Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review

Did you know?

The​ ​Kirkland​ ​Signature​ golf ball is one of the hot names in the market of golf balls.

It draws the attention of many golfers, including both experienced players and beginners.

So why does this product interest so many people?

Read this detailed ​Kirkland​ ​Signature​ golf ball review of ours to know the answer!

Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Balls

Product highlights:

  • Maximized distance
  • Optimized spin for iron & wedge shots
  • Durable cover
  • Premium design

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Pros and Cons


  • High performance​
  • Appropriate ​for both​ ​recreational​ ​and​ professional ​players
  • Responsive putting feel
  • Great greenside control
  • Long-lasting


  • The manufacturer is in accusation of false advertisement and patent infringement.
  • The price of this product is not very reasonable.


Main Features & Specifications Review

Main features

Thanks to testing. Kirkland signature ball with the high elasticity yet low compression, the rubber core delivers a soft feel and can shoot at high speed.

Even novices can generate sharp shots to farther distances without too much knowledge of techniques and skills.

The 338-dimple pattern allows golfers to alleviate external impacts and create a penetrating ball trajectory.

Owing to the high count of dimples, the golf ball could travel through the air faster and straighter because the air resistance less can hardly block it, and the wind will also less affect its direction.

The three-piece construction optimizes the speed-boosting mantle so that you would have better control spin with both long and short iron/wedge shots around the green.

Creating the perfect spinning level is easier than ever, although it may be quite incomparable with 4-piece or 5-piece balls.

The soft Polyurethane cover increases the responsiveness, durability, and more greenside control for both competitive and recreational play alike.

It is doubtless that you have to hit the golf ball harder if you want it to travel farther.

Therefore, a highly elastic and responsive ball will help you save your effort while it can still shoot powerfully.

Besides, the design also allows Kirkland golf ball to be less distorted and damaged due to extreme impacts.

Kirkland Signature golf ball product has been USGA approved and conforms with R&A Rules.


  • Materials: The core is constructed from rubber, and the cover is made out of Polyurethane.
  • Weight and dimensions: The balls are 1.680 inches (42.67 mm) in diameter. The package’s shipping weight is 5.9 pounds.

Design and Technology Performance Kirkland Signature Golf Balls

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Review - Golfalot

Although there is no special technology integrated within the balls, its unique design is sufficiently efficient to enhance the experience of golfers.

As we mentioned in the previous section, Kirkland Signature golf balls have a 3-piece design.

In which, the first piece outside is the Polyurethane cover, the second piece in the middle is the extra mantle, and the last one in the inner is the rubber core.

With the Polyurethane cover, the balls become much tougher and would last for very long.

The middle mantle serves as a lining layer that adds extra durability and combines well with the softcover to optimize spins for iron and wedge shots.

Last but not least, the rubber core is incredibly soft and elastic so that all swings can deliver the balls launch to go farther off the tee.

Top 3 Alternatives vs Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Reviews

#1. TaylorMade Lethal


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The TaylorMade Lethal is built with the breakthrough 5-layer technology so that you would always achieve the optimum spin control with almost every club.

And like other TaylorMade golf balls, this model also comes with a seamless low-drag performance (LDP) dimple pattern to facilitate penetrating flights to your target.

#2. Wilson Staff Duo

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The Wilson Staff Duo is another soft golf ball with the lowest compression, giving golfers the ultimate feel of a premium choice for play golf.

Additionally, it boasts offering the longest distance performance and the straightest flights from the tee in all 2-piece golf balls, too.

#3. Bridgestone e6 SPEED

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Thanks to their multi-layer made design, these golf balls bring about an excellent performance from the tee to the green. Air resistance is never a threat to your playing experience.

In our tests, its initial velocity is terrific, and the trajectory is consistently super-straight. Therefore, it is very suitable for newbies.


How good are these golf balls?

They are rated to be one of the best golf balls in the present market by many experts and players.

It can even provide better performance than the famous Pro V1 in various aspects.

Are Kirkland golf balls soft?

Not only its Polyurethane cover but also its rubber core are very soft and elastic.

Plus, the extra mantle interacts with these two pieces to give more bouncy.

What is the longest golf ball for seniors?

The longest golf ball for seniors typically features multiple layers with a soft cover and higher compression.

What golf ball is most like the Pro v1?

In comparison with Pro v1, the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are the most similar option that you can choose.


After our comprehensive ​Kirkland​ ​Signature​ golf ball reviews, you must have some clues on whether you should purchase them or not, and if not, new+ other alternatives you should consider are.

In general, we recommend this fabulous product for both juniors and seniors.

Especially, if you want to use low-compression balls, you should give it a try.

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