How To Choose A Golf Club Set

Playing golf has been a trendy pastime recently, regardless of age and gender.

Before taking up this hobby, people mostly ask how to choose a golf club set as the most fundamental thing.

The golf clubs make a difference in your swing, thus determining how well you play.

It is why picking the right golf club sets is important.

This article will show you the way to get a set that fits you most.


How To Choose Golf Clubs Set

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To pick up a suitable club set, the first thing you should know is your skill level.

There is no need for a beginner to buy a high-end sets at an expensive price and vice versa.

Then, consider the type and the features of the golf clubs.

Each type comes with a different design, allowing different loft angles and distances.

Besides, you should take the golf club’s features into account since they determine the quality of your swing.

Now, let’s dive right into the detailed guideline!

What Is Your Golfing Level?

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If you are getting the first taste of golf, chances are you will be confused about choosing the golf club set.

It is better to thoroughly research and read all reviews.

As a novice, you don’t have to buy high-quality golf sets because the basic practice requires no advanced technique.

It is a wise choice to get a used one.

We recommend buying club sets that come with 3 woods, a driver, a putter, and odd-numbered irons (3, 5, 7, 9).

These golf clubs have larger sweet spots and faces, enabling you to hit the target in the short par-3s easier.

Intermediate / Advanced Players

Experienced golfers tend to invest in more tailored and personalized golf gear to gain more advanced skills.

In such a case, it is better to find golf clubs set from top brand names.

As you are switching from a handicap to an intermediate player, consider adding some wedges into your bag.

This type is a great alternative to long irons, which require more skill and techniques to use.

If you are an advanced player, it’s time to step into a new level with long irons, allowing you to reach the par-4s and par-5s.

Custom fitting becomes as important as your fingerprint since it ensures your swing characteristics.

Types Of Golf Clubs

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The highlight of drivers is distance, supporting you to reach as far as possible.

Most manufacturers use carbon composite or titanium to make drivers.

These materials are much lighter than steel, thus allowing them to increase the size of the head.

A beginner will find the golf clubs with a larger head easy to make the right shot.

The loft of this type ranges from 8 to 13 degrees.

This quality suits beginners since it makes the ball airborne more easily.


Wood is a fundamental type of golf clubs in the bag of any golfer and can replace a driver.

Both are commonly used to hit the tee off in the first swing.

Don’t mistake that wood clubs will contain wood.

They are made from steel or titanium.

The steel wood is more affordable, yet the titanium one can help the golf balls airborne quickly.

Manufacturers have placed more weight inside the golf clubs heads to ensure that you make a square and correct swing.

This feature is ideal for new learners who are not skillful enough to get an accurate shot.


This type is the hardest to play in the golf bags, yet the most beloved one for experienced players.

Using irons is a way to show off your skills and techniques since it is difficult to master.

Irons allow you to shape your flight and increase the ball speed through weight movement, directly determining how professionally you perform.

You can have a whole iron set, but the most popular ones are 3- and 4-iron.

The 3-iron comes with the lowest loft (about 20 degrees), supporting a long and powerful hit.

Meanwhile, the 4-iron does its best to enhance accuracy in a short distance.


Picking up the right wedge at the right time can dramatically change the game by gaining a good score.

Wedges are more suitable for experienced golfers since using them requires lots of calculations and strategies.

Wedges include lob wedge (LW), sand wedge (SW), gap wedge (GW), and pitching wedge (PW).

PW’s loft is somewhere between 46 and 50 degrees, best used for shots of 120 yards or thereabout.

The loft of GW is from 50 to 55 degrees, resulting in a shorter shot than the PW.

Meanwhile, SW’s loft ranges from 54 to 58 degrees, ideal for bunker play.

The last one, LW, is the highest-lofted, from 60 to 64 degrees. LW can create a super steep angle to make high flights in cases like getting over a tree.


Putters seem to play a vague role in the clubs bag.

However, they are basic golf clubs, useful to send the ball home if you are on the green.

You can make a relatively low-speed and short swing with a putter.

Therefore, if you are about to start your golf journey, the putters can be a good friend.

Features To Consider

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The grip thickness can significantly affect your swing.

A too-thin grip will make golfers use more strength in the swing than need.

On the other hand, your hands will be restricted if the grip is too thick.

There is a tip to choose a proper grip.

If your ring and middle fingers slightly touch the thumb, then you get the right one.


Choosing the right length of the shafts is crucial when buying golf clubs.

It is advisable to check your height and physical strength beforehand.

To play at their best, taller golfers need longer shafts and vice versa.

Besides, you should consider the shaft flex to make a wise choice.

A shaft that is too stiff can create lower flights, while a too soft shafts cause ballooning.


The loft determines the flight shape as well as the distance.

A club coming with a low loft will allow the ball a longer distance than the other one.

Meanwhile, a higher loft can form a steeper angle.

You can visually measure the loft of the golf clubs.

As for a loft with a high degree, the clubface will be more horizontally angled compared to the other option.


Having various sizes of golf clubs heads can benefit you if you want to make the best use of your golf clubs set.

There are standard, midsize, and oversized heads, offered by most brands.

Normally, a large clubhead will bring more forgiveness to your swing.

Beginners often opt for an oversized head as it helps them gain good results despite making poor hits.


Here are some questions you might wonder when picking up a golf clubs set.

How much does a golf club set cost?

It depends on the type, sets, manufacturer, and age.

On average, the price tag ranges between 250 USD to 350 USD, but a high-quality golf clubs set can cost as much as 1000 USD.

If budget is your concern, you can buy a secondhand sets at a more affordable price.

However, it is better to try it beforehand to ensure quality.

How to keep your golf club in good condition?

Keep it dry: It is essential to store your golf club set indoor and stay away from wet conditions.

The water evaporation makes it prone to rust, damaging all the clubs.

Use headcovers: Putting head covers on your golf clubs is always wise since they protect the club heads from breaking during transportation or taking out and putting back in the bag.

Frequently clean with a towel: Cleaning the clubs after playing can get rid of the dirt, debris, and even water from the course.

Keeping it clean reduces the risk of rust and allows it to last longer.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, knowing how to choose a golf clubs set is incredibly worthy.

Having a proper set of golf clubs can improve your swing, thus bringing you more achievements.

To do it, you should understand your golfing level as well as consider the type and features of the club.

It’s time to have one and get your game on!

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