Cobra King LTD Driver Review

Drivers are called tee golf clubs, which bring the farthest hit range of the clubs.

With a unique design, the driver optimizes the tee shots for the golfers.

Therefore, many golfers have at least two clubs of drivers in their bags. 

If you want a driver made with the best materials and technology, let’s find out the Cobra King Ltd Driver.

With the experience of producing the best and smartest drivers, this Cobra product gives golfers an exciting golf experience, robust and accurate swing. 

Cobra King Ltd Driver

Product highlights:

  • Extremely low and deep CG with high MOI
  • More distance through higher launch
  • Greater forgiveness
  • More deflection for faster ball speeds
  • Larger sweet zone

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Pros and Cons


  • The 16g weight design creates an extremely low and deep CG with high MOI
  • Drivers go down the neutral axis (Zero CG) for long-distance and fastball speed
  • Cobra’s MyFly loft technology is easy to adjust with eight different settings
  • A new forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face has a light, thin and hot structure
  • Crown technology provides 20% lighter carbon fiber than conventional types for extreme distances and greater forgiveness
  • Cobra’s exclusive Speed Channel design reduces thickness and increases ball speed for impressive distances
  • It has a 460cc club, 45-inch standard shaft, D4 swing weight with Aldila Rogue Black 60 shaft


  • The price is a little high


Excellent Performance

Cobra King LTD Driver Review - Golfalot

Cobra recalibrated the Center of Gravity (CG) with the driver’s neutral axis to give more distance through the higher start, less spin, and more ball speed.

Moreover, you can hit this model in cold weather with your average distance.

So, you can maintain the performance and control the shot easily.

What’s more?

The King Ltd driver also comes with Cobra’s MyFly technology of 8 combinations from 9 to 12 loft levels across five positions and three drawing settings, allowing you to adjust the zoom angle for optimal tee distance.

Here’s an exciting thing for you.

The new forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face has a variable thickness structure, which is lighter, thinner, and hotter.

As a result, it creates more deviations for faster ball speed and excellent sweetness on the face.

Last but not least, an exclusive innovation of Cobra is that Speed Channel.

It’s a groove designed around the perimeter of the face to minimize thickness and speedball up for incredibly impressive distances.

As a result, players have a better feeling of hitting with sharp and far shots.


Another point contributing to performance is perfect forgiveness.

It helps reduce the effects of bad swings and poor contacts with the ball.

As a result, your golf ball shots will be more accurate and improved.

How can this driver do that?

The manufacturer reduces the weight of the crown by using TeXtreme carbon fiber technology 20% lighter than conventional fibers and SpacePort made from aerospace aluminum.

So, its lightweight and durable material allow larger weights to be placed lower and deeper in the clubhead for extreme distance and exceptional forgiveness.

The beautiful design of King Ltd driver

Build Quality and Durability

First Look - Cobra KING LTD Fairway Wood | MyGolfSpy

You will love this driver at first sight because of its beautiful design.

The Spaceport at the bottom is in perfect orange, black, and light gray color.

Spaceport even gives you a great look inside the clubhead.

Besides, the chessboard design adds elegance to the product.

The King Ltd 460cc has a moderate pear shape and slightly higher toe than previous models of Cobra.

You can also unlock the head with your finger or the SpacePort Key to look inside.

The face is so deep with its large size, but it doesn’t give you a heavy feeling.

Moreover, Spiralock technology prevents excessive tightening and loosening of weight during heavy vibrations and high-speed impacts.

Along with that, the 16g weight features an extremely low and deep CG with high MOI for perfect distance.

Great Feeling And Sound

When you touch this driver, you will feel the difference from the titanium face, Cobra exclusive speed channel, and hollow carbon fiber crown.

With a lightweight and hollow design, you get an explosive and bright feeling in every shot, unlike any other driver.

Your hits will end with a soft and sturdy whip across the clubface.

The sound coming from your shots is also quieter.

This Cobra driver also makes the player feel smooth to use.

You can feel that the club is very light to turn around because the 60g Aldila Rogue Black 95 MSI shaft has a softer head section to enhance the launch.

Alternatives To The Cobra King ltd driver

TaylorMade Burner Driver

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You will easily hit and gain airborne with this driver.

The large 460cc clubhead with Inverted Cone Technology delivers high-efficiency MOI.

It also has great forgiveness for long, straight shots off-center.

Additionally, the long shaft and lightweight design give you more distance while the closed face makes it easy for the players to hit hard because they have more time to face contact.

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver


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Callaway designed a forgiving shape for this driver.

That results from a larger shape for high MOI, a longer crown with bigger footprints, and a lower and deeper center of gravity. 

Besides, the RMOTO Face Technology helps players have more ball speed on the entire face lighter and 19% thinner. These weight savings are redistributed in the clubhead for more MOI.

Cobra Men’s Fly Z Driver

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Fly-Z has a Speed Channel along the outer rim of the face to increase the speed of the ball for shots.

Combined with Forged E9 Zone Face, the speed channel enhances forgiveness for this club.

Furthermore, the Crown Zone weight technology moves crown weight to low position and back, offering more forgiveness and high flight trajectory.

Finally, MyFly8 allows users to adjust 8 different loft angle settings.

Things to Consider Before Buying Drivers

If you want to buy the best drivers, take a closer look at these things.

Your Skill

You need to find a driver who works well with your swing and keeps your ball flying high and far to improve the game.

You can listen to advise from sellers, practice with different rental clubs, or read reviews to find a driver that fits your swing.

Size and Shape of Head

The 460cc clubhead has a larger face and a weight designed to fall into the lower back of the clubhead.

It creates more ball speed and has greater forgiveness so it is suitable for amateur players.

In contrast, experienced players often prefer small clubheads like 440cc or 420cc to increase maneuverability.

How about the head shape?

You should choose a rounded design head to improve your swing speed, thereby keeping you on the plane.

It is also not too bulky and less likely to be caught on the ground before impact.

The square head design is currently less popular due to its low aesthetics though it has a large face to reduce errors.

Good Shaft

If you are a player with fast swing speeds, a hardened steel shaft is an ideal choice.

When you have a slow swing speed, you should choose a shaft made of graphite for added flexibility.

Adjustable Features

You need to choose the driver with flexible adjustments to the loft and lie to make small changes to help the driver parts work together perfectly.

From there, you can swing more accurately and effectively.

Let’s Win The Game!

It can be said that the Cobra King Ltd driver is a sleek, powerful driver with many adjustment options for users.

It also has a hotter face and ultimate forgiveness, offering an impressive distance to play golf. 

If you want to win your competitions, let’s buy and try the feeling of powerful golf hits with the Cobra King Ltd driver.

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