TaylorMade Kalea Ladies Golf Set Review: Should You Buy It?

Users for its ultra light-weight construction have highly regarded the complete golf set from TaylorMade.

To be more specific, by adopting the newest manufacturing method, every component of the club set has been utilized to bring about the ultimate portability and compactness.

Now, let’s dive into this TaylorMade Kalea review to see if this golf set is a money-worthy deal or not.

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Set

Product highlights:

  • Ultra Lightweight Construction
  • Speed pocket for flexibility
  • Optimized Full Set Gapping
  • Premium Spider Putter
  • Japan Spec Ladies Shafts

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  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Optimized full set gapping
  • Speed pocket for flexibility
  • Premium spider putter
  • Delicate design
  • Adopting new technology


  • Quite high-priced
  • The driver is not flexible

Design & Technology

#1 – Design

TaylorMade Golf – Refreshed Kalea product line, engineered specifically for women - MyGolfWay - Plataforma Online del Sector del Golf - Online Platform of Golf Industry

In terms of design, this club set is available in three color options, which are all neutral and perfect for both juniors and ladies.

You can choose among Gray/Green, Charcoal/Blue, and Black/Violet based on your reference.

Another thing to keep in mind, the color refers to the bag and headcover design rather than the clubs itself.

Knowing this will eliminate some confusion for purchasers, for some might think the club set will have the same color as the cover bag.

#2 – Technology

TaylorMade Women's 2019 Kalea Complete Set – Essex Golf & Sportswear

Secondly, let’s talk about the technology application of this product.

It has combined some of the most up-to-date technologies, focusing on aerodynamics, compactness, shaft designs to enhance the overall performance.

Allow us to go into more detail.

Aerodynamics-focused designs are efficiently applied to the making of the club driver, allowing less wind resistance and more speed.

These golf materials are also much sturdier, with the overall weight of about 50 grams lighter than the older models.

That, along with the sole slotted technology in the hybrids, promises to deliver ultimate flexibility when in use and toughness against impact.

Even if the player’s swing is imperfect, the slots will modify the move to improve the speed and lengthen the distance.

Features & Benefits

TaylorMade Golf – Kalea, a new and elegant performance specifically for women - MyGolfWay - Plataforma Online del Sector del Golf - Online Platform of Golf Industry

Now, let us walk you through some of this product’s most outstanding features to better understand how they can affect the overall performance.

#1 – Speed Pocket

These clubs are well-equipped with air pockets located on the low end of the heads.

The air pocket boosts the flexibility of the clubhead and adds forgiveness when swinging.

In addition to that, the pocket tends to compress the head when any kind of impact happens, therefore creating efficient reflexivity and improving the ball speed.

This is an ideal option for novice players because it can complement the playing while the players are not required to be extremely technical or professional.

#2 – Spider Putter

Putters are usually used to create slow-speed, low-position swings in a short distance.

The more forgiving and precise the forward movement is, the better the putter will be.

The putter design can satisfy even those with high standards when it comes to this topic.

In cooperation with the Pure Roll Insert, the premium spider putter creates a perfect combination for the skillful and accurate forward roll.

With this putter’s aid, even intermediate golfers can imitate the same technical moves of the best performers in the field with confidence.

#3 – The Full Set

Within one single purchase, you will receive every necessary gear from taking your golf experience to a whole new level.

It will contain drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges,, and putters.

Moreover, each club is organized and sorted based on the distance it will perform on the greens.

For instance, the putter works the best on the short-range and will be placed first in the set, followed by wedges, irons, and driver for the longest distance.

#4 – The Shaft

TaylorMade provides the purchasers with the most comfortable and durable shafts.

All of the clubs’ grips are constructed of ultralight graphite, which produces a fair amount of flex in use.

Also, the available grip colors are fairly diverse, elegant, and eye-catching, which will make the perfect golf set for ladies.


Based on modern technology to enhance the features, it comes as no wonder that this set will perform at its best to give you the most enjoyable experience.

When compared to the previous generation and lots of other brands in the market, the first improvement in the performance of this product that you can notice right away is the forgiveness it provides the players.

Even if you miss the sweet spots, the clubs can still adjust the ball’s trajectory and increase the accuracy of the movement.

For example, considering beginners, who tend to have slower swing speeds (maybe 60-70 mph with driver), this product is significantly helpful.

The light, forgiving club faces, and clubheads allow them to achieve tee shots of up to 200 yards with the driver.


This club set is specifically designed for unprofessional playings and people who just kick off their golf journeys.

Therefore, if you are at a more advanced level, you might consider looking at some other brands that offer more advanced-oriented products.

However, if you are frustrated with your golf skills due to inaccuracy and slow speed, definitely give this club set a try.

Also, with the short, elegant exterior design, it is perfect for women.

Another thing to take into account before buying the TaylorMade golf set is its price.

It is quite high-cost and might be the big put-off for budget-oriented purchasers.

So it would be best to ask yourself whether you will use it long-term or not.

If not, it is highly suggested you stick to a cheaper choice.


After researching further into the TaylorMade golf set, you might not be fully satisfied with the product yet.

To give you more materials for better comparisons, we’re going to introduce to you some other golf sets that are fairly popular nowadays:

Cobra Golf 2020 Women’s Airspeed

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If you have passed the intermediate level and are confident enough to consider yourself an avid golf player, then definitely upgrade yourself to this club set from Cobra Golf.

Despite the steeper price, it offers you a bigger set of 11 clubs to gain more freedom and versatility in your playing.

Tour Edge HL-J Junior w/ Bag (Multiple Sizes)

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This golf set from Tour Edge is specifically designed for young players.

To deal with the constant growth in terms of heights, this golf set provides five options to match with every junior between the age of 5 to 14.

Precise AMG Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Clubs

See Latest Price

The Precise complete golf set will be right up your street if you are a woman beginner who is considerably budget-oriented.

At a price half as much as the TaylorMade golf set, you can already get a complete set of every essential club to kick off things to a good start.


#1 – Does this come with a pitching wedge?

Yes, you will get a pitching wedge within your order.

Besides the pitching wedge, you will also receive a full set of the sand wedge, 7-8-9 irons as well.

#2 – Does this set come with headcovers and a putter cover?

Yes, by purchasing this product, you will receive both the headcovers and putter covers to protect your clubs from weather elements and enhance the durability.

#3 – How many clubs are included in the set?

One typical club set will contain a driver, 3W, 5W, 5 hybrids, 6 hybrids, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW, and a putter.

To add to the effect, it will also come with a high-quality bag for protection.

#4 – Does the club set have the same color as the cover?

The clubs are the same color, regardless of bag color.

The bag can be grey or lime green, but the club color schemes won’t change.

#5 – Is it suitable for short players?

Yes, this set is perfect for short players.

Every club in the set comes in a relatively short length, which is completely suitable for people of less than 5 feet in height.


Our detailed review of the TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set has finally drawn to an end.

I hope that this post has helped you to make up your mind, or at least give you some helpful and trustworthy information about this product.

All things considered, we wish you luck and remember to stay tuned for our future reviews!

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