FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes Review


You decided to buy a pair of shoes from FootJoy because of many reasons, but you are wavering.

You cannot affirm that your choice is valuable.

No problem.

If you are reading our FootJoy Pro SL review, you will find the answer as desired.

Roll down for more info.

FootJoy Men’s Pro/Sl Golf Shoes

Product highlights:

  • 100% textile
  • Synthetic sole
  • Exceptional stability
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Chromo skin leather

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Pros & Cons


  • Spikeless configuration on the bottom to keep wearers from slip-sliding around
  • Easy to tighten in a case of the leather expands
  • Ease in changing throughout around
  • Comfortable all a day
  • Efficient waterproof
  • Great laces to tie


  • Not much breathing
  • Not tighten your heel at all


Product Design


Foot Joy Pro SL Golf Shoes | Discount Golf World

FootJoy uses its own proprietary material to build up for most of the FootJoy Pro/SL – Fine Tuned Foam (FTF).

This is a plus because it makes wearers more comfortable and pleasant than a pair of shoes made from EVA foam.

They even add the extra layer to help to balance throughout the swing.

Moving to the soles, the Pro/SL continues making us impressed by the spikeless design.

By using the TPU material, it constructs the sole into the nubs.

Despite not being the sharp and long type as the traditional metal spikes, this spike pattern is harmonious to the design.

The last one is to have to mention the upper with Pittards ChromoSkin leather – the premium full-grain one.

It is light, thin, durable, and entirely water-resistance.

More importantly, the company is open-handed to provide consumers with a waterproof warranty up to 2 years.

It is good, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the overall look it aesthetic.

Some funny customers even left interesting comments on it; they assume that it is like a nurse pair of shoes.

Build Quality & Durability

FIRST LOOK: New FootJoy Pro/SL golf shoes pack Tour-caliber ...

This pair of shoes is really different from other spikeless ones as FootJoy enhances more stability and traction by constructing the advanced infinity outsole.

In particular, it is designed in the artificial grass (AG) type with reasonable nubs.

In addition to that, there are up to 189 points that help to support the traction, delivering a perfect grip with the contact ground.

And the wider outsole brings plenty of stability.

Ensure that you will likely perform the golf swing as desired.

Not only the golfers, but those hikers also enjoy wearing this pair of shoes.

Do you know the reasons why?

That is due to its midsole built up with two FTF foam densities – one around the circumference for better control and stability and another (softer) for balance and extra cushioning.

As described, this pair of shoes is excellent to wear, but is it durable enough for a long time?

Let’s look at the design of the nubs on the sole!

Do you think how long it will wear out – several months or years?

Plus, the Chromo Skin leather is chosen to construct the upper of shoes, given the 2-year warranty.

So, you do not need to worry about durability.

Look And Feel

Golf Shoe Review: FootJoy Pro/SL | MyGolfSpy


This is a common expression of most buyers when they take the shoes out of the box.

The Pro SL shoes bring a clean feeling, from the outsole to the upper.

The ChromoSkin leather material looks quite solid, with a range of colors and textures in the rear portion. What beautiful!

Now, you can try wearing them. We are sure to you that comfort is the first feeling when putting your feet inside the shoes.

The cushion will envelop your feet after you tie the laces taut; however, you do not feel unbreathable or uncomfortable.

On the contrary, the sole also contributes to offering flexibility while walking or golfing.

How Does It Compare to Others?

If compared to some brands, FootJoy is good enough or not. Let’s see!


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FootJoy is the preferred brand of golfers while Adidas is the top choice of sneaker followers.

Both pursue quality, so they are both durable and comfortable to wear.

Most importantly, what is your need?


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At glance, Callaway seems to concentrate on the golf equipment business.

Few people know that this brand also sells golf shoes like FootJoy.

Nonetheless, Callaway attaches special importance to golf supplies business, so there are no many options for shoes.


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Most people are too familiar with Skecher, which is a well-known brand in shoe marketing.

Their golf shoes look various in style and design, but for the material and benefits for golfing,  FootJoy seems better a bit.

If you like something fashionable, it would be best to pick the Sketchers shoes.

And FootJoy is often an ideal selection of objects that enjoy the quality.


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Golf shoes are one of the shoe types that Puma businesses.

They are built up with the basic material to serve new golfing objects.

So, the price is also much cheaper.

Being a novice, you can try experiencing the Puma shoes a bit, and then you can choose to wear the FootJoy pair of shoes when you become more professional.


Can we replace the cleats for the Pro SL?

As far as we know, FootJoy has built the cleats into the bottoms, and we cannot put in place of other cleats.

Are these shoes true to size?

You can have peace in mind that all provide you with the size as mentioned.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you ought to order a wider pair of shoes a bit to make sure the comfort when wearing.

How does the closure work?

There is a BOA Lacing System to help wearers address deficiencies in traditional closures.

With this system, you can comfortably customize or do the closures without meeting any pressure point.

By using the dial of the shoes (on the back), you can tighten or loosen the laces.

The dial popping out is to loosen the lace, and pushing in the dial will make the lace tighten.

To Summarize

Is our FootJoy Pro SL review useful for your shopping?

Now, you can determine that buying the Pro SL is worthy or not.

You can rely on the build quality and feel that product offers.

Later, you consider your budget and preference to invest.

Happy golfing!

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