Hybrid Golf Club

What Is A Hybrid Golf Club Good For? Things Useful For Golfer

Golf in general is a sport, class, and difficulty for any player. However, some amateur golfers often buy a variety of clubs and try them out. That will reduce the professionalism and virtuosity of your golf swing. For this reason, many golfers often own a hybrid. So, What is a hybrid golf club good for? …

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Lie Angle Of A Golf Club

How To Adjust The Lie Of A Golf Club- Things To Know

Needless to say, the lie angle is one of the main factors that all golfers should put into priority. Without a proper lie angle, almost no one could do a good golf shot. So, how to adjust the lie of a golf club? Could we do it by ourselves? Does it take much time and …

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How To Remove Golf Club Head

How To Remove Golf Club Head? Things To Know

Almost every golfer will face the same issues related to the clubhead, such as having a broken, dead shaft or simply because you want to replace the old one with a new one. Clubs can be re-shafted at most golf stores and country clubs, but removing or installing a new club head by yourself is …

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Swing Weight

What Is Swing Weight In A Golf Club- Thing To Know

If you are a golf fan, you probably know some familiar terms, such as ACE/Hole-in-one, Handicap, Bank Shot, and many other common terminologies. However, not all the terms are thoroughly understood by players, even the professional ones. In golf, there are tons of concepts, which are too complicated to understand. One of those is “What …

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How to swing golf club

How To Swing A Golf Club For Beginners- A Detail Guidance

With the recent development of golf in media coverage, this sport is not limited to only the rich anymore since anyone with a passion and free time can get involved in it. No matter who you are – a child, a teenager, a college student, an engineer, or a teacher, learning how to play golf …

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Grip golf club

What Is The Best Way To Grip A Golf Club – A Quick Guide

When it comes to improving in golf, three factors count skills, equipment, and mood. There is no need to emphasize the importance of skills compared to the two other factors. That is why golf players should learn and enhance some skills to master this sport. Holding a golf club correctly is a common topic mostly …

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Rescue golf club

What Is A Rescue Golf Club Used For- Things To Know

Rescue golf clubs have been around for a few years and are now used in by some of the game’s top players since they are easier to hit than long irons or fairway woods. But do you know exactly what is a rescue golf club used for? Let’s find out the answer together in this …

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driving irons golf club

What Is A Driving Iron Golf Club? How To Choose The Best

You probably know the driving irons if you are on the field for some time and get used to the swings. However, for beginners, “What is a driving iron golf club?” and “Which one is the most suitable?” are the two headache questions. This article will give you the most concise information about the driving …

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How to remove club shalt

How To Remove Golf Club Shaft- Things To Know

If you are a big fan of golf, we bet you know how helpful detaching your golf shaft from the clubhead is. In fact, this hard affair isn’t a job for anyone, veterans in this field only. Thus, we are here today to help you uncover how to remove golf club shaft properly. Let’s glide …

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Loft on golf club

What Is Loft On A Golf Club? Things To Know

Golf has long become a popular sport worldwide because of its gentle style, requiring high technical skills from golfers. Golf looks easy on the surface, but it is not at all! If you are a new golfer, you may be confused with a few problems. One of them is “What is loft on a golf …

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