How To Remove Golf Club Head? Things To Know

Almost every golfer will face the same issues related to the clubhead, such as having a broken, dead shaft or simply because you want to replace the old one with a new one.

Clubs can be re-shafted at most golf stores and country clubs, but removing or installing a new club head by yourself is a wise strategy that will save you more money.

Even though removing a club head is simple, it must be done carefully and correctly.

So, let’s seek the answer to the question “ How to remove golf club head?” in our post!

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How To Remove Golf Club Head Out Of The Shaft?

Before we can grasp how to replace a club’s head, we must first comprehend its structure.

Once you understand this, replacing the club’s head will seem to be a simple process.

Subsequently, after removing the head club from the shaft, you can freely change the head or the new shaft.

To discover how to simply remove the golf head, follow the instructions below!

Step 1: Make Sure The Golf Head Club Is Held Securely

The first step can be seen as the most important step.

More specifically, it will decide whether or not the entire process succeeds.

Please cover the club’s head with masking tape to prevent it from being scratched during the process.

With this good warm-up, you should be able to complete this stage successfully.

If you skip this step, your golf head club may be broken if it falls.

This resulted in the look for a new head and a return to the beginning.

Step 2: Place A Club Head In The Right Position Removal

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During this step, you need to put the heads club in a vise to place it for shaft removal.

The club should be positioned horizontally, with around 8 inches of the shaft.

Following this, you’ll see the size of the head visible, allowing you to take it from the shaft more easily for the next step.

Step 3: Heat The Glue Inside The Hosel

To get to the third step, you must first understand what the hosel is.

The hosel is the place where the shaft fits the clubhead.

Thus, you’ll need to use your propane torch to heat the hosel’s underside.

The glue will be melted as a result of this action.

Most importantly, a successful tip will result from twisting and pulling on the golf club head to take off it from the shaft (for a steel shaft) when you apply torch heat.

In detail, the steel shaft inside the hosel could break apart, which is why you must gently and steadily work on the head until it succeeds.

You’re now ready to apply heat to the head in order to separate it from the shaft.

As soon as the epoxy loosens, it’s necessary to remove the shaft.

Doing so will limit the possibility of heat penetrating the shaft and causing it to break down.

Step 4: Keep Heating Or Use A Heat Gun As The Other Method

Coming with this step, you can skip it out because it’s an optional method for you in case the clubhead does not come off above the third stage.

Particularly, if you use a heat gun instead of a torch, the heat will last longer.

Apply heat to the backside of the hosel once more, or rotate the hosel in the flame for 45-60 seconds.

If the head is stainless or carbon steel, the connection may be broken in a short period.

Remember that you can always reheat the hosel, but you can’t remove heat from the club if you heat it for too long. Be patient once again!

There is also no need to be concerned about this heating step.

Specifically, these processes may need to be repeated 3 or 4 times (or more) before the shaft can be effectively removed from the clubhead, especially with titanium and aluminum ones.

Step 5: Check The Golf Club Head Tip

Cleaning any extra epoxy from the hosel is a must to provide an acceptable fit for the new shaft.

Roll a piece of sandpaper into a tube that fits inside the hosel to accomplish this.

In addition, a few mineral spirits will help clean the spot.

Before you begin installing your new club’s head, make sure the hosel is completely clean.

Step 6: Match It Back Together

Reassemble the club head by placing it on your shaft and moving it up (twisting and pulling).

Subsequently, you can get a golf stick with a new clubhead without any problems.


What’s The Purpose Of Removing The Golf Club Head?

If your golf head is too old or scratched, the main goal is to replace it with a new clubhead or shaft.

Indeed, most golfers tend to replace it with a better one to ensure that their golf clubs are always in perfect shape and of high quality when they are using it.

What Tools Are Required To Remove A Club Head?

A propane torch or heat gun, masking tape, sandpaper, and burning items are in need.

Isn’t It Easy To Replace The Golf Club Head?

Yes, it is. Removing the clubhead is a simple skill to grab.

All you need to succeed is a good shaft, patience, the right heat source for the material, and the finish on the clubhead.


Hopefully, our article has provided you with enough information to learn how to correctly remove a club’s head.

Following these tips will put you on the right path. Take a chance!

Thank you for taking the time to read our post on “How to remove golf club head,”  and stay tuned for our next article.

See you then!

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