How To Cure A Slice In Golf

A slice is a horrible shot, robbing you of your potential distance, power, and patience.

Unfortunately, slicing is a common golf mistake, most players struggle with fixing slices, making it tough to play the sports.

And if you can’t hit the right way, it’s just the worst feeling.

The question is, how to cure a slice in golf? Find out the answer right down below.

How To Cure A Slice - Practical Tips


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A game of golf shot curved off too much to the right is known as a slice, making it hard to control the clubface.

Even worse, a slice can completely push your ball off the right track,   pulling it sideways, creating sidespin that hardly any golf player would want to encounter.

Below are three common causes of a slice.

Incorrect Upper Body Posture

The most common reason for a slice is starting a swing with arms or shoulders, not with the lower body.

If your upper body is too active, it makes your movement happen too quickly, and there will be a lack of flexibility.

Improper Alignment

There is nothing that makes the worst slice than trying to aim further to your left.

And it’s likely that they will over-rotate, pulling the ball with the clubface still open.

Weak Grip

If your hold on the grip is not strong enough, it results in an open clubface.

And the misoriented butter fade will then soon put you off from golfing.

5 Keys You Need To Master To Make A Good Cure


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Never Aim Left Drill

A slice normally fades too much to the right, but it does not mean you should fix it by aiming to the left.

Instead, aim straight.

With that being said, many professionals prefer to hit fades, and we’re not going to debate it here.

If you think you are good enough, you are free to do things their way.

Properly Set Up Your Golf Ball And Grip

While setting up for your hit, try moving your golf ball a bit further back to your stance, and you will find it more natural to swing.

Also, notice the grip, if your left hand is too far below the club, you may need to fix it.

Rotate it clockwise until you see the three knuckles.

Notice Your Divots

Learn from your divots; the good idea is to take note of your slices.

Time after time, you will move closer to consistency in hitting shots straight down in the middle.

Keep Your Elbow In Place Drill

When your backswing, keep your elbow close to your body.

It may feel awkward at first, but this posture enables you to swing straight in a path aligned to the line of the ball.

It also reduces the possibility of steep downsizing, making the ball easier to follow through without fading to the right.

Transfer Your Weight

An easy way to practice controlling your weight is to place your golf bag near your front foot and let it touch your left thigh.

If you transfer your weight properly, your thigh will come into contact with the golf bag, reinforcing your backswing and downsizing accuracy.

Cure Technique Drill

How to Fix a Slice in 5 minutes | Instruction | Golf Digest

Backward Loop Drill

People normally sole the clubhead without much thinking, but if you want to fix the slice, try placing it in front of the ball.

After that, make a slow circular motion with your hands, then swing the club in the direction toward your target.

Keep doing this over your head then down and over the golf ball.

When you swing, pay attention to the loop, as when the club reaches the golf ball, it will dive onto a shallower plane naturally.

Correct Your Body Turn Into The Drill

As you nailed the circle motion, repeat the loop, but this time add your shoulder turn.

First steps, raise the clubhead from behind the golf ball to above your head.

Keep it on the shallower plane you just created as you turn your shoulders back.

And now you are ready to hit the golf ball.

Transition From Practice To Real Golf Swing Drill

With your left arm before your chest, raise the club in a 2/3 backswing position, then hit the swings fully.

As you move from the backswing to actually make the shot, you will feel the loop again, and you will see the result very much improved after some practice.

The Importance Of Posture In Cure A Golf Slice

How to Get the Perfect Golf Posture in 5 Simple Steps — Hitting It ...

Correct posture makes it easier to keep your swing consistent.

Many golfers seem to overlook the importance of a proper posture before, during, and after the swing.

However, its significance is much greater than you think.

An appropriately aligned posture helps your body turn correctly and promotes better body balance.

A golf swing mostly involves the rotation of your mid-back, not your low back.

That’s why we should make focus on the thoracic vertebra throughout our swing.

Without the right posture, there will be a great loss in your golf power as your spinal rotation did not work the way it was supposed.

Also, a false body angle will result in you having to rely on your hands and upper body movement.

Consequently, a slice will just be right up the corner, waiting for you every time you swing.

Mistakes Golfer Often Make When Curing A Slice

Ever found yourself making these mistakes? Time to stop slicing the ball and fix bad habits.

  • No warm-up before the game – Warming up is much more important than you think. Flexed muscles are the release key to a powerful swing.
  • Use the wrong club – Investing in your clubs is always a good idea. It helps remove the swing flaws without your additional effort.
  • Swing too hard and grip too tight – Sure, try slowing down and relax your hands, you will have better control over the swing time. Your shots will then be cleaner and more consistent.
  • Lack of shoulder turn – Failure to make a full shoulder turn and improper body alignment are major contributors to bad shots. Everything again comes down to a proper posture.
  • Poor timing and acceleration – Don’t rush toward the club and don’t decelerate on your forward swing. A perfect swing always looks unhurried.


Curing a slice should be a daunting task.

With a personal certain amount of practice and patience, you will soon swing your shots straight while keeping fade to a minimum.

This article guide on how to cure a slice in golf hopefully helps you with the skills to make the golf ball fall right down in the middle

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