Callaway X20 Irons Review

You know what?

If you plan to take the game to the next level or want to challenge yourself more, check out the Callaway X20 Irons.

This set is indeed a game-changer to golfer of all levels.

Don’t believe what I say?

Check out our Callaway X20 Irons review for more information!

Callaway X-20 Irons (Right Hand)

“The Callaway might not be as forgiving as other comparative sets of irons, but it is sure to keep you on the green with enjoyment.”

Product highlights:

  • 8-club iron set for right-handers
  • Traditional styling
  • Higher ball speeds
  • High MOI

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  • Decent quality with reasonable price
  • Increase accuracy
  • Good balance


  • Not as forgiving as comparative irons
  • Longer irons tend to launch fairly high


Performance Review Callaway X20 Irons Golf Clubs

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The Callaway X20 Irons are a suitable model for mid or high handicap players thanks to the consistency and accuracy, as well as easy launch.

Beginners who take golf seriously and want to get better can invest in a decent set of clubs like this.

The Callaway X20 Irons are best considered as game improvement irons.

Thanks to the uniflex shaft, the ball is given as higher flight, sometimes too high for some on longer runs.

A lot of players shared that the distance was improved significantly when they use this set.

Even though the iron set is said to be more suitable for beginners and handicapped players, it can still give control to the experienced when they need it.

The sole is quite narrow, which helps improves and maintains maneuverability.

This set ensures to give you a lot of confidence and control when playing.


The Callaway X20 Irons might not be as forgiving features as other irons, but they can hit the balls firmly and relatively high.

Thanks to the extreme notch weighting feature, the weight is shifted to the edge of the clubhead.

This helps reinforce stability and stop the iron from twitching due to impact.

The lower center of gravity means the balls’ flight is optimized and the range is maximized, even for off-center shots.

By distributing some of the weight to the low of the heel and into the sole, more forgiveness is added, and it helps the player hit further.

All in all, players will enjoy the distance and accuracy gains they can get.

Build Quality and Durability Value Callaway Golf Set Reviews

Callaway Golf X20 Irons

This set is built to last, not like any mass-market, budget iron.

The durable of the Callaway X20 Irons will last for years, and I can assure you that these irons are good value for money.

This set of Callaway is made from 17-4 stainless steel, giving you a good feel like holding.

Look and Feel

Visually, the set looks impressive and elegant.

The manufactures succeeded in giving these irons a professional and classic look,

which seems to have been lost in the X-16 and X-18 models.

What is more, the highly polished finish and a muted deep blue color scheme make great bonuses to the look.

Alternatives To The Callaway For A Golf Game

Below are a few options you can consider before deciding to buy the Callaway X20 Irons.

Ping G700 Irons

Image result for ping g700 irons

These are also game improvements that target beginners and casual players.

Even Ping themselves said that this set was their ‘longest, highest-flying to date,’ which appears interesting to many golf players.

You may feel more forgiveness in each hit using this set than the Callaway X20 Irons.

They are designed with a void-body and a fairly thin face, giving more forgiveness, power, and lift.

If you are someone who usually pays close attention to the look and design when buying clubs,

I’m sure you will fall in love with the Ping G700 Iron.

So, what’s the catch? These irons are not affordable at all, if not expensive.

But if you want to invest in a decent club set, and you have the money, why not?

Mizuno JPX900 Forged Iron

Image result for Mizuno JPX900 Forged Iron

Another decent game improvement is the JPX900 Forged Iron from Mizuno.

These clubs are made of boron steels, which helps to improve the ball speed, thus greater distance.

Mizuno used a technology called variable face thickness to reduce weight on these irons, minimizing the impact of off-center shots.

Mizuno JPZ900 Forged Irons are loved by not only beginners but also lower handicap players thanks to the versatility and elegant looks it gives.

IDrive Hybrids Senior Men’s Golf Full Set

Image result for IDrive Hybrids Senior Men’s Golf Full Set

This set is some of the most lightweight and reasonably priced sets on the market.

They are made to last through years of golfing enjoyment, or even abuse.

Thanks to the aerodynamic design, you can draw the shot so much easier and further.

And because the set is made of graphite, it helps you maneuver at ease as there’s less drag.

The only flip side is the set doesn’t come with a carry bag.

All in all, the IDrive Hybrids Senior Men’s Golf Full Set is a quality set at a reasonable price, if not cheap.

Things to Consider before Buying Irons

There are a lot of factors contributing to making a quality set of irons,

but you should consider carefully the three main factors below to get a suitable set for yourself.

What Do You Need?

Friends, before you invest a big amount of money in an iron set, think carefully about what you really need.

Are you dedicated to golf? Or is it just a habit you take in your leisure?

Knowing exactly what you need can make a significant impact on choosing the right type of irons.

Be honest about the state of you with golf.

After you make clear of that, set a budget.

You can get a decent set of irons at around $300-400, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

Shafts and Clubfitting

Do you need a solid or soft shaft? Most beginners are told to play stiff shafts to get used to the game.

This is not quite true.

You know you.

If you don’t have strong joints and tend to give slow and weak swings, consider soft shafts like graphite.

You’ll be surprised at how much you like it!

But if you’re still not sure which to choose, get a club fitting.

The best way to make sure what you’re buying matches your ability and interests are having an in-depth club fitting with a professional, which usually lasts about 30-45 minutes.

You can also get an online club fitting by taking a few measurements and answering a few questions.

Of course, the result won’t be as accurate as the one you take with a pro.


If you’re a beginner, consider buying game improvers or hybrids.

On the other hand, if you’re a pro in the game, players’ irons would be a good pick.

Most players are pretty much served well by game improvers.

Even though you’re not a beginner,

there are certain skills and techniques that can only be done by high experienced players with players irons.

Yet, these irons lack forgiveness that can be found in in-game improvements.

Game improvers are designed to hit the ball high with great distance and playability.

Conclusion Review

This is the end of the overall X20 Irons review!

Choosing the right irons is important if you plan to take your game to the next level.

The Callaway might not be as forgiving as other comparative sets of irons, but it is sure to keep you on the green with enjoyment.

Thank you for reading!

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