How To Drop A Golf Ball Correctly?

Learning how to drop a golf ball correctly is extremely important to all players of all levels, no matter what level you are. The reason is that the way you affect your performance and shooting score.

If you are a newbie, this article below is beneficial for your very first dropping. It will guide you on how to start and practice a ball dropping most virtually.

Let’s read on!


Something About To Drop A Ball

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Some golfers may think that dropping a ball is not a difficult task for them in golf rounds. You just need to drop onto the green to complete, right? However, reality has proven the opposite.

Although this is a movement that does not require too many complicated steps, it requires a completely precise technique. This is considered as a base step for you to create long shots and high scores.

Specifically, rules of golf have changed and updated, including the dropping ball rule. Therefore, all players must grasp the exact way to successfully drop a ball, especially beginners.

The Difference Between The Old Rule And The New Rule

To make rules info of golf easier to follow and more practical to all players, officials from USGA and R&A and golf governing bodies have changed and reorganized them on January 1, 2019. This profound change leads to differences between the old rule and the new one.

Full list: Proposed changes to the Rules of Golf | Golf Channel

First, if there are 34 rules in the old version, the rules in this new 2019 version are shortened to the number 24. Moreover, the language in this new variant is also simplified to make it easier for players to understand.

Moreover, for the first time, the concept of the penalty area appears to refer to water hazards, areas such as landfill pits or wooded stands. When seeing these areas, golfers can ground a club or move loose obstacles that are prevented at risk.

Players must follow a standard method of dropping a ball in the past rule. More specifically, the golfers are required to extend their arms outward and drop from shoulder height. Nonetheless, in the latest rule version, a player releases a ball from knee-high.

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Furthermore, presently golfers must remove the flagstick in the hole when putting from on the green. Still, this is not the obligatory thing in the traditional rule of golf variant.

The last difference is the time permitted to seek a ball. Golfers have 5 minutes to find the ball in the former rule, but only 3 minutes in the new one.

How To Drop Correctly

As mentioned above, one of the major changes in the rule consists to drop the golf rule. Notwithstanding, this rule has just been adopted, many golfers may not be familiar with this new way to drop the ball from the height of the knee.

Instead, they follow the old rule version – dropping the golf balls from shoulder height. However, this is the old way and is no longer accepted. Players must practice and apply prevailing rules to limit the extent to which a ball will dip into the sand in a bunker.

Put a ball in hand

Ball dropping procedure - England Golf

First, you need to put a golf ball in your hand. Hand drop the ball should be your dominant hand, not the non-dominant one. The reason is that if you do this with your non-dominant hand, it will make your drop awkward and not achieve good results.

Bend over your shirtwaist

Next, you should curl over at the waist. Actually, there is no requirement for posture when dropping. You can kneel or even sit down in that area if you want as long as you take a drop from the height of your knees.

Determine knee height

Then, you put the dropping hand in front of the body, lifted the ball as high as the knee. The other hand should be placed at the knee as a gesture to determine the height of your knee.

Drop the golf ball

After the steps above, you just need to complete this moved. You have to keep in mind that the ball should fall straight off your fingers. Also, it has to land on the spot without touching any part of your body and equipment.

Mistakes Often Make When Drop The Ball – Club Penalty Area

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Here are common mistakes you can see and, should know to avoid for a better dropping performance.

  1. Some players may do the wrong bend. They bend their knees to the opposite side of the drop arm, then drop their arms uncomfortably down to knee level and let go.
  2. Some Handicap players can find it hard to find the precise height of their knees. They easily tend to drop the ball over or under knee height.
  3. Some players even drop the golf ball from the spectator’s knees height, not from theirs.
  4. Players make the ball they drop to touch the body or equipment. In this case, no penalty will occur.
  5. Sometimes, they also drop the golf ball outside the relief area on a slope as they think it will jump back in. Though in real life, it is not.

Wrapping Up

It is a requirement to grasp how to drop a golf ball correctly for every single golfer at all levels.

If you want to have shootings with high scores, you need to learn how to properly take relief from the ball.

We hope that the quick but effective guide will be close useful for your trials dropped ball before matches as long as you are a hard-working golfer.

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