How To Shave Off Strokes In Golf?

For golfers, finding ways to hit the ball to achieve a lower score is the most priority target in the game.

Actually, without assistants, it is not easy for players to know what they should practice.

We will introduce many tips on “How To Shave Off Strokes In Golf” below, which help you improve your skill and make you better day by day.

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What About Shaving Off Strokes In Goals

In golf, when a player can reduce the shooters from 90 to 80, it’s a turning point that can change the way they treat this game.

For anyone new to golf, gaining high strokes in a long time can make them feel frustrated, and they do not want to continue anymore. However, lowering the handicaps up to 10 shots is absolutely done in just a season.

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What you need may be:

  • Eliminate three putts
  • Get the chips going up and down easier
  • Hit more greens
  • Hit the golf ball closer to the target hole

It seems easier when you write down the list, and you feel that you can do it. However, there will not be any secret key that can make you better in one or two days. It all depends on how you grasp the formula and the level of practice you do.

Importance Step To Shave Off Strokes

Here are five necessary steps for many-level players to improve their handicaps:

#1 Consider Your Skill

It would help if you had a coach or instructor so that he can observe your skill and listen to your goal. He will first watch your process of putting, taking tee-short, and ball striking, then determine which level is suitable for you and the way to improve your goal.

Besides, understand the important role of keeping statistics when you are practicing as they can tell you where you are and what you should enhance.

#2 Choose The Right Clubs

Remember that all the heads, grips, and sharps of the club need to match your level and specifications. Depending on your conditions, the golf club must be properly designed to accommodate them and help you get more precise shaves.

Ladyjacks Shave 12 Strokes Off Score in Second Round of Little Rock Women's Golf Classic - Stephen F. Austin State University Athletics

#3 Starting With Pitching Technique

In regulation, the PGA Tour, known as the organizer of the main professional golf tours in the United States and North America, enables golfers to hit an average of twelve. With regular players, the number is only five. That is why if you are in a normal group, you need to get the ball up and down on a more frequent basis to keep momentum.

So, how to do that? Well, you have to learn good pitching techniques. Keep weight on the poles during the entire process, aim at the tip of the club, the golf ball, and the target. How much or less of your opening position depends on the height and distance you want to hit the ball away. Then, you bend your elbows in the opposite direction, rotate your chest, and swing the force at the ball.

#4 Prepare Carefully For The Putter

If players simply pick the balls and hit random lengths until they feel enough for their lap, it will not affect them. They should have an instructor and a careful strategy to get better. Actually, in a golf course, there are less than 10% of lessons on putting, so you need to choose wisely.

#5 Focus On Your Target


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Without a golf strategy, you can not go to the next part of your game, and the feeling of frustration will prevent you from practicing. On the other hand, reasonable expectations and plans will make you score better. For real golfers, the game is not just putting the ball in the hole. It is creating a better skill toolbox through strategic choices.

Practice For Beginners

If you are new to golf, we have to say this is a hard game with many equipment and customs. So what should the beginner deeply understand to hit the ball solid?

Firstly, you will need help from the coaches. They will give you lessons and show you how to improve. Besides, you can try watching the golf playing videos to know more about it and get motivated.

Secondly, practice to have precise golf swinging can greatly affect your spine and results. In general, it is a reasonable tendency for beginners to rotate the shoulder at 45 and 90 degrees and put the left hip slightly higher than the inclination angle.

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Thirdly, find the right clubs for you. When practicing, players should use clubs with a large opening of the clubface, usually 10 to 12 degrees. Besides, consider other factors such as the hardness of the shark as it should not be too hard, or one club with offset will be helpful for the beginners.

Tips For Shaving Off Strokes

Here are some handy tips that players can apply to make use of the effectiveness of those above steps:

1. Adjust The Direction Of Your Putt Properly

The shot starts with a triangle made up of the arms and shoulders. Your grip pressure is light, but the wrists should be firm. Besides, keeping the head steady also helps your putts direction consistency.

2. Adjust The Distance When You Hit The Golf Ball

Stroke Play

If possible to sum it in one sentence, we would say that a short putt requires a short backswing.

3. Control Chipping Motion

Keep your weight on the front side to get a clubface with a suitable angle. Besides, evaluating the situation and choosing the best-suited club is also important.

Final Words

Many players can reduce their handicaps by up to 10 shorts in one season. It all depends on the understanding and which efficiency levels that you can create during your exercise.

After this article on “ How to shave off strokes in golf”, we hope that you can find your own answer and have the best scores!

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