Does Golf Club Length Matter?

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One of them could be, “Does golf club length matter?”

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How Important Are Golf Clubs Length?

Amateur golfers, especially novices, often overlook the length of a club when shopping.

However, you should be going know that this is one of the essential factors to consider because it greatly affects your performance.

The length of the club determines how far and in which direction the ball will be sent.

The short clubs tend to give high-precision shots. One of its drawbacks is the limited ball’s path.

How to Find What Length Golf Clubs to Buy

In contrast,  the long clubs can provide long-distance, but the chance of the ball falling into the desired position is slightly lower.

A wrong-height club can create a butterfly effect for your performance.

Firstly, it means that your stance and setup are out of standard.

As a result, the swing plane or path also shows some deviations.

In the end, the clubface angle, tempo, and swing force all suffer.

In short, you can not make an exact hit if you have a club that does not fit your height.

What Is The Standard Shaft Length Of Each Type Of Club For Golfers?

The golf club length rules are specified in the Rule of Golf issued by the United States Golf Association.

It says that the maximum length of all golf clubs is 48 inches, excluding the putter.

Besides, all clubs, including the putter, must be more than 18 inches long.

There is no specific length for each. However, we will mention some common standards below.

Golf Drivers

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A standard driver club was 43.5 inches long for steel and 44 inches long for graphite in the past.

Currently, this standard has been slightly changed. The women’s clubs are about 44 inches long, and the men are about 1 inch longer.

The 48-inch driver is valid in competition.

However, only professional golfers are encouraged to use clubs of this length.

Clubs that are longer than the general quality only create longer distances when the golfer’s hit the ball diagonally and with very strong swings.

Golf Irons And Hybrids

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Usually, in a golf club set, 3-iron has the longest shaft, except under special order cases.

A common rule for building a set is that the latter will be half an inch or a three-quarter inch shorter than the former.

Typically, graphite irons are 1 inch longer than steel irons.

Compared to 9-iron, the wedges are a bit shorter. In contrast, the hybrids are slightly longer.

Golf Putters’ Height

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The most common height of the putter is about 34 inches.

However, determine buying a new best golf putter requires more attention as it does not depend solely on your height.

Personal technique is the thing that influences your good choices the most.

Signs Your Clubs Are Too Long Or Too Short

Signs Your Clubs Are Too Long

The standard stance of a hit is that you have to stoop slightly and move your lower body with the swing.

However, determine that a club that is too long will limit you do this.

The second sign is the shots usually performed by the toe of the golf club with a weak shaft.

Lastly, the ball tends to fly to the left or go higher than originally intended.

Signs Your Club Are Too Short

One of the most obvious signs of your club being too short is that your waist has to bend more than usual. The same goes for your knees.

Secondly, you can pay attention to your shots. Inappropriate short clubs often produce a fast tempo and swing path from the inside out.

At last, determine that the ball often hits the club’s heel and deviates to the right as intended.

How Matter Can Golfer Do Measure A Club Length?

How To Measure Golf Club Length - Man, Women And Junior Golfers

In case you already have clubs and want to measure your length golf clubs, based on the following:

Firstly, prepare a 40 inches long straight ruler. Do not use those with thin margins or tape measures.

Then place the club on a flat surface. Keep the contact point in the center of the sole’s club.

The straight edge is upright so that the heel does not touch the ground.

Press the ruler as close to the shaft as possible.

The length is calculated by the sum of the shaft and club head lengths.

In other words, you need to measure from the sole of the club to the end of the grip.

This is the easiest way to measure the length of the club, although it may still have some errors.

Conclusion -Does Golf Club Length Matter

Does golf club length matter? To sum up, the wrong length shaft cannot maximize your technique and deliver the best performance.

That’s why you need to pay attention to the signs, re-measure (as we have shown), and maybe buy a new good one if necessary.

After all, we hope that this article will be going help ideal to build the best golf club set for you.

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