How To Grip A Putter Properly

For many golfers, finding how to grip a putter is one of the first techniques they must learn and master.

When using this tool, golfers have many different methods and styles to have their ball into the hole.

To help you master the technique, this article will give the update on the method to master your game.


What Is Grip A Golf Putter?

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Before getting to know more about holding a putter, you should first understand the use of this tool.

It is the club that assists you in handling the strokes at a short distance and low speed.

That means you can take this club out to roll your ball into the hole when it is at a short distance.

Even though there are no clubs that you cannot depend on to carry out the important hit, the putter is a specialized club that any golfer must have in their bag.

There is no specific rule for holding this club.

However, the most common method to manage this club includes Crosshand and Reverse Overlap.

Important Points To Grip A Putter

While many people still debate about how to master this tool, there is no absolute wrong or the right way of handling it.

What is important must be the feeling you have when holding a racket.

In whatever situation, you must be comfortable when keeping the racquet in your hand and natural for hitting the ball.

Other than that, some good golfers have shared the common characteristics that you should have when having a putter as follows:

– Keep your two palms facing

– Have your thumbs straight to the grip top

– Hold your grip using the strength of your palms and the assistant of your fingers.

 Technique Putting Grip

Even though there are many different proper putting grip methods for iron, the following three-technique is the most popular one, and you must know as a golfer.

Reverse Overlap Putting

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This technique is the most classic way to hold putters.

For this putter grip method, you should have all your fingers on your right hand to keep your club.

The forefinger in your left hand overlaps for one or three fingers of the right hand.

Developed decades ago, this practice was for popping hit on a rough green.

Among others, the reverse overlap is still the popular gripping way for a racquet.

Cross Hand Putting

The cross-hand method, or so-called “left-hand low,” is the second most popular batter handling technique, reverse-overlap.

In this method, you simply need to reverse the position of your hand.

This means your left hand is at the low point of the putter grip.

This method aims to limit the wrist hinging and lowers your left shoulder in a setup.

And for that, you can level your shoulders and keep the movement of your club effectively impacting the ball.

Many golfers consider this method to improve the accuracy of the hit.

Claw Putting

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Famously known as the splitting option, the claw method does not ask you to interlock your finger but have both hands on your club.

Chris DiMarco famously uses this way to handle clubs in PGA tour.

So, to carry out this putter grip technique, you need to keep the club as you normally do, and the right hand rotates with your thumb under the grip, close to your legs.

The fingers on your right hand do not have to close all around the club; all you need is to keep them fit with the cushioned grip.

By keeping your fingers like that, you can limit the movement of your right wrist and prevent cupping your left wrist.

Difference To Grip Between Putter And Driver

Obviously, for different types of clubs, you should have the right ways to grab them.

And for putter and driver, one of the typical differences must be the requirement for traction level.

More specifically, you will need more strength for one golf swing for drivers because of the long-distance target.

Meanwhile, you will mostly care about the light hit to make your ball into the hole with the tool.

Another difference of gripping between those two is that grip for a racquet is the only version allowed to have a flat edge.

This shows up on the grip front, which instructs you on where to put your thumbs.

Mistakes Golfer Often Make When Using Putter

As a new golfer, your gripping type is not the real matter but the pressure you put onto the stroke.

With the condition that you feel comfortable when holding a club, it will be just fine.

The most popular mistake that many players meet is to put too much pressure on the shot grip.

Many golf coaches say that amateurs usually grasp their putter tighter than the professional play for at least three times.

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Good use of putter is to focus on using your muscles and swing your club naturally.

Your hand must be passive and allow it to touch the ball under limited interference.


That is all instruction about how to grip a putter you should know as a beginner.

You must now have the right way overview to deal with the game and what you should do with this club to hit your ball.

Hope you have the best drill time and success in playing golf.

Hope you have the best drill time and success in playing golf.

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