TaylorMade MC Irons Review

Irons Set is one of the indispensable parts of golfers’ bags.

One of the preferable irons brands is no other than TaylorMade.

This brand’s products have always affirmed their quality, proven by the long-standing reputation and the love of users.

As soon as they unveiled their Tour Preferred Series, it had been a craze among golf lovers.

All three line-ups in the series stand out for excellent performance, while each line is appropriate for a certain level.

Today, let us give you a closer look at the middle line in the series.

Here comes a full TaylorMade MC Irons review.

Best known for the Speed Pocket features, the MC irons promises to satisfy players with high-tech advances.

Let’s see what else it has to offer our players!

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Individual #3 Iron

“This golf club is perfect for highly skilled performances yet still forgiving for unwanted hits.”

Product highlights:

  • Precision-engineered cavity design
  • Accuracy and consistency
  • More consistent ball speed
  • More spin and control

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  • The lower flight on the long irons
  • Smaller sweet spot
  • Combine forged and cast irons in a set


Key Features

Speed Pocket technology

The 3-7 irons of the MC series incorporate Speed Pocket technology.

What is the Speed Pocket? You ask. Well, it’s the slot that runs behind the club-face.

The Speed Pocket allows the face to flex more and rebounds faster.

Thus, it increases your ball speed and launching angle, making the ball go further.

This high-tech feature helps get your ball to your target on miss-hits.

It gives you faster ball speed across the entire face and higher launch,

promoting more distance and a quick stopping descent angle.

That’s why once you experience the power of the speed pocket, you’ll never play an iron without one again.

Forged short clubs

While 3-7 irons are cast from stainless steel, 8-9 irons and the pitching wedge are forged from 1025 carbon steel.

Most of the time, forged clubs often give a great feel.

Indeed, MC Irons win player’s hearts for the satisfying feeling without the loss of forgiveness, unlike other forged clubs.

Sure, we’ll get into this later.

Advanced groove design

The principal intention of grooves on club-faces is to give the ball a spin.

Technically, they also remove water and unwanted material from the club-face.

MC Irons’ innovative groove structure facilitates more spin and motion from the rough.

Precision-engineered cavity

Each curve, line, and angular shape is measured throughout the manufacturing process for unprecedented accuracy and consistency.

The accurate construction of the cavity makes a combo of feel, workability, and stability.

As MC stands for “muscle cavity”, it’s an outstanding feature to enhance MOI (Moment Of Inertia).

To put simple, MOI is an indicator as to how forgiving a golf club could be.

If MOI is high, the club is more stable and more resistant to twisted ball flights.

Since the MC targets highly-skilled apprentices to professionals, it corporates a moderate degree of forgiveness.

In-depth TaylorMade MC Irons review


The MC series aims to offer stiff irons for players advancing to the standard of expertise.

On the one hand, it delivers powerful performances on centered hits.

On the other hand, it adds forgiveness to more reduced strikes.

In short, it isn’t what an expert would use but a great help to upgrade a player’s level.

Also, Speed Pocket enhances distance by improving ball speed and consistency across club-faces.

With that, it may require some practice to get familiar with distance gains.

But it’s nothing to worry about.

You can certainly pull it off with a few weeks of training.


Forgiveness is probably the most remarkable plus of this club.

Most often, forged clubs tend to be unforgiving.

Therefore, average players may struggle to handle this type of club.

However, thanks to the Speed Pocket and muscle cavity, the manufacturer managed to add forgiveness to the MC Irons.

And then, we have what they call a perfect “blend of feel, workability, and stability.”

Look and Feel

In terms of beauty, the MC Irons most certainly occupy the No.1 spot out of the 3 Tour Preferred line-ups.

What makes the MC Irons so visually appealing?

MC Iron’s latest edition has a sleek and artsy vibe.

There has been significant improvement in designs for more attractiveness.

It’s because the 5 -Step net forging technique and cutting-edge design build up a polished head.

Also, the sharp lines establish an elegant look, plus a professional impression.

When we come down to the feel that MC Irons bring to players, there’s little to complain.

Indeed, the feel of the club can’t even satisfy fastidious players.

The stock shaft is True Temper Dynamic Gold, built for professional tours.

This shaft empowers maximum control and precision for the game.

Meanwhile, MC’s Grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58R, genuinely comfortable.

How does it compare to others?

TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB

Unlike the MC – a mixed set of forged and cast irons, the MB is an all-forged iron set.

For that reason, it doesn’t have the Speed Pocket Technology.

If you’re looking for something more challenging than the MC, get an MB for more enormous potentials.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB

The CB irons see the meeting of forged club-face and cast cavity.

Therefore, you’ll experience great feel in extra to high stability and forgiveness.

You’ll find the CB line even more forgiving than the MC, as they’re designed for intermediate amateurs.

Ping I20 Iron

The Ping I20 are all cast irons.

Thus they offer great feel at impact, but the feedback isn’t so great as forged irons.

Mizuno MP 54

Mizuno has also been playing big in the market, delivering quality player’s clubs.

Its MP-54 goes by the slogan: “Step up your shot-making”.

Indeed, double-digits handicap players would appreciate Mizuno MP 54’s forgiveness.

It works perfectly for new players to upgrade their level.


Are MC Irons cast or forged irons?

Both. In the MC set, 3-7 irons are forged irons, while 8-9 irons and the PW are cast.

Are they suitable for beginners?

As mentioned above, the MC Irons targets highly-skilled players looking to a professional level.

Though they’re pretty forgiving, it requires some training to get used to the performance.

What are the dimensions of TaylorMade MC Irons?

Club 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW
Length 39.25’’ 38.75’’ 38.25’’ 37.75’’ 37.25’’ 36.75’’ 36.25’’ 35.75’’ 35.5’’
Swing weight D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2
Offset 4.2mm 3.9mm 3.6mm 3.3mm 3.0mm 2.7mm 2.4mm 2.1mm 1.8mm

Do they come with a left-handed version?

Yes. All three series in the Tour Preferred line come with both versions for right-handed and left-handed players.

Custom options are also available.

What is the loft of TaylorMade MC irons?

Club 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW
Loft 17 20 23 26 30 34 38 42 47

In conclusion,

The MC series is the midpoint of the Tour Preferred product line.

While the MB is for skilled players and CB is for newbies, the MC is ideal for average golfers aiming to be pro.

This golf club is perfect for highly skilled performances yet still forgiving for unwanted hits.

The ingenious combination of forged and cast clubs results in a blend of balance, performance, and ease at use.

Accordingly, TaylorMade MC Irons will be a great help for you to raise your level to a professional tour.

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