How To Get Out Of The Sand In Golf?

How to get out of sand in golf? This is a fairly common question among beginners who are just starting in this aristocratic sport.

There are many different ways to deal with a ball falling into a bunker.

Our article today will give you a full range of helpful tips when shooting Sand Bunker to become a professional golfer.


What About Sand In Golf?

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The goal of golfers is always to hit the balls into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible. However, they need to overcome several difficulties to reach impressive results. One of the significant obstacles to golfers is sand holes.

White sand or similar materials are used to fill holes on the golf course. However, fine sandy areas can deflect the ball or reduce attack power if the player lacks proper techniques.

Sand can sometimes interfere with your view as it has the same color as the ball, which can lead to an off-center hit. Moreover, these imprecise blows also make the sand fly up very dusty.

Sand Bunker In Golf

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Sand Bunker, also known as Bunker, is the holes or pits filled with sand. Players will have difficulty if they want to hit the ball out of the bunker. Therefore, bunkers are considered as punishment for golfers when they miss the target on the previous shot.

Of course, the depth of each Bunker is different, depending on the design of the golf course and the slope of the grass hill. So, if you’re lucky enough, it’s not too difficult to get through the shallow holes.

After each bunker, the player or caddy will have to clear the field and rake the sand in the hole. Its purpose is to avoid the shoe imprinting in the sand.

How To Get Out Of The Sand In Golf?

You need to use a separate club to be able to hit the ball out of the bunker. However, to increase the probability of success, you can set up a more proactive pose. Specifically, it would be ideal to perform your shot by stepping into the bunker as it will help create solid support for you.

The grip is also one of the critical factors determining your success. In fact, holding the club with lower pressure will help the ball get out of the bunker and go higher and stop faster on the pitch. For those reasons, it would be ideal if you don’t use too much force but relax your hands.


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Once you have your best-prepared stance, you should be ready to hit your shot perfectly. The shot distance will depend primarily on how far back you move the club. So, please track and align your movements very well. If you slow down or stop as soon as the club touches the ball, it can reduce impact, and the ball will not go out.

Just like any game, your chances of winning will be higher when you are confident in yourself and on the contrary. You will get through times that are not as good or not as expected. But let’s see it as a lesson to draw from the experience and motivation to develop yourself.

Another piece of advice we’d like to give you is to practice hard to improve your golfing skills. Instead of avoiding all the sand traps, try to become a more professional golfer with all the necessary skills. Being physically and mentally prepared will help you to get out of the bunker when playing golf.

Tips To Hit A Sand Bunker Shot Successfully

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Here are some tips for you to be able to shoot a sand bunker:

  • Always keep yourself comfortable and have a positive attitude when dealing with bunkers. This will put the right amount of force on the ball and make your ball line more precise.
  • The hitting posture is also essential as it helps the ball’s trajectory be more determined and accurate. You need to put 80% of your body weight on your forelegs. You will then perform this shot by gently swinging the stick to the left and hitting the ball with an inclination of about 2-3 degrees.
  • When holding the cane, remember to keep the wrists slightly bent. It will help the ball and make your shot higher and softer.
  • When you do a swing, use a half-back rotation. At this point, the hands will be evenly placed, and the body will turn backward. Note that you only rotate your shoulder without affecting the other parts.
  • Try to observe your target before swinging with force. This technique will get you the best sense of space to take the shot from Sand Bunkie. In particular, the deeper the hole, the more force you have to use to get the ball out.


We have provided the popular workarounds and skills needed to get you ready for any ball situation in the Sand Bunkie.

Hopefully, this article could all resolve your queries related to the question “How to get out of the sand in golf?”. Good luck!

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