How To Properly Swing A Golf Club: A Detailed Tutorial

Compared to many other sports in the world, golf won’t involve a lot of fast and strong body movements.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can easily become a master in golf without constant practice and patience.

In some cases, even if you pay massive concentration on your training, your golf club still won’t swing as you expect.

Therefore, let us guide you on how to properly swing a golf club.


What Is The Proper Swing?

According to the interviews of many famous golf players and enthusiasts all over the world, they define a perfect golf club swing as a swing that is executed with proper strength, speed, and precision.

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Besides, you have to deliver your swing in a suitable and steady position so that you don’t get any injury while swinging.

Important Points Make A Good Swing


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The term “position” in this category is for the ball and your body.

Before thinking of any professional technique to deliver a perfect golf club swing, you need to master this basic skill first.

As a matter of fact, many professional golfers often underestimate this crucial factor, or they accidentally forget it.

Consequently, this mistake will dramatically lessen the chance of a proper golf club swing.

The position of you and the ball’s placement will depend on whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

If you are a left-handed player, follow these steps:

  • Your ten toes will face the ball in the opposite position. Meanwhile, your right foot’s right side will be placed towards the direction when you deliver the ball to. If you are a right-handed player, do the opposite.
  • Extend your arms, but don’t extensively stretch them. Adjust the club head’s position as long as it lies on a straight line with the ball.
  • Spread your legs wider than the shoulders’ width. Next, put the ball in the position that faces the middle of your legs.


To execute a proper golf club swing, you need to firmly grip the golf club first. Therefore, you should opt for the grip style that you find most comfortable.

There are three primary grip styles: overlap, ten-finger (baseball grip), and interlock. We will show you a detailed tutorial on performing each style.

Ten-finger style

You can get closer to the perfect golf grip for only a penny

  1. Firmly grip the golf club’s bottom with your left hand.
  2. Make sure that the club’s bottom lies completely in your palm.
  3. Thumb up so that your thumb will be at the same as the club head’s direction.
  4. Do exactly the same steps above with your right hand as long as the left index finger is in contact with the right pinky.
  5. The right palm will embrace the left thumb.
  6. The right thumb points to the left.

Interlock style

Overlap Vs Interlock Gripping Styles Explained in Details ✅

  1. Do as the steps from 1 to 3 of the ten-finger style.
  2. The right hand is also placed above the left hand. Yet, the left index finger and the left middle finger will grab the right pinky.

Overlap style

  1. Do as the steps from 1 to 3 of the ten-finger style.
  2. You can perform this style like the overlap style, but the right pinky will lie above and between the left index finger and the left middle finger.

The Techniques

You need to practice regularly and master these techniques below:


  1. Stand at the exact position as we guided above. Next, you need to rotate all of your hips, arms, and shoulders to the right simultaneously.
  2. The left hand will cross your chest at the same time you do the first step.
  3. Twisting your wrists to make sure that the club’s head will be taller than your height while the club and your left hand will form the “L” shape.


  1. The success of this swing depends on the swing path. To achieve this, you need to lead the downswing with your lower body’s part.
  2. When you start to carry out the downswing, remember to delay the club’s head. By that, we mean the shaft will go first and then the head. This technique is useful to get the head’s perfect speed.
  3. Impose your weight on the back foot. However, when you swing down the club, your front foot will withstand your weight.
  4. When the club’s head is going to hit the ball, you need to straighten your arms.
  5. Also, during the impact, you have to rotate your hips for better force.
  6. Keep track of the ball until the club’s head finishes to deliver it to the target.


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  1. Rotate your body with a full movement even if the strike is completed. Meanwhile, keep track of the ball’s flying.
  2. Your front foot will completely withstand your body weight, and the back foot’s toes touch the ground.

Practical Drills

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As mentioned above, you can’t improve your performance without consistent and patient practices.

Therefore, we would like to bring you some down-to-earth drills:

  • Practice with your legs, hips, and feet so that they can move swiftly and smoothly when you swing. Frequent practices will reduce the risk of getting injured.
  • Sudden pausing is a good way to enhance your skill. While you are swinging the club, you should regularly pause your movement to observe the accuracy of the club’s height, your legs, your arms, and the contact spot of the club’s head and the ball.
  • Stand in front of a wall with your butt close to it or touch it. When the club’s head is higher than your head and contacts the wall when you swing the club, you have made it. However, if the club’s head is spotted lower than your head and strikes the wall, your swing is conducted with insufficient force.

Mistakes Golfers Often Make

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Golfers, especially amateurs and beginners, are prone to making the mistakes below.

We believe that if you soon comprehend these mistakes, you can avoid making them:

  • Players are prone to easing their bodies and muscles instead of standing still in a fixed posture. This is understandable because our body must withstand the force of gravity.
  • Losing track of the ball is another common mistake of golfers. Some professional players can execute a proper swing without looking at the ball, but it is only the minority. You need to pay attention to the ball from the positioning procedure until it hits the ground.
  • The improper grip is also a mistake that golfers often make. If you don’t grip the club accurately, you may cast it while swinging. This mistake is such an embarrassing one.

Bottom Lines

Golf is not only a sport that helps you to entertain, but golf is also a source of high income for you if you are really good at it.

Yet, before thinking of becoming a professional golfer, you need to master club swinging first.

In this post, we have thoroughly guided you to achieve your goal.

Keep following these steps; they won’t disappoint you.