Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Review

Cleveland Golf has always been one of the top runners in selling golf launchers.

And the Cleveland CBX iron set can be one heck of choice among all the outstanding products.

Be ready to get useful info from Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Review

Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set

Product highlights:

  • Unbelievable versatility
  • Great performance 
  • Eye-catching design with sturdy feels
  • Super lightweight for powerful shots 

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  • Unbelievable versatility
  • Great performance
  • Eye-catching design with sturdy feels
  • Competitive price with other product lines
  • Super lightweight for powerful shots


  • Available larger set

Design And Technology Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons Reviews

Cleveland CBX Irons | Cleveland Golf

The CBX iron set from Cleveland offers a featuring set of seven golf launchers.

Each one represents a distinctive fashion sense but still creates an overall look.

It is undeniable that the whole look altogether adds an aesthetic sense for the players.

It might be too cliche to say this, but its beauty can definitely attract buyers!

Especially for an avid golfer with an ambitious desire to conquer the professional golf world, the option from Cleveland is appreciated as a versatile sidekick.

There are many available choices to choose from, from standard shaft material to long-lasting, durable ones.

This CBX iron set is also super lightweight so that you can control give out powerful and speedy strikes without a scratch.

Apart from the flawless outer look, the brand also researches meticulously to give you a game-changing plot twist just through the design.

The detailed Tour Zip grooves with advanced double laser milling get together to support you create a consistent spin shot from all angles on the field.

Besides, the progressive V sole is also an exceptional move from the brand, which improves forgiveness considerably and enables a higher lift through the course.

Although the V sole is not a skill-changing feature for all players, it can still deserve all the positive recognition as handy assistance.

You also should know that you need a good background skill for all the accessories to help you control whatever tools you are using.

The launcher CBX is also armed with the Feel Balancing Technology that offers you a better feel and significant control over the shot.

Moreover, this product is also a real bargain with its customizable features for its reasonable price.

It is like a tailor-made edition for the specific needs and preferences of any shoppers.

Whichever level you are in, the set is still the right one for you. Amazing, right?

Look & Feel

Zwartkop Country Club | equipment-update


With the New Dynamic Gold DST, 98 Shaft came within, the Cleveland launcher CBX irons Set is super lightweight, which can steal your heart right away from the first time you see it.

It fits your hand perfectly.

Plus, the pleasant feel absolutely helps you carry out a precise shot during the game.

In terms of the outer look, the silver, stainless design with delicate groves 100% percent is a beauty.

The Launcher CBX irons will fit perfectly no less than an expert with high fashion sense.

Performance Features

Cleveland Launcher CBX irons Review | Equipment Reviews | Today's Golfer

We will go straight to the point here.

Wrapped as a combo with an attractive design, it also receives great applause for its performance.

This launcher CBX irons will allow you to feel the shot like you are throwing the ball yourself.

The Launcher Cup Face enhances the ball’s speed and flies the ball farther than you have ever thought.

Thus, you can strike the ball precisely and powerfully without any difficulties.

Another thing is that owning this set in your collection will turn you into the game’s boss.

Ready to join the professional club?

Value For Money

With all the remarkable features mentioned above, you can tell that this set is absolutely not a dirt-cheap deal.

The Cleveland Golf  Men’s Launcher CBX Irons Set is still a good deal with an innovative design, exceptional performance, and a sleek look.

If you are targeting to become a professional, or maybe a master in golf, you should take the deal seriously.

According to the feedback of golfing players, they are ready to pay for this valuable iron set.

Potential Alternatives

Taylormade Golf M5 Iron Clubs Set

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One of the most highly recommended golf launchers may be the TaylorMade Golf M5 Iron Set.

It has a compact head to enforce the strike and optimize the results of each shot.

The 360-degree hosel for better navigation and control over the ball would help you have the highest score in the game.

The price is affordable as well.

Callaway Golf  Mavrik Pro Iron Set

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The first impression of the Callaway Golf  Mavrik Pro Iron Set is its fantastic design, which creates a professional golfer vibe right away just by holding it in your hand.

The one-of-a-kind Flash Face Cup Technology specialized in boosting speed is the brand’s unique selling point.

The AI used in this technology is, no more no less, an impeccable way to impress the players.

Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Irons

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This Wilson D7 Irons might be the cheapest among three nominees.

But the performance is quite impressive compared with the others.

The ultra-thin face, along with progressive power holes, improves the distance of the shot considerably


Does The 4-PW, Dw Go With A Pw & Dw?

They don’t come as a combo but separate from each other.

However, this CBX iron set offers all of them in the set. Such a bargain!

Why Are Left-handed People Charged $280 More For A Golf Launcher?

Well, actually, it isn’t.

The set is the same price for both left and right-handed clubs.

However, there are differences in materials making them.

Is The Pitching Wedge Included In The Set?

Yes, it is.

The set offers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 iron, and a PW so you should not worry about extra cost for the PW.

Is There Any Particular Difference Between The Set And A 1 Degree Flat?

One degree flat will have some slight difference that you can tell by the look.

If you want the perfect fit, asking your local retailer is a must.

Is There Any Carry Or Stand Bag That Comes Along With The Set?

No, you get the clubs only.

You would have to purchase another carry or stand bag.

Conclusion Review

The Cleveland Launcher CBX iron set is undoubtedly one step closer to a professional scale.

It has been the talk of the market since the launching day.

Are you starting professional golf tours? So, your golf bag should involve the irons from Cleveland.

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