GX7 Golf Club Review

Keep reading this Gx7 Golf Club review if you are looking for a driver for entry-level or intermediate golfers.

The Gx7 Golf Club features a user-friendly design to swing and control more easily.

The quality is trustworthy, meanwhile, the price is also affordable.

However, the club is not coming with bells and whistles to help leverage your skill quickly.

Scrolling down for more information.

GX-7 “X-Metal” Men’s & Women’s Models

“I’m quite satisfied with this club. It’s a real game-changer for me!

Product highlights:

  • More control and accuracy
  • Custom designed
  • 5 custom shaft flexes
  • Legal for tournaments

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Pros & Cons


  • Affordable for the beginners and intermediates
  • The shorter shaft means ease of swing and control
  • The higher swing speed comes with a remaining control
  • The higher launch angle, along with less sidespin
  • The long loft which is as helpful as a distance driver
  • A versatile construction: for tee box and fairway


  • Not very helpful to practice advanced skills
  • Fixed hosel without allowing adjusting the loft
  • A little impact on hollow when not catching sweet spot


Design and Technology of the GX7 Club

GX-7 X-Metal -- It's A Modern Version Two-Wood | Dog Leg News

All in all, the GX7 Golf Club is designed with the accuracy of 3 fairway wood and the ideal distance of the driver.

To be exact, with some interesting technologies as follows:

High-density tungsten wrap

The manufacturer adopts the high-density tungsten for the trailing edge around the bar.

This is excitingly helpful in two ways.

First off, the tungsten wrap creates a low gravity center by pulling the clubhead down and back.

As a result, the spin rate and launch angle are significantly improved to help the balls go further.

Secondly, the tungsten trailing edge increases the moment of inertia (MOT.)

Accordingly, the club tends to move mass to the perimeter. Such the off-center shots, eventually, improve the forgiveness and accuracy.

The iron-like leading edge

Positioned at the clubface bottom and in the border with the sole, the leading edge is the place where initially penetrates the ground when you strike a ball.

The mimics of the base sole is of a 7-iron golf club.

Such the iron-like leading edge is softly-curved from the heal of the club to its toe.

Accordingly, the GX7 can be flexibly used as a fairway wood or a tee box when it glides across the fairway or rough surface.

More importantly, you do not need to worry about the dig, snag, or bounce against the ball.

In other words, the golfers can close the clubface and squarely capture the golf balls.

No friction zone found behind the edge

What is the “no friction zone”?

Simply put, this fairway wood club always sits above the ground thanks to the skipping-off sole when striking the balls.

Fast clubface and progression

The clubface is ultra-thin and lightweight to celebrate the speed across the face, as well as the energy transfer.

For that reason, the balls will travel in a long-distance and with increased forgiveness.

The trampoline effect created by the face will help improve the overall accuracy.

And, the golfers can easily handle the hook and slice and deliver better consistency.

Notable Features

GX7 Driver Golf Club Review - [Best Price + Where to Buy]

Specifications of the GX7

  • The loft of 14 inches
  • The clubhead of 267cc
  • The overall length of 43 inches. The lady-version is 42 inches
  • A graphite shaft with 5 flexes: stiff, senior, senior plus, regular, and ladies
  • Headcover included in the package

The shorter shaft means ease of swing and control

With a purpose to optimize the GX7 for an iron-like experience, the manufacture has developed this club with a shorter shaft.

This is a big plus, making it a good choice for the beginners who are seeking an easy to control the club and the intermediates who are still confused with how to move from an iron club to the fairway wood.

Accordingly, the swing with the GX7 club contacts more directly to the ball to improve the speed.

What’s more, the golf club is getting back to the square right after meeting the ball.

The higher swing speed with a remaining control

The beginners always find it hard to gradually improve the swing speed while still remaining the stable control of the club at the same time.

Fortunately, the Gx7 Golf Club can help with several specifications as we mentioned right above: the shorter shaft length, the large loft angle, and the lower center of gravity.

We want to focus on the last characteristic as many golfers might underestimate its benefits.

Accordingly, the clubhead of the GX7 is as half as the normal – only 267cc in volume.

Such the lower gravity supports additional lift and energy to lower the ball to perform higher shots and soft landings.

This, overall, contribute to the fact that the Gx7 Golf Club mimics an iron.

The long loft which is as helpful as a distance driver

Typically, the loft of driver ranges around 10 inches.

Meanwhile, that of the GX7 is exceptionally large at 14 inches.

Although it is still a little less in comparison with the 3 fairway wood, the golf club is still an uptick at its price category.

The higher launch angle, along with less sidespin

As an entry-level player, you might have to struggle with many tough balls.

For example, when you hooking the ball without the optimized sidespin, the weak swing will end up slicing the club inside or inside from the path of the golf balls.

Consequently, the balls go in the wrong direction from the hole.

Ideally, the higher launch angle will help get the ball into the air with more consistency.

Meanwhile, reduced sidespin improves accuracy.

