PING G400 Fairway Wood Review

Nowadays, more people are attracted to this maddening and amusing golf world.

This results in great demand for high-quality, durable, but reasonable golf clubs in the market.

Since choosing the right golf clubs is the key to every player’s performance, we decide to publish an article of PING G400 Fairway Wood review to guide our golfers to a more professional path.

PING G400 Fairway Wood

Product highlights:

  • Thinnest Crown The 17-4 SS crown
  • The back weight is denser to increase total MOI
  • Lightweight which boosts further distance
  • Extraordinary forgiveness for golfers

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Pros & cons

Overall, PING products never disappoint golf players.

The same goes for this model.

It’s more than just an excellence’s consolidation, solid, durable, and easy to launch like any other PING fairway wood of the G-range.

This club combines groundbreaking technologies that bring golfers the greatest distance and exceptional forgiveness.

Besides, its crown is extremely thin to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed, bringing more optimal performance for golfers.

G400 model has been the talk of the town since 2018, but even so, it does have a drawback.

Golfer often likes to adjust the club to their most comfortable position; however, G400 is fairly limited in adjustability.



  • Limitation in adjustability

Design and Technology

Ping G400 SFT Fairway Review | Equipment Reviews | Today's Golfer

As mentioned above, the clubhead is constructed with a high-quality maraging steel material that makes it the highest launching fairway wood ever.

Do you know that the maraging steel face is one of the strongest and most used materials for aircraft?

Due to this extravagant steel, G400 can deliver the faster ball at 105mph swing speed, reaching a higher and straighter result.

Adding more speed to the ball is also the result of having bolder Turbulators.

It breaks up the airflow and reduces the drag of the clubhead, allowing for faster clubhead speeds.

Talking about the design, all the G range of PING family loves the classic black matte stainless-steel crown.

A17-4 thin crown not only adds flavor to the design but also saves weight and increases the total Moment of Inertia.

With all of these features, G400 can reduce the effect of a mishit (hitting draws or fades) and correct the angle as well as distance.


Phái đẹp sẽ không phải hối tiếc khi yêu những chàng trai chơi golf và đây là lý do tại sao!

Nod your head if the hitting-ball-sound is one of the reasons you enter into this golfing world!

Well, if it’s so, do not let go of this buddy since the sound that G400 makes from hitting balls is super ear-catching!

G400 shows a 20% stronger flight ball with an extra 2mph of speed and 7 more yards of distance than the previous G models.

With a leading-edge design, this clubhead model can sit really low to the ground in the address position, enabling the ball to be shot high to the air.

Toe area sitting too far away from the ground is often a problem that frustrates golf players because it prevents golfers from getting the ball up from tighter lies.

Thanks to this Progressive Leading Edge, the issue is solved entirely.

Like any other model, this club comes in a standard size of 3, 5, 7, and 9-wood, which can cover most bases and allow players to vary the loft by +/- 0.6° or 1°.

Golfers will have more options and freely choose the club sizes they want to explore their career path.


Forgiveness is a very familiar terminology for golfers who fail to shoot the ball in the middle of the clubhead.

If you mistakenly hit the ball with the club’s toe or heel, which creates a very bad twist, a high forgiving club will save (or improve) upon your flaws and mistake.

High forgiveness will resist the fail twist and prevent the ball’s speed reduction.

Understanding this, PING constructs this model a smaller or 30% denser in the back to increase MOI and CG.

The thinner and lighter crown is also designed for this purpose, providing more forgiveness on mishit shots.

As a result, the forgiving level improves by 25%-44% over the other brand competition.

Now, golfers have four fitting options to ensure they’re getting the most out of their game.

If you’re looking for the most leading-forgiveness club, why not consider this model?

How does it compare

After reading half of our article about the PING G400 review, you will have a general idea of this golf club’s features, performance, or pros and cons.

How about we compare this club to other popular models in the market? Let’s do it!

1-TaylorMade SIM MAX-D

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You must have heard about TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Fairway.

It is a golf club that gains much favor from mid to high handicappers due to its high forgiveness.

can combat the mishit yet make a small fade or draw shot while using this club.

Even though its forgiving level is very impressive, the grooves in SIM MAX-D have only 3 options while the G400 club has 4.

2-Golf  Mavrik

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This is one of Callaway’s notable products, which presents a high level of technology and material.

It has many similar features to the G400, including the pros and cons.

It also has more loft options, which deserves to be the greatest competitor for PING clubs.

Like our current reviewed model, the drawback is no hosel adjustability available to dial in launch conditions.

3-XXIO Eleven

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Compared with the  XXIO Eleven, G400 comes with a much more reasonable price and more forgiveness.

On the other hand, XXIO Eleven is loved for its weight redistribution.

The club moves weight from the shaft to the tip, which gives golfers more control and a more natural swing.


What’s the best choice for high handicappers?

If you’re looking for several recommendations on the club models, there are plenty of options to choose from from the market.

You can look for the golf club in these brands: Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade to find the best quality and design clubs.

For high handicappers, you would need a club that gives a high level of forgiveness and lofts such as 7-wood or 9-wood.

The club will penetrate the ball further, straighter, and prevent misdirection.

How far should you hit a 5 fairway wood?

As you might already know, it has less loft than 7 and 9-wood, which lies somewhere between 18 and 21 degrees.

When hitting the ball with a 5-wood, the carry distance will be longer than 7 or 9-wood.

That is to say, man and woman players with average swing speeds should be able to carry the golf ball 170-210 yards and 105-170 yards, respectively.

Who makes the best fairway woods?

Do not expect us to call out only one best golf club makers since it’s hard to choose between different brands.

For many years, we can tell you that TaylorMade, PING, Titleist clubs have caught great attention and love from golf players.

Several professional golfers such as Ángel Cabrera, Tiger Woods, and Justin Thomas choose golf clubs from these brands to participate in the leading tours.

What is the most forgiving 5 wood?

Our G400 club is not a bad option since it’s very forgiving and shot in a far distance.

Another option should be TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Fairway, which is equipped with the revolutionary twist face technology.

Put in mind that to choose the best forgiving 5-wood for yourself, you have to consider different factors.

It might be your level, gender, strength, and what you really need from a golf club.

Don’t just randomly pick the best one and then fail to utilize the club.

How do I choose one?

Yes! Most people often neglect this question when it comes to purchasing their fairway wood.

Each golfer will have their specific needs for the club, and here is the guide on finding a suitable one.

First, the loft option is what you should seek.

Based on your need and current setup on your golf bag, you’ll know if you need a 3 or 5-wood, maybe even 7 to 9-wood.

Second, look for the performance of the club. This can be judged by searching for distance, consistency, and forgiveness.

You would want a club that hit far, straight, and prevents miss-shot.

Third, look for the material of the clubhead.

It can be steel, titanium, or both.

Whatever you choose, always go with the lighter one.

It will promote more speed, allowing further distance.

Fourth is the shaft. You might think the clubhead is important, but the shaft is also an essential factor.

To have a powerful swing, aim for stiff and extra stiff options available on the market.

The fifth is adjustability.

Not all come in a perfect way that golfers desire.

While playing, golfers would like to change their swing regularly; therefore, it’s necessary to find a club to adjust these changes.

The sixth factor to consider lies in design and cost.

Find the one that suits your budget and aesthetic value.


The utmost enjoyment when the G400 club swing is just in perfect time and the ball comes pinging out, flying dead straight on the ideal trajectory!

We believe that’s the typical feeling of a golfer who has finished reading this PING G400 Fairway Wood Review from us.

Whether amateur or professional, every golf player deserves a club that could help them shot the best-struck golf shot.

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