Mizuno MP-18 MMC Review

The Mizuno 2018 golf iron set from Mizuno has been highly acclaimed by purchasers throughout the years.

Suppose you are still skeptical or uncertain about buying this product.

In that case, our comprehensive review of the Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Multi-Material Golf Iron Set will help you to decide whether or not this item fits you.

Mizuno MP-18 Multi-Material Golf

Iron Set 

Product Highlights:

  • Multi-material construction
  • 1025E mild carbon steelhead
  • Satin nickel, nonglare, chrome finish
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Ultra-lightweight

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Pros And Cons

Before getting into any detailed information, let’s walk through some of the key pros and cons to help you gain a general view of this product:


  • Multi-material construction
  • Chrome finish for a glossy look
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Have a light feel
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Considerably high-priced
  • Only for right-handed players

Design And Technology

#1 – Design

First Look - Mizuno MP-18 Iron Family | MyGolfSpy

This MP-18 MMC model is one of the three golf sets that Mizuno has brought out on their club line.

Besides this one, the collection also includes the MP-18 MBs and the MP-18 SCs set.

Despite some signature differences, they share a lot of similarities in terms of design.

Specifically, when it comes to the exterior design, the MP-18 MMC is covered in a reliable, non-glare chrome coat, which gives the set its minimal, modern yet still elegant look.

The overall color theme is nearly identical to the other versions, for their goal when creating this one is to make it blend well into the other sets.

Meanwhile, regarding the detail of the parts, the MP-18 MMC version has a considerably bulkier top line and is equipped with a titanium plate located near the club sole to protect the back from unwanted scratches and physical impact.

#2 – Technology

REVIEW: Mizuno MP-18 irons - The GOLFTEC Scramble

To create the most efficient and reliable set of golfs that give the players the optimum support, it comes as no wonder that the brand has paid a lot of attention to the application of new technologies into the manufacturing process.

The first worth-mentioning technology that has been adopted by Mizuno is the hybrid replacement.

In traditional production, metals and irons are the only two options that you can go for when picking out clubs.

However, the heavyweight and rough texture make it extremely challenging for amateur golfers to strike the ball accurately using these.

Fortunately, with the application of hybrids in this club set, beginners will have more enjoyable learning experiences, since it provides better launch capacity and more forgiveness for inexperienced swings.

In addition to that, the MP-18 MMC golf set also keeps the aerodynamics factor in mind when designing the clubhead.

Thanks to technology, the golfs now are much more resistant to wind to increase the average speed.

Features And Benefits

REVIEW: Mizuno MP-18 irons - YouTube

To have a better understanding of this product and know to what extent it will serve your purpose, it is important to get the hang of its features.

Therefore, we will provide you with some of this model’s most outstanding features and their benefits below:

#1 – The Balanced Putter

In the full golf set, the main role of the putter is to create short-distance, slow swings from a low position.

The quality of the shot can be greatly affected by the contact between the putter’s face and the ball.

With the application of modern technology, the Mizuno putter is designed with a balanced surface to gently make contact with the ball and push it away, which will prevent it from veering off course and give the hands more control over the club.

#2 – The Speedfoam

Inside the head of every club are well-equipped with a built-in layer of ultralight urethane foam.

This foam injection will provide the users with the lightest feel while increasing the speed of the ball.

#3 – Titanium Head

The head made from sole titanium has contributed greatly to the lightweightness and feathery feel that the club offers you.

Particularly, the titanium body (9-1-1 Ti) and machined titanium (604 Ti) of the MP-18 MMC will give the clubhead a hollow feel to increase the forgiveness and swing’s speed, giving viewers the impression of smooth and technical playings.


The golf set undoubtedly offers the players some reliable performance, promising the most enjoyable playing experience.

To be more specific, the most noticeable enhancement in performance is the forgiveness it provides to support even the most novice golf players.

Compared to the two other sets in the collection, the MP-18 MMC clubs are built with 1-2 extra launch and spin numbers to lessen the severity of false swings and thus stabilize the ball trajectory for more precise results.

To add to the effect, the addition of a few extra ball speeds into the club’s head has taken away the fear of beginners whose slow swinging speeds.

With the same hand forces, now you can easily hit 5-10 yards further by using the product.

What to Know Before Buying the Mizuno MP-18

Mizuno MP-18 Irons Review - Golfalot

Many people who are just getting into the golf world or amateur golfers often seem hesitant when it comes to buying this model, mainly because of its price and its professional-look.

They tend to think that this model is more tailor-made for immediate or advanced players.

Be it as it may, if you want to pursue golf as a long-term hobby or want to get more advanced in this sport, then we highly recommend you purchase this model, for its lightweightness, speed, and forgiveness will tremendously improve your playing at any level.

However, if you are a budget-oriented purchaser and long for a cheaper alternative from this brand, you can consider the two other golf sets MP-18 MB and MP-18SC, which are from the same collection as the MP-18 MCC.

There are not that many distinct differences between these and our reviewed product, and you can get them at a more reasonable price.

Alternative Products

Suppose you haven’t been satisfied with the products or it doesn’t match some of your prioritized criteria, we will introduce some additional products that share a lot of similarities with the MP-18 MCC.

TaylorMade Golf P790Ti Iron Set 5-PW, AW

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This golf set from TaylorMade can make a good replacement for people looking for a smaller set.

Instead of a full seven-club set like the one from Mizuno, TaylorMade provides you with a two-club set, which is one 5-PW and one AW.

Callaway Golf Apex Smoke Irons Set

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Each club from Callaway Golf is covered in a high-quality platinum chrome finish to give the whole set an expensive, gloss-like black.

Therefore, if you crave a more stand-out set for a fashionable statement, giving this model some further exploration might do you some good.

Cobra Golf  Men’s Airspeed Complete Set

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Lastly, we introduce to you complete golf set from Cobra Golf, which is specifically created for women golfers.

The full set of nine clubs are available in two colors: pink-black and white-copper will effectively complement the femininity and sense of aesthetic for you.


Can left-handed people use this model?

The hand orientation of this model is unfortunately only limited to right-handed golf players.

Therefore, if your left-handed, this product might not be the most suitable choice for you.

Does the golf set come with the containing bag?

The golf set doesn’t come with any bag for protection.

So if you haven’t had any protective bag from previous purchases, it would be best to order a containing bag separately to give your golf set the best protection.

How many golfs are included in one set?

There are seven clubs in total, which are one cutter, one W, two hybrids, one PW, one SW, and one putter.

You can get all seven of them in one order.

Is this club set suitable for women players?

If you are a woman whose height is over 5 feet 5, then this club set is totally suitable for you.

However, if you are below that height, it would be best to look for alternatives that are specifically designed for women.

Can a complete beginner learn golf with this club set?

Yes! In fact, we highly recommend this product to amateur players, for it offers them great forgiveness, speed, and swing accuracy to improve their playing.


So our detailed review of the Mizuno MP-18 Multi-Material Golf Iron Set has eventually drawn to an end.

Those are basically all the essential information that you need to know before purchasing this product.

All things considered, we wish you luck, and don’t forget to stay tuned for another product review from us in the future!

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