Cobra XL Golf Clubs Review

If you have come a long way and still cannot find the best golf clubs for newbies, perhaps this Cobra XL Golf Clubs Set will be your last stop.

Now let’s dig into an in-depth review and see what the product has to offer.

Cobra Golf Men’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set

Product highlights:

  • Full clubs
  • The blade is the most noteworthy design
  • High-edge cart bag with shoulder strap and a cold beverage compartment.

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  • Full clubs.
  • Quality Lamkin grip attaches better to your hand and causes no pain during the play.
  • Proficient in slow and fast speed.
  • High-edge cart bag with shoulder strap and a cold beverage compartment.


  • It comes in a set, so if you don’t like the bag, you cannot cut it off.
  • Not ideal for an over 6’3” tall person.

Design and Technology Reviews

Cobra Men's XL COMPLETE Package Set - Steel/Stiff Flex – Just Golf Stuff

Cobra is the new club set for starters or those who are on their way up to intermediate level, the design and technology all have some very supportive features.

Here we figure out the details and how can they help:

The drivers and fairways’ blades are made with a large surface, allowing golfers to perform more accurate hits.

Also, they provide higher chances for forgiveness, more substantial swing, and further ball flight.

Another supporting feature is the club’s loft.

The higher the loft’s number is, the easier for the club and the ball’s impact.

And for beginners, clubs whose numbers are higher than the others will help you have better shots.

Cobra also creates back-weighted clubs.

For amateurs, if the club is too light, it will be harder for you to control the strength, resulting in a higher chance of performing the wrong swing.

To keep this to the minimum, they add some weight to the grip or the shaft head for stable, speedy, and comfortable movement.

That’s why when swinging, you can feel the suitable gravity on the club which combined with your effort and make a beautiful, accurate hit.

Another feature to add more support for the exact shot is the offset technique.

Clubs with offset features will have the blade positioned a little behind the shaft.

Today, there are not many clubs made with this feature, so the Cobra XL Golf Club Set brings a huge advantage for the golfer.

For newbies, you can benefit from this as it will provide you more time to perform and put the club into the right position, supporting you to deliver better shots.

Features & Benefits

Each club is featured with different techniques, and we will review them in detail later in this session.

For now, view this board for the exact configuration:

Model Loft Length
Driver 10.5° 45.50″
Fairways 3F 15° 43.50″
5F 19° 43.00″
Hybrids 4H 21° 39.5″
5H 24° 38.75″
Irons 6 Iron 26° 37.75″
7 Iron 30° 37.25″
8 Iron 35° 36.75″
9 Iron 40° 36.25″
PW 45° 36.00″
SW 55° 35.5″
Putter 34.25″

For the detailed feature of each club group, we wrote down their characteristics as well as their beneficial traits.

The information is as follow:

The driver: It features a back weight technology that boosts the stability of club blades when impact.

Plus, the exceptional large clubhead maximizes the interaction rate.

These characteristics bring you a higher chance to hit the ball, forgiving the swing as well as support the strong, far, and straight hit.

Fairway: These clubs are also designed with back weight technology, contributing monumentally to the chance for forgiveness.

Notably, clubs with a low-profile blade shape can significantly support the technique of ball striking.

Hybrid: Hybrid with the offset blade lowers the sidespin.

Plus, the back weight head also contributes to the exact hit even when the locations are no longer the same.

Long story short, you will be able to show flawless skills on the green, on the sand, on the steep ground, etc.

Irons: Featured with the cavity design, and the advantage of weight, the irons provide a higher opportunity for forgiveness, straightforward launch, and increase the blade stability.

When using this type of club, the weight can help correct and adjust your swing in every shot.

For this, they can be called the game savior.

Putter: This club is neither light nor heavy.

They made it just right enough for you to feel and make consistent ball hits.

Cart Bags: The cart bag itself is not the “main meal” here, still, it is worth a few seconds reading.

Added products in the package are usually considered as low-grade, but these bags shows the opposite with their high-quality standards.

It has a 14-way top and 7 zippered compartments, providing you spaces to store golf balls, GPS, phone, a cool beverage, or any small stuff.

3 Alternatives Of Cobra XL Sets

Aside from the Cobra XL Speed Set, from well-known companies, you can also choose three rating alternatives that are suitable for different purposes:

Callaway strata tour golf set:

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This set is made for players who occasionally play golf on vacation.

It features a lightweight golf driver and forgiveness, which incredibly increases the accuracy and confident shots.

Callaway strata tour golf set

Wilson platinum men’s golf package:

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It is a quality and affordable option for beginners and intermediate golfers.

The head is specially made oversize, which is easier for distance hits. Still, the model lacks the 3 wood, which to some players can be a huge issue.

Wilson platinum men’s golf package:

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set:

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This set has every support club features that a beginner needs.

Moreover, it is suitable for both men and women.

The only disadvantage compared to the Cobra XL Speed is that it doesn’t have the 6 iron.

TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set

FAQ’s- XL Irons Review

There must be some terms or questions you want to ask, and we’ve got your back.

Here are some of the FAQs:

What does XL mean at Cobra clubs Package set?

Many of you might misunderstand XL as Extra Large, right?

Actually, it is not, it isn’t even close to the word, in fact.

For the correction, it stands for extra long.

To be specific, it indicates the allowance distance the golfer can achieve, rather than the length of the shaft.

Are Cobra golf clubs a good brand?

Cobra Golf Clubs is one of the big names in the golf club manufacturers.

And Cobra clubs themselves have been used many times on the PGA, under the best golfers’ hands.

They produce items with cutting-edge conditions and calculate all features (loft, weight, offset) for each player’s level.

And in brief, the final answer is yes; Cobra is a decent golf club brand.

What company makes Cobra golf club Sets?

The company is now under the ownership of a German sportswear company – Puma.

This company has several prestigious stores in many countries worldwide and stands alongside the biggest athletic-wear brands like Nike, Adidas.

Which golf clubs are best for seniors?

Seniors’ golf clubs must be light, yet sturdy.

They are supposed to provide high forgiveness and support the swing, after all.

On the market, there are some that match the description:

  • Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Set – Best lightweight clubs set for senior
  • Wilson Ultra Plus Set – Best senior clubs set for a tight budget
  • Cobra F-Max Golf Club Set – Best for senior ladies

When did Cobra Baffler XL irons come out?

Cobra Baffler XL irons came out in 2014. Right after its releasing date, it created a massive wave from the golf world.

Conclusion Review

Overall, the Cobra XL Golf Clubs Set is a good save value for the money.

For beginners and improvers, learning all the terms and rules is already hard, let alone finding single by single the right clubs.

But with this Cobra XL Golf Club set, you have the professional do the club gathering job for you.

Quality is guaranteed and aside from that, these clubs especially have a high number of loft, a suitable weight, the offset, and wide blade surface, which are crucial for beginners.

Now, the play is all yours

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