Putting stroke

Good Drills For Putting Stroke

Among the most important techniques for any golfer, drills for putting stroke is the first thing you should understand and manage well. There are many tips and information out there on the internet. But what are the core points you must notice? This writing will untangle all your concerns. Shall we start? Related: Golf Posture …

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Golf Posture

How To Have A Good Golf Posture: Things to know

It is essential for new golfers to read the basic technical instructions to take the first steps in practicing this sport. Once you can acquire and apply them, you will continue to learn more advanced golfing techniques. Hence, this article will provide golf posture that helps you reach nice and effective golf swings. By the …

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Shave off strockes in golf

How To Shave Off Strokes In Golf?

For golfers, finding ways to hit the ball to achieve a lower score is the most priority target in the game. Actually, without assistants, it is not easy for players to know what they should practice. We will introduce many tips on “How To Shave Off Strokes In Golf” below, which help you improve your …

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Jumbo Grip Putter: Things To Know

Many people find it inconvenient because standard putters often do not fit the size of a golf bag. Surprisingly, the jumbo grip putter takes golfers by storm, even though it’s bigger than the traditional model. Why could it rise in popularity? What are the pros and cons of bigger putter golf grips? You will find …

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Slope- Course Rating

Slope vs Course Rating in Golf

Terms in golf are used for many different purposes. The most popular concepts are Slope vs Course Rating. They play a crucial role in determining the surrounding environment and tactics to make the most of their strengths. To learn more about these two concepts, please refer to the article below. Related: How Famous PGA Golf …

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The Draw Fade Hook

Draws, Fades, Hooks & Slices In Golf: The Differences

You probably have heard other golf players talking a lot about a draw and a fade as the beautiful shots that they want to hit in the game. However, sometimes, you might hear these players use words like “a slice” referring to a fade and “a hook” referring to a draw while talking about the …

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US Famous Golf Course

Famous PGA Golf Courses

If you are a golf lover, you must know about one of the oldest professional golf majors – the PGA Championship. over 100 years, the championship took place at many various golf courses crossing America. Do you know all of them? This article provides a list of the PGA golf courses and basic information about …

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Most forgiving Irons

The Most Forgiving Irons

Are you looking for the most forgiving irons to replace your out-of-date ones? It’s much more difficult than you may think due to the various choices. This article will provide you with the most necessary information to help you solve your headache problems. Don’t Waste the time, let’s view into this article right now! Related: …

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Hold Grip A Putter

How To Grip A Putter Properly

For many golfers, finding how to grip a putter is one of the first techniques they must learn and master. When using this tool, golfers have many different methods and styles to have their ball into the hole. To help you master the technique, this article will give the update on the method to master …

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golf club length matter

Does Golf Club Length Matter?

When you learn to play golf on your own,  it is sometimes difficult to find a detailed and accurate answer to certain problems on the Internet. One of them could be, “Does golf club length matter?” Don’t be worried. It is right here in this article. Check it out! Related: Best Drivers for a Slice …

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