TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood Review

Have you ever heard about the Taylormade M6 fairway wood?

This club is one of the first two products (M5) in Taylormade’s series that use TwistFace Technology.

With the help of this wood, you will be able to hit the ball straight with high precision.

Before you decide to buy this club, we want you to have a quick look at the key features, thereby knowing whether the product is suitable for you or not.

Sounds good? Alright! Let’s get started!

TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

Product Highlights:

  • TwistFace technology for sidespin reduction
  • CG optimizing while maintaining MOI
  • Multi-material construction
  • Increase distance and improve accuracy
  • Simple align

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Pros & Cons Review

The M6 fairway wood has many advantages compared to normal clubs in today’s market.

However, there are also several points about that the company should improve.

In this section, we will summarize all of its pros and cons.


  • Straighter support
  • Providing more accurate strikes
  • High forgiveness
  • TwistFace technology for sidespin reduction
  • CG optimizing while maintaining MOI
  • Simple align
  • Multi-material construction


  • No loft adjustment for fine-tuning the flight of the golf ball
  • More for right-handed golfers’ support.

Key Features TaylorMade M6 Fairway Reviews

There are three key features that make this TaylorMade fairway model an efficient fairway wood.


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You surely have guessed the first main feature of this wood, right? It is the Twist Face technology! 

The Twist Face technology allows the wood to correct the face angle on every one of your off-center shots.

It is specially made for decreasing spins on sides in order to make the golf ball fly straight.

Multi-Material Construction

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Besides the technology, multi-material construction is also an important key feature of the M6.

The deep face and big carbon crown of the fairway can deliver the ball over a high distance.

So if you want the ball to fly far, the M6 is definitely a great choice.

While testing, we notice that the discretionary mass of the club focuses most on the low area of the head.

This design will work to optimize the COG (Center of Gravity) for your hits.

At the same time, the MOI (Moment of Inertia) is still maintained.

TPU slot insert

The manufacturer has designed to add a TPU slot insert into the wood.

Because this insert is very flush with the face of the driver, the sole interaction will be increased strongly.

As a result, you can avoid drags from the turf while hitting the ball.

Build Quality & Durability TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood

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All clubs in the series are popular due to their high build quality and long-lasting ability.

Of course, the M6 is not an exception.

Most parts of the fairway wood are constructed of graphite. That’s why this fairway is extremely solid and sturdy.

The mass is not divided evenly but focuses on most specific areas such as the low head, the shaft, the face, etc.

As you know, the aim of this design is that the product can support greatly in launching the ball over a high distance.

Strong graphite means high durability. Since the product arrives, you will have a fairway that serves you for a long period of time.

No matter how much you swing, how strong you hit the ball, this fairway is always able to keep its solid form!

When it comes to solid graphite as the main material, you think right away about heavy-duty wood, don’t you?

If yes, you are so wrong! In fact, this club is quite light and compact.

The dimension of the club is about 48 x 5 x 5 inches and the weight is just 3 pounds!

This makes the club ideal for people with weak hands.

Look And Feel

Not only the performance but the look and feel that the M6 model offers also leave a big impression on us.

We can say that the fairway club is a combination of 4 colors which are white, grey, red, and black.

The colors are not too bright but enough to make the club look attractive on the golf field.

Plus, the low-profile style along with the TPU insert that sits flush to the turf gives you permission to align easier.

In other words, there will be fewer mishits and more accurate shots.

Many precise strikes mean consistent shots.

After plenty of good hits, you will then be able to feel the sound, the force, and the flight of the golf ball.

As a result, more and more accurate hits will be made!

How Does TaylorMade M6 Compare To Others?

The TaylorMade M6 is totally an efficient wood that every golfer dreams to have!

What makes this different from the other club models?

Find out here!

#1: TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood

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The M4 does not have Twist Face technology as the M6 does.

Also, the sole of the M4 is shaped for added playability, instead of designed to sit flush to the turf as the TPU insert.

Both M4 and M6 are for players who prefer high forgiving.

However, the M6 can support golfers in launching the ball higher and at a faster speed.

#2: TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood

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Both M5 and M6 have Twist Face technology for the straighter and higher ball.

The only different thing is that the M5 can be adjusted for many styles of swing.

If you are beginners who want to try many swings, the M5 is our recommendation.

Otherwise, since you have your own swing style, we advise you to get the M6 for the most support.

#3: Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash

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While the M6 with the help of Twist Face can work for the straighter and higher ball, the Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash is more suitable for making the faster ball.

As you see, the Epic Flash model is designed with Flash Face.

This adds more force to the driver of the wood to push the golf ball at maximum speed.

#4: Callaway Men’s Rogue Fairway Wood

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Thanks to the Boeing Aero technology, the Callaway Men’s Rogue Fairway Wood can support pushing the ball so that it can fly at a maximum speed.

Unfortunately, this product is not so forgiving as the M6 model.

The reason is quite understandable as the M6 has a large carbon crown instead of the normal triaxial carbon one of the Rogue.


#1: How different are M6 and New M6 D-type fairway woods?

The M6 and the M6 D-type ones are quite identical in appearance.

However, the D-type can work more for offset at address than the original M6 can do.

#2: What does D-type M6 mean?

The D-type M6 is a special version of M6 fairway wood that supports you more in launching the ball.

The driver is designed to help golfers strike the golf ball further off the tee than they normally do.

#3: Should you get the M5 or M6?

Both M5 and M6 fairway woods are good to use.

Of course, each type has its own specialty to serve different purposes.

If you often change your swing style, we recommend the M5.

Otherwise, if you have chosen your best swing and require a wood that has high forgiveness and workability, the M6 is definitely for you.

#4: Which is more forgiving M5 or M6?

After testing two products, we notice that the M6 is more forgiving than the M5.

On the other hand, the M5 is more adjustable than the M6.

That’s why the M5 is suitable for golfers who often change swing styles.

And the M6 is made for people who like making powerful shots.

#5: Is the M6 better than M4?

If what you care about a fairway woods is how fast and strong it helps you hit the ball, then the M6 is surely better than the M4.

On an average count, we find out that the M6 helps you swing about 1.6 MPH faster than the M4 does.

Also, the M6 supports you in launching the golf ball higher and further.

Conclusion TaylorMade

Honestly, the Taylormade M6 fairway wood is one of the top clubs for high forgiving, strong ball launching, and making the ball fly straight.

If the features of this M6 model are what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to buy it!

The Twist Face, TPU slot insert combined with multi-materials will work together to support your play at best!

And that’s all of our articles! Many thanks for reading our reviews!

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