speed pocket of this driver could help to bring energy to the golf ball at impact.

Also, the pocket is set to allow the RBZ to transfer the optimal velocity to the ball with no increasing spin for further distance.

Plus, the pocket lowers spin via stability.

It offers a sturdy foundation for hitting the ball without imparting the side spin upon the ball.

You know, every golfer needs to avoid side spin as that will create instability in the flight of the ball from the clubface,

which makes it more vulnerable to external conditions such as wind.

Does it come with an adjustment tool?

Well, we would say Yes. It does have an adjustment tool and headcover as well.

What is the warranty on this driver?

The brand Taylormade provides a 2-year warranty for this driver.


That is all we want to share with you on our Taylormade RBZ Black Driver reviews today.

In a nutshell, this driver boasts an excellent design with a black satin finish with great understated graphics, along with an outstanding performance in proving further distance and better control for golfers.

Wish you have a good choice for your best golf

Thank you for reading!

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