Hitting Crisp Irons: A Short How-to Guide

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Properly hitting crisp irons is the skill that any golfer should possess if they want to be a skillful player.

In this post, we will show you how to hit irons crisp with ease by providing you with some remarkable notices.

Besides, we would like to share with you some mistakes while hitting iron shots in golf.

Now, let’s scroll down the articles.


5 Keys to Hitting Crisp Irons

#1. Stabilize your head

According to the instruction of many professional golfers of the PGA Tour slightly move their heads less than 1 inch when they swing the iron. However, with amateur golfers, their heads tend to move more than 1 inch during the swing.

Why do you have to stabilize your head? Firstly, it helps you to enhance your vision.

On the other side, you won’t find any difficulty turning your shoulder at a 90-degree angle.

Lastly, it will decide the precision of your golf swing.

#2. Focus your body weight on the forward leg

Usually, amateur golfers shift about 55% of their weight on their front legs.

Yet, the ideal portion of weight should be put on the forward leg and will range from 80 to 95%.

You should put your weight on the forward leg for a better golf swing

#3. Try To Keep Your Forward Wrist Steady

After training these above keys well, you won’t face obstacles when training this method.

If you can keep your front wrist hands flat, you can prevent mistakes like a skulled shot or a fat shot.

#4. Hit The Golf Ball In The Diagonal Direction

This method will assist you to have a hold over your flight path of the golf ball and have a perfect golf swing crisp.

To accomplish this key, when you swing, you should imagine that you are drawing a circle with your club moving up and down.

#5. Manage To Control The Clubface

The contact of the clubface with the golf ball will move the ball forward in a specific direction.

At impact, if the face is closed, golf balls will draw. On the contrary, if the collision is open, golf balls will fade.

Mistakes People Often Make With swing

#1. Striving To Help The Ball Into The Air

Many beginners assume that if they want the ball to go high and far, they have to assist it to fly into the air.

In fact, the accurate way to accurately hit crisp iron shots time after time is to hit down on your irons.

#2. Hesitating To Take A Turf

Taking a divot is also avoided by some professional golfers.

However, you have to be ready to take a turf if you want to successfully make a compressed iron shot.

#3. Taking Inefficient Club

If you don’t take enough club, you may carry out some awful swings, or even terrible misses.

By taking an efficient club, you can deliver amazing approach shots to the desired spot without killing it

#4. Not Fully Turn Your Shoulder

Making a suitable shoulder turn will help you to perform an excellent backswing with your irons.

Methods To Compress A Golf Ball

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#1. Shaft And Stance

The way you stand will slightly adjust due to the club you hit.

A wide stance needs to come with a long club.

However, almost every golfer has a common mistake that stands narrowly in the preparation process.

By having a narrow stance, you may inconveniently turn your shoulder.

A shaft leans with irons is vital for you to manage to compress a golf ball.

#2. Where You Place The Ball

The ball position is similar to your stance.

It means that the position of the ball will slightly alter based on the type of irons you are going to use.

Another side, there is one thing you may notice is that the variation of your moving forward will be influenced by the length of the club.

You will stand more forward with a longer club.

Below are the typical positions of a ball within your stance to perform a shot:

  • Mid Irons: You should place the golf ball not only in the middle of your stance but also in the front
  • Pitching Wedge: Right under your Polo’s buttons and in the center of your stance is where you put the ball
  • Long irons and hybrids: The gap between your shirt’s buttons will be the position for placing a long hybrid and iron

The Importance Of Posture

There is only one thing you have to bear in mind about the posture when making an amazing or awful golf swing: your head position will be the most significant factor.

If you want to get rid of thin and fat shots, you have to prevent your spine from changing its angle by stabilizing your head.

Crisp iron shots in golf can’t be done brilliantly without the appropriate position of your head.

In case you keep your head steady when making a back-swing, but then you bow your head with a downswing.

By doing this, you will have a chunky shot.

While, if you lower your head with a backswing and hold it up in a downswing, you will perform a thin shot.

The reason is that the wedges and irons are more difficult to control than woods, so you may hit your club’s lower grooves.

Three common postures in golfing

To summarize, remember that a proper posture plays a significant role in making a wonderful swing, and the head position is the most important part of getting the right posture.

Practical Drills To Hit Crisp Iron Shots

#1. Drill For Your Head Position

You can simply do this drill at home, and it will help you to keep the position of your head during your swing.

  • Find a mirror, stand in the opposite to it, cross over your chest with your arms
  • Keep staring at yourself in the mirror while moving your shoulders back and forth without a club
  • Bear in mind that you mustn’t lower your head

#2. Drill For Transferring Weight

  • Step on a sand iron with your trail heel
  • Make sure that the sand iron stands up straight
  • If you move your feet properly, the sand iron will drop before you get to hit the crisp golf ball
  • You will see that by doing this, you can reduce the vibration of your arm while holding the club

#3. Drill For Hitting Pure

  • Find a towel, and stuff it under both of your arms so that you can make the connection between your body and your arms
  • Make a half-swing to feel the turning of your body. If you are getting better, you can make a full club swing crisp.

Bottom Lines

We have provided,the instruction you with the most fundamental techniques and notices about how to hit crisp iron shots every time as well as keep precise and power of your swing.

If you can improve your hitting crisp irons after reading this post, let us know in the comment.

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