The Most Forgiving Fairway Woods: When to Use & How to Choose One

Many golfers believe that a vital element of a good fairway wood is forgiveness.

That means if the fairway does not have forgiveness, you will not be able to get a suitable distance.

So are you curious about the most forgiving fairway woods?

What makes up it, and when should it be used?

Let’s learn all these things in this article. Scroll down and find out now!

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What are the most forgiving fairway woods?

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There is no best option, only the one that suits you the most.

It depends on your purpose and proficiency, which means how you plan to use the fairway wood.

You need to choose new woods with the model that best suits you.

In addition, you will need to determine your level of playing golf before choosing a good golf club.

Slow swing players may need more loft to push the ball higher, farther, and more forgiving, especially for ground-up shots.

How to choose one?

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Normally, fairway wood is made from 4 different materials: steel, titanium, composite, and aluminum.

However, the best is probably titanium with the highest price, the most durable quality, and of course, a more forgiving head.

With a super lightweight, players (both professional files and newbies) can take them anywhere and use them for many years.


The shaft is an important component.

A good one will require a long shaft to provide long-distance and low control.

Each player will have a different swing speed.

Therefore, the shaft which matches the player’s skills will make them become the best golf club.

For example, the slow swinger requires a flexible shaft, while a faster swing should get a stiff shaft to have a good result.


The loft of the most forgiving golf club should fill distance gaps.

Normally, it has many options for loft such as 3, 5, 7, 9.

However, the great thing for newbies is 5 and for the lower handicappers is 3.

Of course, it also depends on what they intend to achieve.

When to use it?

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So when we should use a fairway wood? Well, you could use it for many different purposes.

Normally, the best and most common occasions are:

  • Off the tee on tight
  • On the tee of holes and courses (where the accuracy plays an important role than the distance)
  • Short par 4s
  • Long approach shots on par 5s and long par 4s
  • From fairway bunkers
  • When escaping rough

In addition, around the greens is an uncommon use case.

Specifically, you can use them from the fringe or tightly-mown areas or under the cover of the green.

There are divided into 4 types of level: newbies, higher handicappers, mid handicappers, and lower handicappers.

And fairway wood for each level will be different by their hitting technique.

With new players and higher handicappers, they usually swing slower and need more loft than usual.

Therefore, the 5-wood with a loft of 17 ° would be the best and most suitable choice.

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You can be confident of hitting them continuously and pushing the ball for longer distances because it has more loft.

And of course, there will be rare cases for balls below 17 ° of the loft.

On the other hand, mid and lower handicappers are experienced players and can make faster swings.

They will need to play lower lofted fairway woods; because if the loft is low, they have to have good speed and skill in order to elevate the ball.

For the professional files, they can do harder shots from 13 ° to 15 °.

This helps them get airborne off the tee and by off the fairways.

Therefore, players need to choose the appropriate type that best suits them at each level.

Top-rated Products

#1 Taylormade SIM Max

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  • Great sound when touching the ground
  • Hit off the deck easily
  • Launch higher and glide through the turf
  • Good for people who hits it low in the face


  • Pronounced scratches because of a matte finish
  • Not suitable for those who want to shape the ball flight

#2 Cleveland HB Turbo

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  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to increase swing speed because of no adjustable hosel
  • Attractive address
  • Sharp sound at contact
  • High launching


  • Can not adjustable

#3 Cobra 2019 F-Max Superlite

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  • Great for slower swingers about distance and flight
  • Light impact
  • Land gently when shooting at a medium-high approach


  • Not suitable for those who swing fast

#4 Cobra 2019 F9 Speedback

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  • No annoying weight slider
  • Adjust on the hosel handily
  • Get airborne and create much speed easily
  • Align crown design simply


  • Not suitable for someone who wants to shape the ball flight

#5 Taylor Made Men’s RBZ

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  • Reasonable price
  • Ball jumps off clubface
  • Looks great at the address
  • Durable shaft


  • Light sound
  • Not suitable for faster swingers


Now you understand more about the most forgiving fairway woods and what differences between fairway wood for beginners and professional handicappers.

We hope that this article is good for you and you can find a great one.

If you have any questions, leave comments below.

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