Jumbo Grip Putter: What To Know

Many people find it inconvenient because standard putters often do not fit the size of a golf bag.

Surprisingly, the jumbo grip putter takes golfers by storm, even though it’s bigger than the traditional model.

Why could it rise in popularity? What are the pros and cons of a bigger putter?

You will find all the answers in this article.

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What Is A Jumbo Grip Putter?

The most prominent difference between the jumbo putter and the traditional putter is the diameter of the grip. As standard, most jumbo grips have a diameter of about 1.0-1.2 inches. It is 40-75% thicker than traditional models, which only ranges from 1.4-1.75 inches.

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Another big distinction between the two is that the jumbo putter has no tape. As you can see, standard items have a slim towards the top, thanks to the tape. By comparison, the jumbo putter grip does not change in width.

Why And When To Use A Jumbo Grip Putter?

“Why do jumbo putters become trendy?”, “When should I use it?”. If you are confused about these issues, here are the answers.

Why Jumbo Putter Becomes Popular

Jumbo putter grips are highly-appreciated for one simple reason: the player scores better. Additionally, jumbo putters help to solve some personal technique problems that traditional models have not shown usefulness.

We will discuss its considerable benefits in the next part. However, you can also get a glimpse when we answer the second question.

When I Should Use Jumbo Putter Grips

You should consider using a jumbo if you are having problems with your swing. One of the most obvious signs of this condition is the constriction of the wrists when turned. The fingers are often twisted due to excessive force. Thus, the mechanism of action of bigger putters allows the release of the body. By comparison, traditional patterns are not helpful at all.

Bigger grips require you to use different muscle groups in the arms and shoulders instead of the wrists. This group produces less dramatic but smooth movements. As a result, your clubhead is not skewed, and the accuracy increases.

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When you are having trouble aligning your shoulders, it would be best to use a bigger grip. Theoretically, your shoulders should be in a perpendicular position when hitting the ball. Right-handed people, however, are often off-angle.

Some pieces of advice you may have heard is to use your left hand instead or use a cross grip putting style. Although both are all useful, they require technical changes. Consequently, it takes you a period to get to the present level. Meanwhile, the jumbo grip is the instant solution that can re-adjust your shoulder orientation and support the sound putting technique. This results in a stiffer lower body that transmits powerful force.

Pros And Cons With Bigger Grip Putter

Great Advantages Of Bigger Grip Putter

Bigger grip putters attract a lot of attention as they help solve problems related to personal techniques.

The first noticeable benefit it offers is to reduce the pressure when the player tends to squeeze the grips. Twitching in the wrist is also minimized thanks to the use of other effective arm muscles.

Its thick flat profile assists in reduced motion as well as the force from the hands, fingers, and wrists. This results in more consistent swings and minimizes the chance of missing balls.

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Second, a bigger grip putter allows the movement of the hip and body to be more harmonious. This gives very good results on every shot as it gives a player’s advantage during putting stroke.

Last but not least, it prioritizes accuracy. Loosening force in the wrist leads to a stable ball movement and better rolling when landing.

Some Disadvantages You Need To Consider

The first thing that gets affected when you switch to a bigger grip is your personal experience with itself. Some manufacturers make oversized grip putters with a heavier weight than the traditional ones. As a result, it takes you some time to get accustomed to. There are quite a few things involved in kicking that you have to change, such as angle, force, or tempo.

Besides, it creates a lack of touch and feels. You may struggle with it to control the ball’s path and falling point accurately.

Mistakes Golfer Often Make When

The most common myth is that the bigger the grip, the more benefit golfers will receive. In fact, putter size depends entirely on height and individual playing techniques. Therefore, you need to choose a putter that suits you, not the biggest one in the shop.

Another mistake when using a jumbo putter is how to handle it. There are many ways to control this club, but here are the two most recommended:

The Cross-handed

Put your left hand at the lowest position on the grip. Everything else is the same as the traditional way.

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The Reverse Overlap Grip

The left hand is in the highest position. Hold the club with your right hand as you write.


This article has just shown an overview of the jumbo grip putter. Although golfers have not used it widely in competition, the boundary is slowly being removed.

If you are in the lucky group, we do hope it can help you improve some personal issues and score better.

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