Square Strike Wedge Review

Just imagine that you are at a short distance around the green

And you cannot get the ball to put on the surface, what will you do to score?

Do you want to have a club to help you make the right shot in this situation?

We have the right product for you, the Square Strike Wedge.

So, how good is it?

Square Strike Pitching & Chipping Wedge

Product highlights:

  • Multiple color choices
  • Extra-wide sole
  • Beveled leading edge
  • Easier swing motion
  • Improved efficiency

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Pros and Cons



  • It comes with no headcover
  • The price is a bit high

Now let’s talk about its design and technology.


Design and Technology

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You will love the striking colors of this model with two black and green versions in a stainless steel shaft.

The manufacturer makes it from durable and suitable anti-rust material.

It has an extremely wide outsole and beveled edge leading to prevent digging.

The sole also has a series of shallow grooves to reduce the friction of the grass.

Now you don’t have to worry about chunked pitch and chip shots.

Not only that, but this club also has the same length and angle of the putter, 35.5 inches, and 68 degrees, plus the anti-rotation weight makes it easy to swing and control.

Therefore, it is perfect for bumps and runs.

What’s more?

The 330-gram club head glides across the court and minimizes excessive hand and wrist action to avoid fat and thin chip shots.

Not to mention, more loft than 7 or 8 iron is designed for a variety of shots.

How about forgiveness? This product offers precision in pure contact and exceptional forgiveness for missed shots.

And the best part is the weight of the clubhead.

It slides smoothly through the thick grass, making it easy to play shots from lies.

Last but not least, it provides the best shots around the green and makes every chip as simple as a straight shot.

As such, you can hit the ball closer into the hole without an excellent swing.

It is an ideal choice for you if you frequently have chip shots or chunking wedges.


This wedge has a grip that is 1” longer than the standard grip.

Therefore, you can hold the club comfortably for accurate shots close to the golf hole.

You should note that it is quite thin compared to the other clubs in your golf bag.

Due to the similar use of the putter, you can handle it in the same way to achieve high performance.

How Does It Compare?

C3i Wedge

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Both models make it easy for players to get up and down within 40 yards from a flag.

With a 60 degree loft, the C3i Wedge plays a lofted shot that stops quickly while 45 degrees of the Square Strike Wedge is ideal for bumps and runs.

Additionally, the two clubs have large soles and provide similar bounce and groove for smooth shots on the golf course.

XE1 Wedge

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The Xe1 wedge has a unique design to make every shot within 50 yards easier to carry out.

Moreover, the round top edge prevents the club from digging deep into the yard.

When compared, it provides better and more consistent contact to achieve a better bunker shot and pitch.

Thanks to that, you can improve the game results around the green.

Cleveland Smart Sole C Wedge

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This model has the lighter weight of sole and toe than the Square Strike Wedge.

Besides, in case you struggle with bunker games but still have the necessary skills, Cleveland SmartSole is an excellent option.

It also has 34” of length and 42 degrees of loft. So, its less aggressive bounce and loft allow the club to dig just a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal for Tournaments?

Yes, it is.

This wedge complies with the legal rules of golf so you can use it in tournaments.

Can Women Golfers Use it?

Yes, they can. Both men and women can use this golf club. The length of 35.5″ makes it easy to handle for golf shots.

Can Left-Handed Golfers Use This Model?

Yes, they can. The manufacturer produces both left and right-handed options for players.

Users can also select the loft angles, such as 45°, 55°, 60°.

How Can I Choose Among Three Loft Angles?

The 45° is for the shots you want to bump into and run right into the target.

If you need to hit a trap or on tight pin positions, the 55° and 60° can give you more loft for higher shots and softer landings.

Besides, you can easily replace the 45° for any wedge you use for short pitch and chipping.

Also, you can exchange lob wedges or sand for 55° and 60°.

Can I Use it Like a Normal Pitching Wedge?

Yes, you can.


After reading our review, you can choose the Square Strike Wedge if you want to improve chip shots around the green.

You can also remove fat shots, thin shots, and missed shots with the help of this club.

This model simplifies your short games and enhances the accuracy of close hitting.

You can leave your questions or comments here. We will respond as soon as possible.

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