How To Hold A Golf Club Correctly?

Although learning how to hold a golf club sounds simple, it is not easy for beginners.

Do you know that the way you hold your club correct or incorrect will directly affect your stance and shot?

A lack of grip strength will limit your shot.

Therefore, learning how to handle the club correct helps newbie recognize their mistakes fix and quickly determine the most suitable grip to create powerful shots with excellent results.

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Why Do You Need To Know How To Hold A Golf Club Correctly?

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Hold the Club correctly is a requirement, basically, if you want to be a good golfer.

Although this is a basic knowledge of golf learning, not all players understand it.

Similar to other sports, players must equip themselves with a standard set of clubs.

More specifically, the correct grip technique will help players control the force and impact on the club to balance both hands.

You need to ensure that the grip pressure is strong enough, not too loose or too tight.

For an effective golf swing, the setup posture is largely decisive.

The way you grip the club will have an impact effect on your posture and your achievement of the swing as well.

If you hold the club wrongly, you can not control the best ball and cannot hit the ball at the target.

Therefore, mastering the basics follow will help golfers to progress faster.

Holding Grip A Club Correctly For Beginners

There are three common ways to hold a club: 10-finger grip, overlapping grip, and interlocking grip.

Let’s find out what works change best for you among these correct grips to make the best shot.

10-Fingers Grip

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You can easily imagine this holding golf club’s way due to its straightforward name.

Your fingers all need to put on the club simultaneously; it could be a strong grip since all ten of your fingers touch the handle surface.

This grip is popular among beginners as it makes them feel most comfortable and reliable, especially players with small hands.

However, professional golf players do not use this technique because it makes their posture look unprofessional and unattractive.

Interlocking Grip

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To perform an interlocking grip, you first have to separate the middle fingers and the index of the non-dominant hand.

Then, move the little finger of your preferred hand into this gap so that two hands fit together.

This grip type is suitable for most golfers, from beginners to professional players.

It is also particularly beneficial for those with average hand size.

Overlapping Grip

This technique is also known as Vardon grip, which is considered one of the most familiar and traditional grips in golf.

To apply this technique, you need to position the little finger of one hand and place it in the groove between the index finger and the other hand’s middle finger.

People with small hands may not like this approach as it does not offer them a sense of comfort to play.

Therefore, this method is only suitable for people with large hands.

Differences In Grip A Driver Vs A Putter In Golf

Numbers of people get the wrong idea that holding a driver and holding a putter is the same.

In fact, these two ways of holding have many differences.

 A Driver Golf Club Grip

When holding a driver, you should put the left hand on the club, then put the right hand on the driver so that your right hand flaps the middle finger of the left hand and the ring finger.

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After placing the right hand on the driver, you should ensure your index forefinger and right thumb form the letter “V” to align with the waist of your body.

 A Putter Golf Club Grip

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Unlike holding a driver, your left hand has to be outstretched when holding a putter.

The golf club needs to run across the middle of your hand, then put your right hand in the same position as your left hand.

In other words, your left hand should put above your right hand before beginning the shot.

Mistakes Often Make When Playing Golf

As play golf, most players often encounter some common mistakes follow when to hold a golf club:

  1. As a newbie, you will sometimes make the mistake of squeezing the club overly tight, which will make you feel uncomfortable while performing the shot.
  2. Second, Beginners often choose unsuitable golf clubs as they got the wrong idea that any club type can help them perform the best shot.
  3. The last mistake golfers can make to cover the tip of the club with their palms.

Conclusion The Article – How To Hold A Club In Golf

Knowing how to hold your club is an essential skill, especially for beginners.

If you want to master it, you need to remember all of its basic knowledge.

We hope that one of these technologies above will be beneficial for your match.

It would help if you practiced regularly and grasp the basic knowledge for best golf.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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