Cobra Golf Men’s Airspeed Complete Set Review: Good Choice Or Not?

You know what?

When it comes to golf sets specifically designated for men, the name Cobra will likely be popping up regularly.

They’re one of the leading brands to provide high-quality yet within-the-budget club options.

And one of their notable products is the Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set.

So, if you’re thinking about buying that set, then you should read this review.

I’m sure it will help you know more about this golf set before deciding to buy it or not.

Cobra Golf Men’s Airspeed Complete Set

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight design
  • The most advanced technological application.
  • Speed and forgiveness availability
  • Reliable accuracy
  • Affordable price

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  • easily scratched driver
  • Incomplete headcover set


Quick Rundown

Before jumping into the full review, it would be best to read up on some of its best features as well as the major disadvantages.

By doing that, you can make up your mind on whether the product is compatible enough to keep doing further research.

Design and Technology

#1 – The Design

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With the inclusion of a lightweight, ergonomic and exclusive set of golf clubs, this product is intentionally designed to satisfy professional golfers.

It is also a wise choice for any novice players who need extra assistance at the beginning of their golf journey.

To evaluate more on the design, each club in the set will be optimized to serve its purpose most efficiently.

Particularly, the drivers and woods all have offset hosel and carbon fiber crown for the lightness; the hybrids are all shallow-faced for the precise shot apex, etc.

#2 – The Technology

Also, acknowledging the powerful potential of modern technologies in perking

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Offset Drivers - Discount Golf Clubs/Discount Golf Drivers - Hurricane Golf

up the overall performances of the golf set and optimizing the product’s usability in various aspects such as the total weight, the measurements, the supporting details,

Cobra makes sure their babies are well-equipped with the most advanced technological application.

The first use of modern technology in this product’s construction is demonstrated by the lightness and forgiveness even in the hands of absolute beginners.

It is all due to the carbon-fiber materials that the golf sets are made of.

among other substances such as wood, aluminum alloy, steel, etc, carbon fiber is considered one of the lightest materials.

For that, the application of this new-age material provides every player with the ultimate control to produce more accurate, comfortable swings without demanding life-long playing experiences.

Another worth-mentioning technology adaption is related to the modern construction of the hybrid clubs.

By taking a road off the beaten path, the brand opts for the heel-biased offset club design that just has become popular in recent years.

Essentially, the head of an offset club is characterized by its position, which is located behind the shaft instead of being right in the center.

By doing that, the players will be given extra time to estimate and place the clubhead in the right position.

The longer-approached shots will be handled in a much easier manner with more accuracy.

Look and Feel

Apart from the top-rated performances, the Cobra golf set can also satisfy your aesthetic desire with its classic and sporty color. The product is available in a combination of black and dark blue.

Since the general look gives off a more masculine vibe, this golf set is tailor-made for male golfers looking for a simple yet dynamic club collection.

Considering the measurement, the average length of the club set is varied from 35 feet to 46 feet, creating the proportional height ratio to accommodate men golfers of any heights between 5’8” and 6’2”.

To add to the appeal, the stainless steel color scheme accentuates the lavish effect of the club collection.

Regardless of the reasonable price, the set prides itself on a high-end, grandeur look of expensive products.

The application of high-quality graphite, steel, and carbon fiber in the club composition offers you a light, comfortable feel and an ultimate sense of authority over the swing’s directions.


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With the application of modern technologies as well as the improvement of efficiency and precision, it comes as no surprise that this golf set is in a fit state to grant the users the most effective performance.

The first feature to notice is the driver and the two kinds of wood. With the offset design as well as the back-weighted heel, they limit the common errors related to slices.

Alongside the carbon fiber crown, the model helps to efficiently fix up the deviated swings and gear them back to the right trajectories.

The two available hybrids, with the high-cut and shallow faces, are capable of modifying your shot apex by nestling the ball on the ground.

You will also be equipped with two irons when purchasing the set.

With the offset construction and low-profile, deep-cut shapes, they are the ideal options for controlling ball spinning and amending misdirection.

Last but not least, you have the lightweight putter, which is designed with a machined face.

This feature provides users with the ultimate feel and accuracy when doing putts from both long and short distances.

Thinking Before Buying The Cobra Golf Set

Many players including newbies often take it wrong that the product isn’t for them.

It comes as a result of the various collection of club types and the overall professional feel that the brand offers.

However, if you are genuinely interested in this specific sport and have the intention of accompanying it in the long-term, we highly recommend that you purchase this product.

You will have access to a variety of options that accommodates different playing styles.

The ergonomic and modern design will be potent assistance to polish your swings and quicken your practicing process.

Alternative Products

Suppose that you still remain undecided on whether to purchase this golf set or not even after viewing our review, here are the few alternatives that you can look into to expand your range of options.

#1 – Men’s Callaway Complete Golf Set

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If you are looking for an alternative option to give you a more assertive fashion statement, the complete golf set from Callaway can be a potential candidate.

The platinum all-chrome finishing coat will bring about the gloss-like, polished, and expensive look for the whole set.

#2 – TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

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This club collection from TaylorMade can make a perfect alternative if you don’t like the idea of purchasing the full golf set of eight pieces like the one from Cobra.

Instead, you will be provided with a set of two clubs, which are the 5-PW and AW.

#3 – Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

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Last but not least, we have a more high-cost option for people looking for a more professionally-designed golf collection.

This product from Titleist can make your performance much more impressive with its exterior beauty and ultimate forgiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Does the storing bag have kick legs?

Unfortunately, the storing bag is designed in the form of a standard cart bag.

Therefore, there will not be any kick leg for a self-standing storage method.

#2 – Will the golf set be suitable for me if I am over 6 feet tall?

Since the average length of the club set ranges from 35 feet to 46 feet, they will work perfectly for any men golfer of heights between 5’8” and 6’2”.

#3 – Can I get a product replacement if my clubs snapped off unexpectedly?

If your product is still under the warranty period, all you have to do is contact Cobra, explain the situation and they will send you an equivalent replacement.

#4 – Does the set come with headcovers for the driver and the hybrids?

Yes. When purchasing the set, not only the driver, the hybrids are well-designed with headcovers but the putter and fairways will come with nice headcovers as well.

#5 –  Can you replace the offset driver with the straight-neck driver?

Unfortunately, since the Cobra driver is optimally constructed with the offset design, the substitution to the straight-neck one will decrease the efficiency, accuracy of the performance.

The Bottom Line

Our Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Airspeed Complete Set Review has eventually come to an end.

With this comprehensive review, hopefully, you have been equipped with all the necessary information surrounding this product.

All in all, we wish you luck, and remember to come back for more similar reviews from us!