How To Clean Golf Club Face

Golf is such an expensive sport.

People call it an “elite pastime activity” for rich people and have a lot of time since golf demands a lot of contribution to become an expert.

From golfing equipment, sports clothes to learning free, golf consumes you a lot.

To be specific, the golf club must be the one that makes you concerned most because it is the core and basic equipment of the sport.

However, it is also fragile equipment that requires you to treat and clean it with care.

In this post, let’s learn how to clean the golf club face properly!


How To Clean Golf Clubs Face?

Preparation Cleaning

Before getting to the golf club face cleaning, we should discuss the tools you need to have.

Based on our experience, you must prepare a big bucket to contain water, a towel or damp cloth, soap or dishwashing liquid, and a brush.

More specifically, the bucket’s function is to store water, soap to remove all dirt remaining, brush to pick out the debris, cloth to dry the object.

Warm water, on the other hand, is required since it can stimulate the dirty-picking process.

The soap later will remove the residue left on the face, making the clubface cleaner than ever.

It can also keep the face shiny more than before.

Meanwhile, you must have a brush to pick out the debris because there could be much dirt staying in the small corners inside the clubface that you cannot remove without using the brush.

Step-by-step process to clean golf club head

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Before vs. After Cleaning

The first step of the process is to fill up your bucket with warm water.

Please note that the water must be warm, not too hot, or too cold since the heat can damage the bucket’s material, and cold water is ineffective in cleaning.

Then, add about 3 to 4 tablespoons of soap or mild dishwashing liquid into the water.

Use the brush to mix them moderately to make a mixture of warm water – soap.

The heat will stimulate the process of picking up dirt from the club.

Following that, soak the dirty golf club faces into the soapy warm water mixture.

You just need to rub the face by hand to get it clean thoroughly. After rubbing, let it sit in the warm water for 10 minutes.

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Soak the club into soapy water

In case your club is used in muddy and mushy areas, which have a lot of mud and dirt, it’s a must to brush the clubface.

We all understand that these places have a lot of debris that can get stuck inside the clubface, right?

How to brush the club heads, then? Well, it is simple: just use the brush to rub the clubface slightly, from top to bottom, left to right.

Pay attention to small grooves on the equipment. We believe that the debris stays there the most.

Please remember to rub the face slightly enough not to make the tool scratched.

Also, submerge the golf club in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes after scrubbing it.

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Brush the clubface

When the soaking time comes to an end, please take out the golf club and run it under fresh water.

Be careful not to let the water flow inside the shaft and the grip!

Ensure that the club is completely clean and there is no residue remaining because the water line can leave a residue on the club’s face, which will make it look ugly.

Consequently, dry the clubhead with a towel.

You can also use dry tissue or damp cloth to cover the club; regardless of the cleaning material, you must always be mindful that: the cloth must not be rough or rusty, as it can possibly scratch the exterior layer of the golf clubface.

Ten minutes have gone by, and the golf club is dry.

What should you do now to maintain the golf club as shiny as before?

Well, we advise you to apply a thin layer of chrome or steel polish powder on the face and rub it gently along the head.

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Shiny golf club

Following that, leave the golf club dry for about 3 minutes, and you’ve finished the clean and polishing procedure.

Regarding the washing frequency, we think that clean the club’s face with soap or dishwashing liquid once a week or twice a month is good enough.

If you play golf professionally or practice in a muddy area, then weekly maintenance is a must.

Otherwise, just simply wash your golf club twice a month.

It would be better if you still had some daily care for your golf equipment.

For simple daily clean: Use fresh water to quickly clean the golf club’s head every day or twice a week to remain the tool at its best status.

How To Maintain The Golf Clubs Face Better – Useful Tips

  • Use warm water to clean the golf club for faster effects.
  • Focus on brushing the grooves since that is the “nest” of dirt.
  • Required to remove all soap residue.
  • Apply chrome and steel polish powder after cleaning to make the golf club face shinier and sturdier.
  • Only soak the club’s face into warm water, not the grip. Otherwise, you can damage the grip.


In this article, we have highlighted how to clean golf clubface properly.

In short, there are about nine small steps to get the face clean, and you must follow the guide carefully without skipping any stages.

In fact, there are different ways to clean and maintain the well-being of the golf club, and what we guide is just common and most useful recommendations.

Please feel free to seek further information.

We hope that this piece of information can help you in your golfing journey.

Enjoy your practice time, and have fun golfing!

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