How To Hit Out Of Greenside Bunker

Golf is a professional sport, requiring players to master a variety of skills.

To become a professional golfer, intense training is a prerequisite; especially, you also have to overcome the bunkers on the golf court.

Today we will give you some tips about how to hit out of the greenside bunker.


How To Hit Out Greenside Bunker

Here's what is (and isn't) allowed when playing out of the bunker

To complete the bunker shot, you should start the shots behind the ball two inches.

Shots underneath through the sand, then let the sand force it to lift off the ground and send it into the air.

You should pay attention two notes below:

  • More bounce but less leading-edge: Select a good club for this shot tip first, and the best club should be more lofted. It can be a sand wedge or sand iron with 56 to 60 degrees, not to dig the clubface into the sand when you shotting.
  • To shot farther, you have to shot it more closely: Shots the ball close will make a strength over the bunker. Then, widen the clubface if you like to have the high trajectories.

The Fairway Bunker Shot

How to hit out of a fairway bunker with Dan Whittaker | National Club Golfer

Now we will show you the other tip to shot over the greenside bunker. Different from touching behind the ball and splashing sand into the air, now you shot the ball but just affect a little sand. You hardly recognize the sand released in the fairway bunker shots.

It would help if you remembered that loading your foot is not a useful skill. An unexpected result is being sunk into the sand area. When you lower your body and practice the shots, adjust the swing on your upper body.

Actually, you should keep your standing position as your height; it’s not a good idea to bend and drop your knees in these shots.

Hit Golf Club Technique To Ball

Greenside Bunker Shots: Where to Start (Video) - USGolfTV

A unique technique for hitting is not to touch the ball. How can you do it?

  • Change your position: Focus on the strength from your arms, and your foot needs to go down a bit. This position will help you have a stable stand in a sandy area.
  • Consider your weight: That sounds funny, but your weight also affects your strength. You can get good results if your weight does not pressure your front foot; 60 – 70 % of the weight is good.
  • Consider the ball position: The perfect position for the shots is in the front-middle of your stand.
  • Open the clubface: Open the face club to make a square or open clubface and try to play golf by this method. You should note that you will not use the club to touch the ball. The unique skill is hitting the sand to create a strength to pull the ball and throw it into the air to overcome the greenside bunker.
  • Speed up your blow: Don’t decrease the speed when the club is near the ball. Remember that you will not touch it because the sand does that. Therefore, you need to accelerate to make a strong pressure to hit the sand, and the sand will lift the ball out of the ground.

A Hitting Bunker Swing You Can Rely On

Get out of bunkers every time with this drill - The GOLFTEC Scramble

We will show you some tips for how to hit out bunker of the greenside from a professional golfer. She is Madelene Sagstrom, who comes from Sweden.

Scoop Drill

Pay attention to the clubface to avoid being stuck in the club in the sand. To experience before having a final shot, let’s try to take a little sand and put it on the clubface.

Then pretend that you shot the golf ball and spread your arms to release the sand on the wedge over your shoulder into the air. By the way, you will feel the weight of sand and learn how to adjust the strength to get perfect shots.

Rake Drill

This tip will help you practice adjusting the direction. What you need here is using a rake to orient the direction. Put the rake on the sand in front of your legs, and make sure you stand along with the rake.

The last step is to hit the trial shots following the rake. Imagine the rake when you have an actual game, and you will let the ball get the right line.


And now you get it- how to hit out of the greenside bunkers? We hope that with our post, you can learn the way to hit the golf successfully.

Try to practice each tip greenside bunker shot, and you will find which is suitable for your style.

Thanks for your time!

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