Draws, Fades, Hooks & Slices In Golf: The Differences

You probably have heard other golf players talking a lot about a draw and a fade as the beautiful shots that they want to hit in the game.

However, sometimes, you might hear these players use words like “a slice” referring to a fade and “a hook” referring to a draw while talking about the shots the amateurs hit.

Are there any differences between these shots: draw fade hook slice in golf?

Let’s dive into the article below to discover the details about these different golf ball flights.


Draw Fade Hook Slice In Golf – The Best And Simplest Tips To Follow

First, let’s start with the basic difference between these shots.

For right-handed players, a draw or a hook is a golf shot that travels from right to left, whereas the two left shots have opposite trajectories.

In case you are a lefty, reverse these definitions and simply switch techniques within this article around to suit your needs.

Slices vs Fades

Understand the difference between a slice and a fade

The differences between a fade and a slide

Generally, these golf shots both go from left to right; what are the differences between them?

A fade is a ball left-to-right trajectory that results in less rolling flight path compared to the straight one. For this reason, the ball is likely to land near the intended target.

Despite featuring a similar left-to-right path, a slice is much more aggressive and might come unintentionally from an errant swing. Because of its more extreme trajectory, it often rests outside of the targeted area.

How to hit a fade?

How To Hit A Fade - Nifty Golf

Here are several simple techniques for producing this powerful shot.

  • Step 1: Weaken your grip while aiming slightly to the left of the target.
  • Step 2: Open your stance relative to the target. This slight misalignment will produce a counter-clockwise spin leading to a left-to-right swing path.

Once your stand and the club are in the correct positions, it is time to hit the ball. Which is the correct way to do that? Let’s move to the step below.

  • Step 3: Control your wrists and swing evenly, gently. It is essential your wrists close slowly through impact.

After that, tee the ball low and adjust your driver’s sweet spot to line with the ball’s center. This action will help to increase optimum distance and accuracy.

This is how you can create a perfect left-to-right shot that enables your golf ball to fly right into the targeted area.

Hooks vs Draws

How to hit big hooks and slices (on purpose) – GolfWRX

The differences between a draw and a hook

A draw is typically an intentional shot that goes from right to left. Besides, its trajectory is much lower than the fade’ one, causing the ball to go farther, and cut through the wind more effectively.

Although the hook has a similar right-to-left path, it has a more dramatic curve as it usually results from the improper swing.

For this reason, when you hit a hook, the ball will curl aggressively away from that target still and rest far from the intended target landing area.

How to hit a draw?

3 Easy Steps to Hitting a Draw, Tips that Require ZERO Swing Changes - Golfshot

So how to hit this golf shot perfectly as Jordan Spieth – a top-notch golfer? Here are some simple tips to follow.

  • Step 1: Select a spot to the right of your target. The distance will depend on how large you prefer the ball trajectory to be.
  • Step 2: Set up a slightly closed stance. The proper stance enables you to create an inside-out swing path more effectively.
  • Step 3: Use a strong grip so that through impact, you can release the club more quickly. It also helps the clubface go from open to close through impact.
  • Step 4: Aim to the right at your target. If you want to aim at the target more properly, you can visualize an imaginary line to shoot with a rounded swing.
  • Step 5: Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your body is aligned to the right, your club is facing down, and your grip is perfect.
  • Step 6: Swing along the line of your body evenly.
  • Step 7: Check if the club’s toe is in front of the heel, then finish strong to create a long, strong, right-to-left flight path.


Here you know more about the draw fade hook slice in golf – how they are different from each other, as well as the useful tips on hitting these ball shots perfectly.

We hope you will practice these techniques often to know which shot is right for you and feel comfortable applying it on the course for better scores.

Goodbye for now and see you again in another article for more useful tips in this exciting sport.

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