Golf Posture

It is essential for new golfers to read the basic technical instructions to take the first steps in practicing this sport.

Once you can acquire and apply them, you will continue to learn more advanced golfing techniques.

Hence, this article will provide golf posture that helps you reach nice and effective golf swings.

By the side, you can prevent your spine from injury with the right skills.


What Is Posture In Golf?

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Basically, golf swing posture is the correct technique to have a great swing.

A good hit pose also relates to your preparation, strike force, and angle of observation.

For those who want to perform a nice swing, it is necessary to practice regularly to have a correct hit with skillfulness.

So, which part of your body does affect your posture?

We guess the first thing that comes to your mind must be the position of the spine.

Not only that, but it’s also about your head, shoulders, waist, and hips, so on.

Keep reading to find out how to make a better hit in golf!

Importance Of Having The Correct Posture

Playing sports with the proper technique is really important, and golf is no exception.

A shot with perfect posture will help you maintain your joy and passion, avoid unnecessary injuries, score a lot of points, and create an impressive shot.

The interesting feature about golf is that you can still enjoy this sport no matter how old you are.

because it does not require too much strength as compared to other activities, but the player needs to put more emphasis on their skill and strategy.

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To become the master golfers, you will need sharp observation, accurate calculation, smooth application of force.

But first, you have to learn how to have a great posture.

You must be aware that the correct posture when playing is very important and it can affect you a lot.

Assuming your bones are bent when you warm up, it will try to straighten during the swing, and of course, this will drain your energy.

Hence, keep playing golf with proper posture and prevent yourself from injury, then this sport will bring you considerable health benefits.

Professional golfers always maintain the same posture and bone angle from warm-up to exercise, creating a flexible connection at the arms, hands, and club head for the freedom to create an acceleration through the ball.

It can be said that standard shots with great posture is the prerequisite step for beautiful shots and perfect scores.

In other words, a good position plays a part in making your body move in the correct way, creating a standard force and correct angle, and getting the ball to the position you want.

Position- Posture Perfect In Golf

Whenever you are playing or practicing, the standing position will have a relative change for each shot.

A posture is perfect when straight back, legs slightly slack, not hunched over, and leaning toward the ball.

How To Achieve The Perfect Golf Posture When You Play Golf? - Golf Simple Guide

To get the greatest advantage in later practice, you had better learn the basic postures as we introduce in this article.

It can be said that a correct swing will enhance the motivation of players in golf.

Once the amateurs progress, they will increasingly enjoy playing, as a perfect swing will allow them to rediscover the beauty of this sport – like at the very first time.

Besides necessary equipment, beginners also need to drill a good posture in order to have a complete “vocabulary” about golf.

Then, they will see it like a completely different game.

How To Setup Golf Stance Correctly?

Hold A Club Right To Swing

First of all, you should remember to hold the golf club as firmly as possible because it’s the only point of contact between the body and the club.

The correct grip determines the accuracy of the swing in large part.

If the club is not held properly, then, of course, all back body movements become meaningless.

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Thus, you need to practice the following process:

  • Place the stick diagonally over the fingers of your left hand.
  • The hand is naturally wrapped around the staff.
  • The thumb and index finger form a V-shape.
  • The letter V forms a straight line with the left shoulder.
  • The right hand is placed exactly the same as the left hand but on the opposite side.

Standard Stance Of Golf

Although there are many different golf playing techniques, they all have in common the basic standing position:

  • Carefully bring your feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly outward to ensure your body can maintain balance when hitting.
  • When golfing, you need to bend down and fix your legs.
  • Do not lean towards the ball. The clubface is placed in the center of the ball. The distance between them is about 4 to 5 inches from the inside of the left thigh.
  • The player’s head should always be facing the ball.
  • If you use a short club, put the ball right behind the back leg.  For the long club, you must place it between the legs. And in the case of the driver club, remember to put the ball in the front leg.


Hopefully, you have got a complete perspective on the golf posture and its great benefits after reading our article.

We believe that every player will find their own way to setup training themselves to master the swing.

However, it’s obvious that a perfect posture is a barrier between a professional and an amateur.

What are you waiting for? Let’s drill hard and start from the correct posture!

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