In other words, it minimizes the penalty of imparting sidespin effect.

A versatile and value for money

From all benefits above, you might already figure out that the GX7 golf club is recommended for beginners to grow a set of fundamental skills sparingly over time.

Even better, high handicappers also consider this gold club as the primary club-off the tee due to its wider loft and shorter shaft.

Whatever purpose you have, the plus to take note is that this club is a budget-friendly option.

Things to Consider before Buying a Fairway Wood

A fairway wood lies somewhere between the traditional driver and the modern hybrid.

Accordingly, it often comes with shorter shafts and higher lofts, making them ideal for long-distance shots.

3 or 5 fairway wood

Do you know what the number of golf clubs means?

If not, then you can save this simple rule: the lower the golf club is, the lower the loft you can expect.

A fairway wood is usually either 3 wood or 5 wood.

  • With 3 fairway wood, the balls travel further
  • Meanwhile, with 5 fairway wood, the balls travel higher

Loft – The more, the higher of balls

The loft affects the trajectory and the shot distance.

When it comes to 3 wood, the 15-to-18 degree loft is commonly used.

And, 5 wood features the loft ranging from 20 to 22 degrees.

However, many options for fairway wood now support the adjustable hosel to increase or decrease the loft between 4 and 5 degrees to optimize the ball’s flight.

Shaft – The right one improves the distance by 20%

Accordingly, the long shafts provide more distance by increasing the clubhead speed.

Nonetheless, you might have to sacrifice a bit the ability of control.

Moreover, lightweight shafts increase the speed of the swing and add yardage to the golf shots.

Most suitable fairway woods are paired with graphite because they are as light as 50 to 75 grams, along with various flexes for all swing speeds.

Materials – Choose between 3 common options

Fairway woods are made of steel, titanium, or composite. Which to choose is mostly based on your budget.

  • Steel is inexpensive, meanwhile, it is strong and high-forgiveness
  • Titanium is naturally lightweight. It is usually found on large-head fairway woods. The drawback is the price tag.
  • The Composite is light enough to be positioned on the clubhead to perimeter the weight.

Possible Alternatives of Gx7 Golf Club

Cobra King F8 Fairway Wood

The Cobra King F8 Fairway Wood 3-4 W is more advanced than the Gx7 Golf Club for the fact that the club comes with different choices of size and that the loft is adjustable.

The price is varying, accordingly.

With such a variety, the Cobra is suitable for golfers at all handicap levels.

Some key features you might want to take note include:

  • The steeper sole, along with the wide loft will increase the overall turf interaction from different angles
  • The polymer cover and sole drag other the carbon-fiber crown to improve the durability
  • The variety of face thickness support an elliptical and broad “sweet zone”

TaylorMade RBZ Fairway Wood

So far, this TaylorMade RBZ is among the best-seller fairway wood.

Thus, you can infer that this club comes with more advanced features than the Gx7.

Take the pull-face construction, for instance.

It helps hit the ball fairway for 300 yards away and beyond. Very powerful!

Interestingly enough, the price is even less.

Highlighted features:

  • All in all, aggressive style and reliable performance
  • The renovated Speed Pocket to lengthen the distance and promote the ball launch
  • A lower center of gravity and the strategical mass-pad position to optimize your golfing experience
  • Panted TaylorMade shaft, grip, loft, and more

TaylorMade Rocketballz RBZ Driver

Another good choice from the TaylorMade.

In comparison with the Gx7, this is a better distance drive, which is surprisingly lightweight, grip comfort, aerodynamics, and more.

Moreover, it allows adjusting the loft with ease.

The club adopts many fancy technologies:

  • Ball-flight controlling technology to decrease or increase the loft
  • The inverted core technology to maximize the off-center hits and enlarge the sweet spot
  • The standard Matrix X-con shaft which is suitable for many players


What is the length of the club?

The club is 43 inches in the whole.

How long is a standard flex for this club?

You can go for Senior flex or Regular flex.

Both are possibly sliced in the GX7 Golf Club. The difference is the swing speeds.

The S flex goes well with the speeds of 70-80 mph.

Meanwhile, the R flex is recommended for swing speeds at 80 -90 mph.

Does Gx7 Golf Club come with the headcover?

Yes, you can find a quality headcover within the package.

It is recommended to bring this cover every time you head out to the golf course to protect the clubhead.

What to buy: A left-handed or a right-handed club?

A rule of thumb.

If it is your habit to swing right-handed, then go for the right-handed GX7 club. Otherwise, choose the left one.

What shaft is recommended?

The GX7 Golf Club can be used as a 3 fairway wood.

You can use one among the following 4 shafts:

  • The stiff of 90+ mph swing speed
  • The regular of 80 – 90 mph swing speed
  • The senior of 70-80 mph swing speed
  • And, the senior plus of 70 mph and under swing speed


I hope that my Gx7 golf club review above has covered all you need to know about this popular club.

Check the features carefully and take our buying guide and product comparisons into account to make the right choice.

Then, enjoy the games!

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