Good Drills For Putting Stroke

Among the most important techniques for any golfer, drills for putting stroke is the first thing you should understand and manage well.

There are many tips and information out there on the internet. But what are the core points you must notice?

This writing will untangle all your concerns.

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Putting Is Important On Golf?

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If you hit any green following the rules and two par putts, within 72 par, you must have 36 shots for putters and the left shot for the remaining 13 clubs. That is the reason why putter is important in your golf match.

Moreover, when you’re confident with the putter, it is possible for you to leave the pressure for your game behind. Indeed, when your tee is out of the way, you will desperately try the best way to have your ball into the green for the next shot. Hence, great putting will help to raise the confidence so that you can have the best shots in the game.

Five Best Drills For Putting Stroke

Drill 4 Tee

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This option for drilling is a great option to focus on contact at the center and maintain the square face of the putter for any impact.

Many golfers use this drill together with two tees during their tour to have a solid contact. When going with two tees, it can make you have a good takeaway and follow-through.

Drill Coin


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This option is great for those who are used to looking up before hitting a putt. Even though there are many different reasons why you look up when hitting, it is best if you avoid doing so.

Keeping your head down at any stroke will help you to control the speed of the game better. To carry out this drill, you need to leave the coin at the bottom of the ball and then make a stroke. Before looking up, please focus on the coin after the hit.

Triangle drill

Un nuevo estudio de Golf Digest realizado por el profesor de Cal Poly muestra que ponerlo con la bandera podría ser un error -

There is one similar point at a high handicap, and bad golfers are that they cannot create the triangle drill, which is created by the arms, up to the hands, and into their shoulders.

Failure to do so might lead to stroke motion and inconsistency at strike. Besides, that mistake makes it harder to predict the speed of your ball.

Putting around the hole


Custom Indoor putting greens for home, office, or anywhere! Email Rob today for pricing. Rmichalak@rocketmai… | Indoor putting green, Golf diy, Golf putting greenThis must be one of the most popular drills on the PGA Tour, which is so simple that you can easily practice it at home. All you need is to pick a hole, then stand away from it for about three or five feet, and start to hit your ball in any position around it.

Wedge putting

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As one of the most loved putting drills from Tiger Wood, the wedge putting does not require you to have a putter. You will have to hit some putts using a wedge to help you have the “blading” feeling, which will be a great help to have your ball roll into the hole over and over again.

The Best Method To Practice At Home

The first method to practice at home is called Phone Book Path. With this method, you will need to leave two of your phone books on the ground, leaving enough space for the putter to squeeze through. Practicing your strokes focus on the straight path and the square face of the putter. Otherwise, you might hit the books, which means putting a stroke is not straight with the stroke.

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Another option is the ball and Phone Book. With this method, you will need to again have the two books at the distance where the putter can work for a stroke. Next, between the path and parallel of the Book, place a painter tape at 10 feet long to have the goal line. Some other tape must be on the Book’s surface to see how the ball stays at a longer distance.

To practice, put a ball into the book middle path, at the created target line, and stroke the putt. You can take the books to compare the length of the backward and forward swing. The ideal situation must be these two lengths being the similar number or the forward being slightly longer than the backward.

Practice For More Birdies

As one of the most effective ways to train your consistent, steady, and putting stroke, the 1-2-3 putting drill will help you become a good putter.

To carry out this practice, you have to place in a row three golf balls at the same distances with each other, like 2, 4, and 6 feet apart. After that, you roll your putts from the closest ball to the hole and then continue with the other two.

This exercise for the drill will help you find the rhythm of the competition before coming out of any course or at the time ending the daily practice.


That must be enough for drills for putting stroke.

You might now be ready to practice all the information you have here right away on your play and daily practice, right?

All in all, practice makes perfect.

We hope you have the best time practicing and become a master at managing a putter!

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