How to Increase Golf Club Speed

Clubhead speed helps the ball travel further, so golfers always want the best clubhead speed.

This is extremely important if you want to win the game.

However, not all golfers can easily achieve this because they do not know the necessary techniques to increase speed.

Fear not! We will guide you on how to increase golf club speed in today’s article.


Why Do Golfers Need to Increase Golf Club Speed?

Club head speed is created by actions including:

  • Correct swing posture
  • Arm length creates trapping force
  • Ability to quickly change the angle of the dominant hand and wrist scene before hitting the ball
  • The angle of the wrist to the ball is also known as lag.
  • The weight of the golf club shaft also somewhat affects the club head speed.

When you have great club head speed, your shots will make the ball go further.

In golf, this is the deciding line between victory and defeat for athletes.

Just one stroke more than your opponent, and you will lose the championship. Such a pity!

That’s why practicing for the highest possible golf club speed is crucial for any golfers.

How To Increase Golf Club Speed?

Strength training Golfer

The shoulder is one of the main muscle groups to focus on in golf movements.

Only when you have strong shoulder muscles can you swing the golf club strongly.

There are some basic exercises that you should apply to get stronger arm and shoulder muscles.

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Bent-over Lateral Raise

Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly hunch over.

Bend your hips but keep your back straight and keep your abs tight.

Don’t forget to stabilize your whole body and move only your hands.

Now, lift the dumbbells to the sides so that your hands are parallel to the ground and exhale.

Hold for about 1 second and then slowly lower the dumbbells and inhale.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

For this exercise, you have to sit on a chair to stabilize your back, feet wider than shoulder-width.

Hold the dumbbells with both hands in the starting position perpendicular to each other, the biceps parallel to the floor, and the palms holding the dumbbells facing forward.

Always remember to squeeze your abs, inhale and use shoulder force to push the weight up, then exhale.

Lower the dumbbells slowly to the starting position and inhale again.

Visualize and prepare to swing speed increase club

Obviously, visualizing the ball in advance is very important to determine the force you need to use.

If your target is close, using too much force or creating too small a lag angle is completely unnecessary.

An upward trajectory will always come with a certain amount of spin, depending on the speed and energy transferred to the ball of the clubhead.

The direction of the clubhead is considered the direction of the ball’s movement, so knowing in advance where you need to hit is extremely important.

Visualize your ball carefully to calculate loft and backspin.

It’s not as difficult as you think.

Rotate everything at the top

Upper body motion is essential in creating clubhead power.

The main mechanism for delivering a powerful blow is the rotation of the torso.

The action of muscle groups is very important in producing force in each swing; your hands can still move faster without having to swing too hard because there is already momentum in the body.

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By making good use of the shoulder rotation, the distance from the club to the ball will be more, so the power is also stronger without losing the accuracy of the clubface on the ball.

To do this, bring the driver back on the backswing.

Then slowly rotate your shoulders and upper body to bring the club back to the top of the swing so that the club is parallel to the ground.

This is the ideal height to build up energy, ready to release on the shot.

Leverage mechanism to swing the ball

According to the laws of physics, leverage will help reduce the force to be applied.

The same applies here to the wrist and elbow.

They’re the natural lever that transfers all the speed from your swing, shoulders, and upper body to the clubhead, which, in turn, gives you the most power possible.

However, many golfers waste this latent energy because they don’t use it properly.

It would be best to fully extend his left hand and fold it into a sharp angle with his right hand.

The right elbow creates a bent position that will reduce the force on the left hand when making the stroke.

In addition, you also need to practice more to be able to make the perfect shot.

This exercise is called a crow-hop, and the goal is to get more use out of the ground kick in the downswing.

Details as below:

– Start at the top of the backswing

– Slide sideways two steps forward

– Swing through until the finish.

This exercise makes players feel more aware of the shift of weight, rotation, and extension of the body in the golf swing – this is a very important sequence of movements to maximize power.

Create lag

Most people will usually ignore this criterion. Lag angle is a great means of improving club head speed.

However, aligning the lag angle correctly is indeed very difficult, especially for new players.

The lag angle is the difference between the clubhead and the downswing sequence, specifically the shaft and left arm.

It allows their wrists to rotate slightly and create a spin on the way down and hitting the ball.

When this lag angle is released, it produces tremendous clubhead speed.

You need to rotate your left shoulder slightly in front of your right shoulder while raising the club high.

The shoulder muscle controls the right elbow to move toward the target a period of time before the right hand.

At this point, the clubhead’s inertia on the backswing causes the right hand to stretch further toward the tips of the fingers.

You need to maintain a steady wrist angle to get through the downswing.

Often, amateur golfers will release their wrist angle sooner because they are trying to hit hard.

This will reduce the speed of the golf swing.


That’s our answer to the question of how to increase golf club speed.

If the correct technique is applied to increase clubhead speed, the golfer will easily achieve the longest ball distance when swinging or serving.

Hopefully, the golfer will have a hard time training to achieve this.

Thank you for reading!

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