How To Get Backspin On The Golf Ball?

Putting a backspin on the golf ball is a crucial skill in this well-liked sport.

Every player loves to do that, yet hardly anyone knows how it is done.

The below formula will guide you on how to get backspin.

You can become a trained golfer rapidly whether you follow these sharings below.

How To Put Backspin On A Golf ball - Step By Step Guide – Golf Swing Experts


What Is Backspin On The Golf Ball?

You may already put backspin on your golf ball.

Mentioning backspin means that we are pointing out a golf ball’s backward rotation as it flies through the air.

Moreover, Spin Rate is the term used to refer to the amount of backspin on the golf ball.

Two main reasons define the importance of backspin in a golf shot: Lift and Control.

In detail, you can hit the ball further by creating lift on the golf ball, and the backspin can control your golf ball once it lands on the ground.

Important points make an excellent backspin

Important Points To Get Backspin An Excellent

The top 3 elements that impact golf ball backspin and make it more successful consist of the Clubhead speed, the Spin loft, and the Friction.

The Clubhead Speed

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The clubhead speed refers to the speed that the clubhead travels with when it hits the ball, and you could generate the spin rate easier by high clubhead speed.

You must focus on this skill as it is the simple one of the three factors mentioned above.

You could generate a lot more spin on the golf ball with higher clubhead speed on the wedge shot.

Spin Loft


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In order to spin the ball back towards you after the golf ball lands on the green, the spin loft is necessary, and it is created by Angle of Attack and the Dynamic Loft.

The Angle of Attack is defined as the line your club head takes to make contact with the golf ball at impact.

It usually is around 7 degrees on pitch-shot.

Next, the Dynamic Loft is the loft of the clubs at impact.

It is determined by your hit and how the shaft is ranged at the mark.

For boosting the chances for backspin, it is essential to have a wedge with the right amount of loft and down the angle of attack.


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What is Friction in golf? It may be explained as the force between the golf ball and the surface or the club face.

The stronger this force is, the more spin can be created.

Hence, for the ball to spin backward when it lands, you need to ensure that there is a high amount of friction between the golf ball and clubface.

To get more backspin, you could create good friction by a dead solid strike.

Make sure your technique is good with better conditions to gain a successful spin rate.

To create good friction, all you need is a dead solid strike

Backspin Technique Do In 5 Steps

The proper ball location and posture

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At first, you need to locate the place where the ball should be for backspin.

In general, putting the ball in the middle of your posture is a good idea, and almost all golfer use this method.

Nevertheless, you have to change your strategy a little bit while creating a backspin: place your ball nearer to your back foot because you could hit it down easily from this spot.

Here is how to get a proper step: Move the clubs backward until the end of it on the contrary side of the middle of your back foot thigh.

Once it is in place, you have done it correctly.

Have the right angle

To get the angle correct, you have to hinge the fingers sooner.

And the next thing going to do is to watch your backswing and make sure the coming down angle is steep.

Avoid shots the turf in advance

The flawless backspin shot requires the beginning with the ball hitting, then the turf.

Otherwise, hitting the turf first will take away your chance of affecting your golf ball’s friction, leading to a lower backspin.

How can you ensure the previous step? The answer is (that) you must attempt to hit the ball down on the clubface.

However, pay attention to the risk of hitting too short on the face, as you can get the wrong shots.

Mapping your shot

Knowing the accurate technique means that you have the “incantation” of a winner since the subconscious minds always take over in any sport.

If the golf ball stops or jumps forward before the backspin happens, you will fail.

Hence, your understanding of the process of how the ball moves (after it comes down) is essential as it is a critical step to analyze the requirements we talked about above.

You can imagine the shot going in your thinking.

Practical drills

How to get backspin on the golf ball more effectively? Let’s follow these great drills:

Set-up your backspin

Get started by putting your club behind the ball.

Next, you raise the club face slightly, establish an open posture aiming your body to the left side, and take your weight’s 60 to 70 percent on the left foot.

How to put backspin swing club correctly

So as to answer the question of how to put backspin correctly, you have to do as follow

Shifting your weight to the left foot, swinging the club down at the ball, and then creating more backspin by the wedge.

It would be best only to make a gentle twist when turning your body, arms, and controlling into the backswing.

After swinging down, you continue keeping the clubface open, and then you can generate lots of backspin.

Many golfers often hit the ground first instead of hitting the golf balls

Backspin drill on the pitching shot

On the pitch shot, if you want to put enough backspin, you need to keep away from hitting the ground first.

Why? Because another object getting in between the ball and clubface reduces backspin.

Mistakes golfers often make when getting backspin


Moving all distractions out of your mind as they may affect your performance.

Do not think of other errands like sending mails, receiving messages from work, what to eat tonight with your family, etc.

It’s crucial to concentrate on what you are doing now – present shots and how to get backspin.

Obsessed With Score

Instead of thinking of scoring too much, which will lead to anxiety and tension, you had better control of the current shots.

The best golfer often uses a post-shots routine to learn experience.

They do not criticize their performance and results.

Lack Of Course Management

Knowing your strengths and limitations will help you make better decisions and shoot lower scores.

Do not play the game with your ego!

Losing Confidence

Next up, avoiding playing golf with doubt and fear.

You should have faith in yourself and improve your performance by focusing on skills and emotion.

Whereas, if you do not believe yourself or you are always afraid of being wrong, you will lose the game.


In brief, backspin is an indispensable technique that makes your ball hitting greater.

Being good at practice this core skill will allow you to land the ball beyond the hole, then the spin will carry it backward in the direction of the hole.

Please pay attention to all sharings of how to get backspin on the golf ball, they will help you become a professional player someday.

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